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Explore île de Gorée, Senegal’s postcard-perfect island

île de Gorée is just a short boat trip away from downtown Dakar, but it feels worlds away.   Far from the noise of cars, the stench of pollution and the overall chaos of Dakar, Goree is calm, peaceful and at night you might even feel like you have the whole place to yourself.  On my […]

Senegal: What to do in downtown Dakar?

Dakar is a city of contrasts and each neighbourhood seems to have its own character, its own class.   Today I hiked around the downtown area of Dakar in hopes of finding that middle ground, what makes Dakar unique, what is there to do?  The truth is that the downtown itself is a bit of […]

Life in Senegal: Dakar by Taxi

I am back in Senegal and I couldn’t feel more excited to be here. Today I am jet-lagged and searching for DHL on the streets of Dakar. I have missed Africa and its challenges, the strange feeling you get when you arrive somewhere new, and most of all the laughs and smiles of the people […]

Getting a taste of Mauritanian hospitality

As I jump in the passenger seat of Limame’s 4-wheel drive Mitsubishi he explains to me that he doesn’t want me to think about money or costs.  For him, money is not important; he is just happy to have me join him and for the chance to show me his country.  I’ve heard this line […]