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Klaserie Sands River Camp

The Great Migration: Africa’s most glorious spectacle

Every true adventurer should witness the spectacle of the Great Migration at least once in their lifetime. The sheer scale of the herd’s movements make it an unbeatable natural phenomenon – and although there’s a traditional high season, the migration never really stops as the as the mega herds keep moving in pursuit of rain and grass.

A star pool in the Maasai Mara

The Mara Bushtops star pool offers guests the once in a lifetime experience of swimming amongst the stars in the Maasai Mara

A night safari in a private Conservancy at Mara Bushtops

The rich wildlife of the Maasi Mara has always enchanted visitors. During the day gazelles, ostriches, zebras, buffalos, giraffes and elephants are the stars of the show. But after dark, the fauna changes completely. It is the time of hunting lions, leopards and hyenas