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Walking safaris in the Kruger region

Getting a closer look at the African bushveld and all its components is one of the highlights of a safari holiday. Walking in a Big 5 reserve offers an element of excitement and speaks to some of the keenest adventurers.

Discover Botswana’s hidden secrets

Finding a part of the great Botswana that is remote, unfrequented by camera-happy humans, and somewhat hidden from sight could be one of the most rewarding safari experiences of one’s life.

Rhino games

Holiday-maker and photographer, Rory Bruins, talks about an uplifting and wonderful encounter with some of Botswana’s beautiful rhinos.

Baines’ Baobabs: Botswana’s ancient oasis

Baines’ baobabs; a cluster of millennia-old baobab trees in the Nxai Pan National Park in Botswana are a sight sought by many travellers venturing into the untamed terrain of Botswana.

4 African cats you’d be lucky to see on safari

Here are 4 of Africa’s smaller cat species you’d be lucky to see on safari. These elusive wild cats, highly specialised for their own survival, are often categorised as vermin and persecuted as such.

6 things you’ll love about the Kalahari

The Kalahari Desert spans across Botswana, South Africa and Namibia; a total of over 900 000 square kilometres. Here are just six things we think you will love about this vast area.

Meet the birds of the Kalahari Basin

Situated in central Botswana, the Central Kalahari Game Reserve is home to impression landscapes and a great variety of wildlife. In this blog, meet and learn more about some of the beautiful bird species that call it home…

Stalking scorpions in the Kalahari

This blogger set outs into the Central Kalahari Game Reserve at night with a UV light and look out for the marvellously fluorescent scorpions glowing on the ground.

Hooray for Hwange!

Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe’s largest park, is the recent victim of an ongoing attack on Africa’s irreplaceable resources. See how they are responding to this poaching incident here.

Oh, the things you’ll see in the Kgalagadi

With one-third of its bulk in South Africa and the other two in neighbouring Botswana, the Kgalagadi Transfontier Park covers an uninterrupted 30 000 square kilometres of distinctive desert landscape. A trip to the Kgalagadi involves amazing sightings of some fascinating animals…

Braving the buffalo

The Cape (or African) buffalo is the only member of Africa’s Big Five that is not listed as threatened, vulnerable or endangered. Find out more about this beautiful big five member….

Green Hunting and great tuskers

The enthusiasm created by World Elephant Day on 12 August did, at the very least, call for a time of reflection and consideration of the future of elephants in Africa. On the day, the members of many initiatives chanted their ‘save the elephants’ song from numerous platforms, spreading the word about how endangered these great […]

How Lions go from the Petting Zoo to the Dinner Plate

It seems to be the way that human beings are wired, but as soon as something exists in all its natural magnificence, it becomes a desirable item to own. Sometimes even just a part of it will do to satisfy the customer. In spring, colourful explosions of flowers are harvested by wanderers and merchants who […]

Namibia’s Pride: Desert Lions of the Skeleton Coast

Lately I’ve been privileged to have received invaluable insights from the leaders in lion conservation in Africa, and I have used their information for a series of blogs uncovering the primary reasons for population crash of this Big Five leader. Making lions a priority in my research has not only emphasised the extent of the […]

The Lion Kings of the Kalahari

To the black-maned lions that patrol it, there is no truer allocation of a kingdom than that of the Kalahari Desert. The territory these lions possess covers far greater distances than those belonging to lions anywhere else in Africa, which is largely due to the low prey densities found in this harsh, arid environment. There […]

Is Fencing in Our Big Cats for the Best?

Placing our wild big cats behind fences may be the only way to secure their future, reports Chloe Cooper. But where does that leave transfrontier parks? Conservation-minded people seem to think that fencing in our big cats may be best for their safety. It seems entirely contradictory to me that people who are striving for […]

Madagascar by the compass

Madagascar is quickly moving up explorers’ to-go lists as the island builds a reputation as a one-of-a-kind destination, with a biodiversity that is so incredible it is hard to believe that it all exists on one patch of land. It is rather a large patch of land at that! One way to see Madagascar’s natural […]

Painted Pink: Flamingos in Kenya’s Rift Valley

Kenya’s Rift Valley is a wonderland in its own right. When its masses of flamingos take to the air, every visitor catches his breath and reaches for his camera. Spectacularly pink in colour and oddly shaped atop tall, bald, stilted legs with knees that bend backwards with every step taken, flamingos are among the most […]

African Elephants Rediscover their Routes

We have come a long way since the days of the unregulated ivory trade and, although the decimation of Africa’s rhinos has hurtled to the forefront of environmental concern, there are slivers of light visible in the darkness that poaching has thrown over our continent. Find out more… For years we faced the murder of […]

A Four-Wheel Drive Discovery in Khaudum NP

Namibia is well known as the land of great distances, desert and diamonds. Deteriorating shipwrecks litter the soft sand along the inhospitable Skeleton Coast, while kilometres of windswept red sand dunes constantly recreate the shape of the Namib Desert, where wild horses run amok. To the north, the interleading waterways of the Caprivi Strip relieve […]

A guided tour through Gombe Stream National Park

Having only been awarded the protective status of National Park in the late 1960s, the significance of Tanzania’s smallest forest reserve was, for a long time, unrecognised. Had this transition not taken place, the world might today be oblivious to the astounding genetic similarities between humans and chimpanzees. Take a guided tour through Tanzania’s Gombe […]

Lions in the living room at Gorongosa National Park

Gorongosa National Park in Central Mozambique stands as a representative for environmental change and a commitment to conservation by both government and local communities. As far back as 1920 this park has been a protected wildlife area, and was the scene of the first-ever wildlife survey, providing a perspective on animal activity never seen before. […]

Something to look forward to in 2013

Meet Botswana’s desert. Recognisable by its endlessly rolling red sand dunes, parched fossil riverbeds and wide acacia savannas, the Kalahari Desert is one of Africa’s richest and most remote safari destinations – and the perfect destination for your 2013 break. The Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park is where South Africa and Botswana relinquish their borders and offer […]

A Kalahari Bushman experience at Haina Lodge

An African safari is traditionally experienced from the heightened perspective of an open-top land rover, at dawn and dusk, and translated by a trained professional. Guests will be on the look out for members of the Big Five and keep their cameras at the ready so as not to let the swish of a spotted […]