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True love in Africa!

This Valentine’s Day we are celebrating love a little differently… in true African style! Here are a great selection of loved up images from the Facebook page – Africa, this is why I live here.

5 santas in Africa

Here in Africa we do Christmas a little differently and our Santa tends to come in all shapes, sizes and forms. Here are 5 very merry Santas we found around Africa!

Jacarandas for Africa!

Jacaranda season covers Africa in an exquisite purple veil and it is during this time that all those living in areas graced by the violet carpets can truly say they live in one of the prettiest parts of the world.

11 Pics of Wild Animals Juuuust Relaxing

Sometimes animals just want to chill…   1. It’s been a long day! Source   2. For this lion too…   Source   3. Sleepy necks in the grass   Source   4. Family time…   Source   5. Bath time Source 6. Wake up mum!   Source   7. Mud bath time Source   […]

10 Hilarious Toilet-Humour Signs

Ok, apologies in advance; but this photo series had to happen eventually…   1. Record anyone? Source   2. In case you need directions Source   3. Bad idea Source   4. If you are thirsty Source   5. The throne Source   6. Whatever you do… Source   7. No need to waste any […]

11 Photos of Wild Animals Having a Great Time

Here’s proof that wild animals enjoy life just as much as the rest of us!   1. Hilarious! Alan Mclean: Source   2. Play time Liz Hart: Source   3. Otters surfing Luc Hostens: Source 4. Monkey hand-stand Source   5. it’s fun time stop ignoring me… Anthony and Marcelle Robbins: Source 6. Pullups Mfuwe […]

11 of the Craziest African Inventions Ever Made

Africa – a place of innovation…   1. Hot water on tap! Source   2. Motorcycle water-pump Source   3. Water recycler Source   4. Extended bike trailer Source   5. Trolly braai! Source   6. Tractor spit Source   7. Loo roll anti-theft device Source   8. Apple mac Source   9. Boat ferry […]

11 Strange Things to Watch Out For on the Roads This Christmas

As you travel safely on the roads this festive season, keep an eye out for these rather weird phenomena as presented below by Africa, this is why I live here.   1. This flying impala Source   2. This man flying on a broom stick Source   3. This truck driver Source   4. This […]

8 Recent Sightings of Santa in Africa

As Christmas comes round, Santa Clause has been spotted in a number of places and forms throughout the mother continent.   1. On this camel in North Africa Source 2. In this mud hut smoking a cig. Source   3. On this bike in South Luangwa National Park Source   4. In the street entertaining […]

12 of the Funniest Signs of 2012

A fantastic set of signs from all around this amazing continent. Submit yours to the Facebook page: Africa, this is why I live here.   1. source 2. Source 3. Source 4. Source 5. Source 6. Source 7. Source 8. Source   9. Source   10. Source   11. Source   12. Source

13 Pics That Prove Africa is Not for Sissies

The Africa, this is why I live here Facebook page has spoken. Here are the top pics for the week that prove Africa is not for sissies. Submit your own pics to the page or tweet this story with the tag: #notforsissies Yip, only in Africa… 1. Animals have right of way…  Source 2. Lakes […]

11 amazing devices that could only have been invented in Africa

Here are some great examples from the popular Facebook page, Africa, this is why I live here. Now available online or at a store near you…   1. The hand-held sprinkler system. Source   2. Box ball Source   3. The puncture-free guarantee hose pipe tire Source   4. The bicycle steering wheel Source   […]

10 impossible loads made possible via African transport

Here are a few examples submitted to the popular Facebook page – Africa, this is why I live here. He he… only in Africa. 1. Just a tip: If your car is facing upwards you may be overloaded. Source 2. This guy could start a taxi service Source 3. Have a car? Why not carry […]