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Close encounters with a puff adder

Carolynne Higgins tells us about puff adders in Klaserie Private Game reserve – from a strike rate faster than that of a camera shutter to the hypnotic patterns of their scales.

Questions about snakes

We chat to Jason Kipling, who gives us insight into his personal experiences with snakes. Here, he describes to us his most terrifying, interesting and unusual snake encounters.

November in the Kruger

There is no “bad” time to go to the Kruger as this blogger discovers after a wealth of sightings in rainy November.

Getting to know the Ross Pride

Earlier this year we interviewed Courteney Blunden from Africa on Foot who shared the history and his personal accounts about one of the most famous lion mega-prides at Klaserie Private Nature Reserve – the Ross Pride. Today the pride, despite its tumultuous history and fears concerning dwindling numbers, is growing from strength to strength. But […]

An unusual cheetah kill

While on a game drive, two cheetahs incorporate an unusual twist into their hunting technique, adapting to their environment.

The ancient dialect of the San people

The San are the original inhabitants of the arid, sandswept Kalahari Desert in Botswana. Their language is an expressive dialect comprising a variety of clicks that are similar to what we understand as consonants. It is an ancient, fascinating and endangered language, one that is indigenous to southern Africa, differs across regions and is still […]

The effects of poaching on rhino herd dynamics

Contrary to popular belief, rhino numbers are stable, even rising slightly. But the alarming increase in poaching of the animals for their horns could cause the population growth to flatline, and even send the species into decline Despite media efforts to create global awareness and the implementation of stringent measures that were put in place […]

Black-maned lions have moved into the Haina territory

The black-maned lions that roam freely through the Central Kalahari Game Reserve are tough predators that traverse the barren desert landscapes in search of prey. Their distinctive presence is foreboding and unpredictable. Unused to game vehicles and shying away from humans, they command respect. They are the true kings of the Kalahari. The males, with […]

New film stars: Kruger’s Honey Badgers

Little is known about the dark-furred, solitary honey badger, which moves rapidly under cover of darkness in search of prey. However, attracted by reports of regular sightings at Klaserie Private Nature Reserve, a film crew was commissioned to find out more about this mysterious, beautiful mammal.  The carnivorous honey badger, or ratel, that jog-trots its […]

The Forgotten Okavango Delta – the Panhandle

The myriad waterways, the plethora of wildlife and the lush vegetation in the Okavango Delta make it a sought-after safari destination. With its brazen sunsets, hazy landscapes and bronze-coloured waters teeming with animals, this is Botswana’s most prized possession. The serenity of the delta creates a sense of peace that infiltrates the soul. Reed rafts […]

Tales from the Haina Watering Hole

Just outside the bar area of the Haina Kalahari Lodge is an inconspicuous watering hole. This small bowl of concrete brimming with water attracts an interesting array of small mammals and predators. Sitting on the khaki-cushioned chairs looking out over the arid area towards the lone umbrella tree, you’ll notice the famous waterhole – it’s […]

Eco-Friendly Camp in the Greater Kruger

There are numerous lodges scattered throughout South Africa that label themselves ‘eco-friendly’ or ‘green’. But what do these terms mean? Eco-friendly is a broad term that is bandied about quite freely, but it is often misunderstood to mean ‘sustainable’. Lodges can be both eco-friendly and sustainable at the same time, but the two adjectives refer […]

Chatting to a leopard lover

Jason Kipling is a passionate game ranger who works at the Umkumbe Safari Lodge in the Sabi Sand Game Reserve. An avid wildlife photographer and keen conservationist, he has an unwavering passion for leopards (Panthera pardus). When he is not tending to guests, his days are spent tracking these graceful creatures that are found in […]

Courteney Blunden on the lions of Klaserie

Courteney Blunden is one of the founders of the Africa on Foot camp in Klaserie Private Nature Reserve in the Greater Kruger National Park area. He is also a keen conservationist with a passion for lion pride dynamics. Boasting over 10 years guiding experience within a variety of private Kruger reserves, Courteney has been privileged […]

Central Kalahari Game Reserve Impressions

I’m sitting here with an ice-cold gin and tonic in my hand in the middle of the Central Kalahari Game Reserve surrounded by nothing but umbrella thorn trees and a canvas tent that, despite being temperamental, provides much-needed respite from the searing heat. As the sun sinks slowly beneath the horizon I notice a skulk […]

Mac: Kruger’s legendary tusker

Did you know? A tusker is an elephant whose tusks are more than three metres in length. During the past 55 years or so, the legendary tusker Mac has spent his annual musth cycle traversing the northern reaches of South Africa’s Kruger National Park and the southern areas of its associated private nature reserves. Musth is […]

From concrete jungle to bush camp

A crash is a crash. Whether it’s a car crash, an emergency medical procedure or a crash of computers – they’re all hair-raising scenarios that make your adrenalin pump. Being used to machine and man-made disasters, Corlia Oosthuizen decided it was time to explore a different type of crash – rhinos! Having had enough of […]