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Killer whales in Cape waters: Skilled hunters

Dave Hurwtiz has been on the water in False Bay, South Africa, for most of his life. For the last 20 years he has operated professional tours of the bay. Despite this, Dave says that he can count his encounters with killer whales on just his fingers and toes.

Adrian Steirn – shooting for the natural world

His recent series of photographs of the Pangolin Men highlighted the plight of the pangolin as the most trafficked animal in the world. I chatted with Adrian about pangolins, conservation and the challenges of being a wildlife photographer.

Protecting pangolins with the Tikki Hywood Trust

The Tikki Hywood Trust is an organisation that focuses on the conservation of lesser known endangered animals. Their flagship species is the pangolin which, after languishing in relative obscurity, has found its way into mainstream media as the most trafficked animal in the world. What is the Tikki Hywood Trust? The Trust is a wildlife-based […]

Shark cage diving in Gansbaai

Shark cage diving is a contentious subject. The tour operators and supporters maintain that the activity is safe and in no way impacts on the shark’s behaviour negatively.

Clowning around in Ethiopia

The first African Circus Arts Festival will be taking place in Addis Ababa at the end of November to unite eight circuses from seven African countries, with the goal of stimulating an interest in modern circus.

The congohounds of Virunga

In the DRC’s Virunga National Park conservationists have taken a different approach in the fight against poaching – they got themselves some good old-fashioned bloodhounds.

The trouble with Africa’s natural resouces

Africa – rich in not only people, culture and abundant natural beauty, but home to a tremendous wealth of natural resources and potential. This eclectic African mix of society and nature is at times explosive, with nature and man competing for space and resources both above and below the ground. Here are some of the major conflicts happening around Africa.

A flying GoPro!

The only thing that beats a GoPro on Safari is a flying GoPro!

All about AfrikaBurn

Read all about AfrikaBurn 2014 – a burgeoning arts festival in the Tankwa Karoo, on the border of the Northern and Western Capes.