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I am a full-time IT Consultant based in Helsinki, Finland, but I moonlight as a wildlife photographer whenever I can take time off work. I have loved animals since I was a little kid and my biggest wish was to see lions in the wild in Africa. Now, I have a perpetual case of Africa Fever, and when I am not in Africa chances are I am dreaming about it – so some things never change, but they do become more acute! I have travelled to over 40 countries spanning 5 continents, and recently I discovered that the only other thing I love almost as much as being on the road is sharing pictures and stories of my forays into amazing places around the world. To know and see more please visit my website.


Madagascar is a place like no other. It’s like mother nature went into a frenzy during some secret experiments in the basement and then tried to hide away the resulting bizarre assortment of flora and fauna on this magical island.

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