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A Guide to SASSI Seafood

It is a well-known fact that, like it or not, all the choices we make have a corresponding set of consequences. This goes for large life-choices like whether to start a family, and seemingly small ones like what kind of sushi to order. What we don’t know is the size of these consequences. It may […]

Book Review: In the Pursuit of Solitude by Adam Cruise

Ignorance is bliss, as the old adage goes, and no-one can identify more with this saying than people in the conservation world. After reading In the Pursuit of Solitude, I am tempted to say that no-one knows this better than Adam Cruise. A couple of years back, Adam was getting antsy with the state of […]

10 Unbelievably Easy Ways To Save The Planet in 2013

For many people, the New Year brings a list of ambitious new year’s resolutions.Resolutions which are often unrealistic and thus discarded by early February. However, if you have grand ideas about saving the planet this year, first of all, I salute you and second of all, I bring you the back-up plan, just in case life […]

2012 Round-Up: The top 10 posts from the AG blog

Over the year we’ve published a variety of on-the-ball news stories, funny animal antics, photography sequences and general interest pieces. This is a round-up of the most-visited blog posts of 2012… 10. Did you know that dassies can sing?  Stand-Up Comedians  showcases the hilarious vocal calls of rock hyraxes. 9. The title speaks for itself.  Botswana Will […]

Rare Toad Saved By Zoos is Restored to the Wild

I am not alone in harbouring a slightly sceptical view of zoos, however, I have recently come to realise their value when it comes to conservation efforts. Case in point the Kihansi spray toad.  This little guy is a native of Tanzania, discovered in the Kihansi Gorge, living in a micro-habitat created by the spray […]

How to Drive Safely and Protect Wildlife this Holiday Season

‘Tis the season to be jolly, unfortunately, ’tis also the season for an increased number of motor vehicle accidents. At this time of year most of us are accustomed to the various Arrive Alive campaigns that warn of the potential perils that may besiege us humans on the roads, however scant attention is paid to […]

Twenty-Four Tonne Ivory Siezure a New Record

Africa’s elephant population is still taking a beating, as the latest ivory seizure in Malaysia confirms. On the 7 December, port authorities confiscated two containers of cargo declared as ‘wooden floor tiles’, after a tip-off that the containers were in fact an ivory haul. After a thorough search of the containers yesterday, the state customs […]

Mark Knopfler speaks out against rhino poaching

“I’ll never forget the day my father came home from work to tell us that one of his colleagues, a supposedly educated man, had said: “What do I care if the rhino becomes extinct?” I was a young teenager then and today this is a very real danger.  Due to man’s greed we may well […]

HeroRATS: The Latest Tool in Landmine and Tuberculosis Detection

Landmines and tuberculosis – not two subjects that pop up often in the same sentence. However, as unrelated as they seem, they share one significant common denominator. Both landmines and tuberculosis have widespread, negative consequences for many of Africa’s citizens. However, a little out-of-the-box thinking by a Belgian NGO is changing the face of landmine […]

40 wild-dogs burned near the Serengeti

Local villagers have burned 40 African wild dogs alive in the Loliondo Game Controlled Area, on the Eastern border of the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania. The mass murder is said to be a reaction by villagers to the theft of livestock. Apparently villagers in Kertalo and Orkiu have lost 157 goats and 4 cattle […]

A catch-up session with Limpopo-Lipadi’s wild-dogs

One of Africa’s most precious gems, with its big ears and splotchy fur, and also one of its most endangered species.  It is none other than the African wild-dog. The data suggests that there are no more than 5500 dogs left in the wild, mostly found in southern Africa and southern East Africa, but there […]

Companion Plants, Subsistance Success

Lucky girl that I am, I recently got to go on a little press trip to check out the Growing the Future  project at the Grootbos Private Nature Reserve. Essentially it is a food –planting project, which aims to teach local women agricultural and horticultural skills, with a bit of business and general life-skills thrown […]

Cape Town World Music Festival… A First for the Mother City.

Brace yourselves people! The first ever Cape Town World Music Festival is coming. THIS WEEKEND. Presented as an ‘accessible’ festival which aims to attract not only world music genre fans, but also the ‘culturally curious’ crowd (a phrase I could become quite attached to, I think), it is set to be divided up between 4 […]

Vulture Culture – 6 Little Known Facts

Perhaps due to their ugly bald heads, vultures have always gotten a bad rap in my books. They also show up quite often in animated films as the bringers of bad news or an indication of trouble. However, if you are able to put aside your vulture prejudice/s, you might learn a few crazy things […]

What it Takes to be a Gerenuk

Last Tuesday I spotted a picture of a really odd, gazelle-like guy on the Africa Geographic facebook page. Standing on his hind-legs, browsing from the top branches of a bush, he looked a bit like a ballet-dancing buck, as someone quite aptly commented. Turns out he’s a gerenuk Litocranius Walleri. Also turns out that his […]

An Eco-Friendly Boat in 6 Easy Steps

In Africa Geographic land and beyond, green (in its sustainable sense) is a serious buzz word. It marches hand in hand with any number of nouns – green tourism, green shopping, green eating, green schools and green transport, to name a few. The thing is that the word ‘green’ has a decidedly terrestrial connotation. I […]

The Flying Lion Saga

Flying pigs we have come across in our imaginations, but flying lions? While both of these images are counter-intuitive, one imaginary flying mammal has recently taken to the skies in a very real way. And it ain’t the pigs. Malawi’s Majete Game Reserve hasn’t always been a Big Five destination, but thanks to a number […]