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Doing our part for Mandela Day 2017

This year for Mandela Day, Cheetah Plains and Jaci’s Sabi House banded together and put forward the simple task of serving a delicious chicken soup, bread rolls and homemade juice at the Utah Clinic, just outside of the Sabi Sand Game Reserve.

Wild dogs interrupt leopards’ meal

We often spot large predators feeding on kills that they have made and normally these feeds can go uninterrupted for a few days. However, things went a bit differently for a leopard and her young male cub at a recent sighting.

After the rain: the amazing changes in the bush

Explaining the change in the surroundings at Cheetah Plains after the recent rain is something which I find myself stumbling over. There are very little words to describe it properly, other than the use of the classic terms, like “lush”, “beautiful”, “wow” and “amazing”.

What can guests expect from a safari visit to Cheetah Plains?

What do folks actually pay for when they come to Cheetah Plains?

Is it just the soft down-feather duvets; a steaming mug of fabulous filter coffee; a zesty gin and tonic on safari; a lion’s portion of deliciously prepared dinner and a tick-off on the Big Five checklist?

Dining under the stars at Cheetah Plains Camp

Scorpius has disappeared over the Western horizon and the awe inspiring ‘hunter of the sky’, Orion, has taken over. Orion brings with him both his dogs, Canis Major and Canis Minor.

A Big Five bonanza!

Guests were treated to a host of Big Five viewing at Cheetah Plains Private Nature Reserve in the Sabi Sand.

Smile for the camera!

Check out who’s been caught on camera at the pan in Cheetah Plains Private Game Reserve!

Bringing up lion cubs in Sabi Sand

We all know that Cheetah Plains’ little corner of the Sabi Sand boasts some outstanding cat sightings, and we have been fortunate enough to have seen our “lion’s share” of the dynamics of each different pride. From the tyranny of the Mapogos pride to the recent settling of the Birmingham coalition, the dramatic events that have lead […]

Photogenic predators in Sabi Sand

Longstanding Cheetah Plains field guide, Andrew Khosa showcases some of his most recent sightings of the predators that call Sabi Sand home.

Finding Neverland in Sabi Sand

Megan Gilbert finds her safe haven in the middle of Sabi Sand – a place of indescribable natural beauty and amazing encounters.

All creatures great and small

Returning guests had yet another fantastic experience at Cheetah Plains, which made them appreciate the smaller animals in the bush as well as the Big Five.

A lion brawl

A dramatic fight between lions at Cheetah Plains Private Game Reserve.