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To bee or not to bee

Farmers along the perimeter of Serengeti National Park have tried various elephant-deterring techniques, from beating tin cans to lighting fires, most of which haven’t appeared to work. But now there are beehive fences which appear to be doing the job!

The elephant killing fields of Selous

Some 481 miles to the southeast of Tanzania’s iconic Serengeti National Park lies the lesser well-known Selous Game Reserve. But for many species in the Selous, all is far from well. Results from a wildlife census conducted in October and November, 2013, show a dramatic decline in elephants in particular.

Is the Serengeti safe? Ask an elephant.

The elephants of Tanzania’s Serengeti National Park may have figured out where danger is – and where it usually isn’t. Scientists examine the stress levels of these gentle behemoths of the savanna to see if they have an innate sixth sense.