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Looking after orphans

Andrew White takes us through a day in the life of the elephant orphans and their keepers at the Elephant Nursery Facility at Lilayi Game Reserve in Lusaka.

Cycling Zambia for elephants

Three gentleman embark on an ambitious cycle through Zambia to raise money and awareness for elephant conservation.

A British adventure in Africa

A week later after landing back at Heathrow, a British educator sits down to compile his thoughts and reflections on an adventure in Africa.

A “Suni” Day!

“It is amazing how much one little elephant can cope with in such a short amount of time” Rachael Murton (Elephant Orphanage Project) Rescued a year ago this April, at only 8 months old, Suni represents everything that is amazing about an elephant and at the same time why we must do something right now […]

Education To Stop Poaching?

Bbbbbbrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. A low rumble resonated in my ears as I shut my eyes. Just for a second I thought I was back in Africa, but the round of applause that erupted brought me back into the room. Rachael was beginning her talk about the work of Game Rangers International and had completely captivated the audience with […]

Meeting and Greeting in Kafue National Park

As I stepped off the plane in Lusaka back in August I was thrown straight back into the unpredictable world of Game Rangers International (GRI). Expecting to be met by Sport (head of GRI) and travel with him to the Elephant Orphanage Project‘s (EOP) release facility in Kafue National Park, I was instead greeted with […]

Pedalling for orphaned elephants

Numerous young elephants are orphaned every year due to poaching and human elephant conflict. Without help, the chances of their survival in the wild are perilous. The Elephant Orphanage Project does sterling service to rehabilitate the youngsters, but support is needed to quell the poaching crisis. Nestled deep within Zambia’s Kafue National Park (KNP) is […]