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Frikkie reaches the top of Everest!

The summit with Vaughan at last! Well, there it is. More than 12 months ago, Frikkie decided that he would be the first Wild Dog to summit Mount Everest without supplemental oxygen and all his efforts were finally crowned with success on the morning of 24 May 2010 at 8:00 when he stood on top […]

Frikkie nears the summit

Frikkie contemplates yet another bowl of soup. All else being equal it seems as if the summit is within the team’s grasp, all the preparatory work having been done. Hopefully the summit will be ours on 24 May 2010 (the same day Sean and I summitted in 2006). It has been a long, hard slog […]

Frikkie meets donkey en route to summit

Frikkie meets Burro Maybe it was chemical but they never really got on – Frikkie and Burro, that is. Burro is a Mexican donkey (see above) also going for the summit of Everest without oxygen. The two of them literally bumped into each other in the streets of Zhangmu during the team’s recent R and […]

Frikkie reaches the North Col (7050 m)

Checking out Camp 2 from the North Col.   The last day at Base Camp before our second rotation was interesting to say the least. Everyone in the team (*or* so we thought) had taken a shower, knowing full well that we would not be able to do so for the next week *or* so. […]

Frikkie inspired by Jane Goodall

Frikkie was inspired by the answer given by Jane Goodall to a question posed to her in an interview in Time Magazine (yes, he does try to broaden his horizons by reading widely but does have the infuriating habit of moving his lips when he reads). The question was: “Do you think there is still […]

Frikkie heads for North Col

It is not easy living at 6,500m. The thin air plays havoc with the nasal cavaties and lips. Frikkie knows where I keep the Labello and when I go for that particular pocket he automatically puckers up. A good night”s rest is impossible as the body tries its best to adapt to the rarified atmosphere. […]

Frikkie disappears for a while

“Yum yum.” The other day at Interim Camp Frikkie disappeared for the morning, which was not unusual, but suspicions were aroused when he didn’t appear for lunch. The sound of lusty gnawing emanating from behind a cairn betrayed his position where he was enjoying the leg of some luckless antelope with noisy appreciation. We had […]

South African Everest Team including Frikkie the Wild Dog bare all

Chatting in the mess tent last night about the move from Base Camp to Interim Camp, not having said anything all day Frikkie suddenly blurted out, his eyes sparkling, “why don’t we photograph the entire team with Everest as a back drop but wait for it dudes – everyone is naked! We can auction this […]

Frikkie’s Amazing Everest Adventure update

First view of Everest The team took on provisions in Shegatse for Base Camp. An interesting experience – plenty of frenetic activity and animated bargaining. Frikkie has a voracious appetite particulary for meat, always studiously avoiding his vegetables. As a result he was not allowed at the meat market (see picture) as it would simply […]

Frikkies Great Everest Adventure – a message from Vaughan

12 Apr, 10 – 07:02 Lhasa is now a memory and a particularly favourable one for Frikkie as he really did enjoy himself on his last night there, partaking of a traditional Tibetan meal followed by a show of Tibetan dancing. His third helping of fried sheep’s lung did raise eyebrows, however. “Don’t knock it […]