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Carole has a clothing shop in Belgium, but discovered her passion for wildlife and photography during a trip to Botswana. Back home after that first trip, she became disappointed with the quality of the pictures she brought back, and decided to take a few photography lessons and attend some workshops. Then arrived the time to fully commit “bite the bullet” – she invested in a professional camera setup and gear. She has since returned to Africa in what some would describe as almost fanatical if not obsessive fashion. She has visited Botswana several times, South Africa with a vengeance, Zimbabwe with loose abandon and has recently fallen in love with Kenya. She is nowhere more at home than when totally surrounded by nature and immersed in the moment and her shot - especially when lost of hair, horns, tusks, fangs and claws are at work. For Carol, nothing matches the thrill of seeing wildlife in action and capturing that moment has become her life quest.

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In 2010 I was flying back home after my second visit to Botswana when I met a cameraman from the BBC. I remember asking him which, in his opinion, were the most magnificent places he had ever visited in Africa,

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