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Adorable sighting: Lion cubs

A ranger shares his thoughts on seeing a lioness with her five young cubs and how they have provided some great sightings for him and his guests.

Video: A dramatic fight between territorial cheetahs

Most people see cheetahs as the least aggressive of all the big cats in Africa and generally like to avoid confrontations over food with other animals. But when it comes to territorial disputes between rival males, the gloves comes off!

The tamboti tree: plant warfare in the African bush

The flora found in Africa is fascinating, and each performs its own function in the diverse ecosystem of the bush. For example, some of our trees perform what is called allelopathy, a form of ‘chemical warfare’ that occurs amongst various plant species.

Video: Giraffes and the precociousness of youth

The term ‘precocial’ is derived from the word ‘precocious’ and is used to describe animals that are born relatively mature and mobile. Because of the dangers in the bush from predators, it is essential that newborn animals get mobile as soon as possible.

God bless the rain in Africa, when it comes.

One particular weekend I remember very clearly. For there had being snow in the Midlands, Johannesburg received 200mm in one day and nights downpour and Durban was quite literally almost washed away. But for us here at Amakhosi, it felt like a desert Island

Spring is in the air and the bush babies are born

What a cliché description of a season this has become and like all great clichés, this one rings true year on year. Whether its the sounds newborn calves and lambs resonating amongst the new grass or the smell of pollen, released into the air by freshly sprouted flowers adding rich colours to an already impressive tapestry.

The Battle of 5 Lions

With Amakhosi being a Big 5 Game Reserve, one tends to see the extraordinary on a weekly, if not daily basis.
However, when the Old Boss met the New Boss… well that’s the sighting that dreams are made of…