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Cheryl-Samantha Owen

Cheryl-Samantha Owen is a photographer and writer specialising in the environment, conservation, science and ecology, with particular reference to Africa. Born in Kenya, Sam developed a fierce drive to protect the continent’s resources, and decided to train in the biological sciences. Sam holds a BSc in Environmental Science from Imperial College, London and a MSc in Conservation Biology at the Percy Fitzpatrick Institute, University of Cape Town. She has lived in Africa for most of her life, and her work with Fauna and Flora International, Conservation International and the Save Our Seas Foundation has taken her across the continent and along its oceans and coasts, including expeditions to the remote Aldabra Atoll, Djibouti and the Tana River Delta. Sam’s visual style combines an artist’s eye with both a scientist’s knowledge and a journalist’s sense of storytelling. She hopes her work will take the viewers on a journey of discovery and stir their curiosity. More than that, she strives to provide a visual stimulus, which will encourage us all to become better custodians of our planet.

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Africa, without its penguins? A spine-tingling shiver as cold as the Atlantic ran through me when I discovered that our very own penguin could disappear within my lifetime. The statistics are terrifying, and I had no wish to add to

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