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Beate Apfelbeck

I first travelled to Tanzania in 2010 and was overwhelmed by the diversity of life, both nature and people, I encountered there. It is my second home now and I regularly travel to East Africa (Tanzania and Kenya) for several months a year. When I am not studying birds, I enjoy village life in south-west Tanzania, or go and explore the mountains and national parks in the region. As a biologist I study how environmental variation influences the behaviour and physiology of birds. I am also a passionate photographer and love to share my experiences of the African way of life and my adventures in the field.

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Meeting an elephant in Ruaha on foot, ‘eye to eye’ so to speak, is very different from watching them from the safety of a car. One can feel the power within their massive bodies, while they soft-footedly, and without making a sound, move past you.

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