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Think before you click

Wildlife photography has never been so popular, so here are some tips to keep you ahead of the rest of the pack.

A word about composition

Chris Martin gives us some tips on how to take care in the initial composition when photographing a variety of subject matters…

It’s Spring!

Spring Day has arrived …. and the prospect of the hot African summer is definitely on the horizon. At this time of the year, all my photographic thoughts turn to the return of the migratory birds and the opportunities to be had in getting some startling bird images! I love this period. It always gives […]

Camera modes: shutter priority, aperture priority or…programme mode?

Probably the single question I’m asked most by people keen to improve their photography is “How do I move on from using the Program or Auto mode on my camera”; “What settings should I use”. Wildlife photography is a challenging branch of photography that can test your skills to the limit and often in very […]

Wildlife photography: Chris Martin’s top tips

Sharing views, sharing images, sharing tips and techniques … for me that is the essence of photography. Pro and amateur alike … we will all learn from each other and we never stop learning.  So this week I wanted to look at my “Top 10 tips” on how to capture better wildlife images. Nothing within […]

Photography: all about sharing

Welcome to another of my wildlife photography blogs for Africa Geographic!! What an absolute pleasure to be here sharing news, views and experiences from the real home of wildlife photography … Southern Africa. I grew up in the UK and spent my life in the outdoors from childhood. I’ve had a camera in my hand […]

Introducing Chris Martin: wildlife photographer

Chris Martin is a wildlife photographer working in South Africa as a photographic field guide and as a member of Africa Nature Training. His photographs have been featured regularly in magazines in South Africa and internationally.  Chris is excited about the prospect of blogging for us, and promises to share as much of his advice […]