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Kanwar Deep Juneja is a wildlife photographer with a knack for being in the right place at the right time. His photographs always tell a story and capture the essence of animals. On his recent trip to South Luangwa, Robin Pope Safaris guide, Chris, was determined to keep up the high standard of sightings that Kanwar had grown accustomed to. Of course, the beautiful Luangwa didn’t disappoint at all…

Here is Kanwar’s South Luangwa experience:

“Having seen a pair of lions resting after a mating session near the big bend of South Luangwa River the previous afternoon, we looked for them there again the next morning.


Our luck had run out though and unfortunately we didn’t find them in that spot. So we drove further looking for leopards and on our return saw a huge herd of buffalo at the big bend in the river, along with some elephants. The river is the only source of water during the dry months just before the rainy season, and it is very popular with the thirsty wildlife.


After taking some great panoramic photographs, we settled down for a coffee break and later we went to check the area around the river, looking for lions. But once again we just couldn’t find them.


The last four buffalo were just coming back from the river after quenching their thirst when suddenly, I saw a little bit of movement from the river bank and caught a fleeting glimpse of a lioness. Hot on her heels was the male lion. They were stalking the buffalo.

It was strange behaviour to see a mating pair hunting for food. I pulled out my camera and signalled for Chris to drive closer to the buffalo, as I was sure the lions were going in for the kill. Before we had even moved 10 metres, I saw the lions coming at full speed and the buffalo running away from the river bank towards the wooded area nearby.




It was a lucky day for the buffalo, as they got away with nothing but minor scratches to show. The two lions on the other hand took out their frustrations by mating well beyond the sunset and then into the night! How romantic.


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