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An intimate crocodilian love affair

I had the privilege of joining the Pangolin Photo Safaris team on an internship last year and while I in Botswana working with the guys, I got to experience something quite unique and interesting.

While on a boat safari one afternoon we moved into a little stream and found ourselves surrounded by quite a lot of game (general plains game and bird life). We were happily snapping away in the perfect lighting conditions that can be found on the banks of the Chobe River in the late afternoon, but something caught my eye in a pool about 20 metres ahead of us.

And so followed an amazing moment with two crocodiles engaged in what I can only think to be a mating ritual. I am unsure if they actually did mate or not but they made no noise, there was no fighting or aggression shown, even after a third croc tried to join in the ritual.

They seemed to move together peacefully and quietly and allowed us to be voyeurs in this intimate affair. Once done, they parted to other sides of the river and sunbathed.

crocodile crocodile-chobe crocodiles crocodiles-mating chobe-crocodiles crocodile-mating

Timothy Griesel

I am a young passionate South African wannabe photographer who truly appreciates the natural beauty you can only find by venturing to wild places. Born in Welkom and now based in the vibrant city of Johannesburg, my travels often take me to beautiful locations which I try to share through some of the work. My ultimate goal is to make a difference and help to save the wild animals that call Africa home. Visit my facebook page here or my website.

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