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Africa’s best kept secret island

It’s not hard to see how Lupita Island Resort is considered to be one of the most exclusive holiday destinations on the planet – a jewel in the crown of Tanzania and its share of the beautiful Lake Tanganyika.

Experiencing the ultimate bush adventure in Tanzania

Mdonya Old River Camp in Ruaha National Park, Tanzania, has been closed for the rains of April and May, and also for refurbishing. We open again very soon on 1st June and can’t wait to meet our incoming guests. There are loads of animals around as it has been so quiet here, so there’s plenty to see.

10 record breaking facts about Tanzania

Tanzania has all the exotic charm, mystique and wild flair to evoke travellers’ imaginations. Here are 10 fun facts about Tanzania that will make you want to visit!

The best time to visit the fabulous Fanjove island

It’s a great time to visit, winds are light and it’s cool – set against the spectacular backdrop of the crystal clear water of the Indian Ocean, Fanjove Island is the perfect location to relax. It’s a dream island! With a max capacity of 12 guests, you will have a private and intimate experience on one of the most pristine Islands in the world. Conservation is the aim of the people who run the lodge and look after the island.

Video: Octopus hurls debris at GoPro

Rare footage of an Indo-Pacific day octopus attacking a GoPro was captured on the sea floor at Fanjove Private Island in the SongoSongo Archipelago.

13 reasons to visit Ruaha

There are many reasons to visit the extraordinary Ruaha National Park in Tanzania – here are just a few!