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Amarula is a creamy liquer made from the fruits of the African Marula tree. It can be difficult to find outside of Africa, in which case you can use Baileys as a substitute.


For the Batter:

4 cups of flour
½ a cup of sugar
a drizzle of sunflower oil
4 – 5 free-range or organic eggs
about a litre of milk


First up, make a batch of pancake batter. Put the flour, sugar and sunflower oil into a mixing bowl, make a well in the middle then crack the eggs into the well. Next, using a wooden spoon, mix it together until you’ve got a sticky dough.

Next, start adding the milk a splash at a time. Every time you add milk, mix it into the dough, then once fully absorbed add more milk again. Keep doing this until you’ve used all the milk and have batter just a little thinner than syrup.

Put a butter-greased pan onto a medium heat and pour in about half a ladle of batter, spreading it evenly all over the pan. When it’s cooked through, flip it over and brown the other side. Repeat until you’ve used up all the batter, but keep greasing and wiping the pan between pancakes.


Once your pancakes are all done, grate some chocolate (any you like) into a bowl, sprinkle onto your pancakes and roll them up. Stack them into a baking tray, pour in a couple of splashes of Amarula (but don’t drown the pancakes!) and sprinkle some more chocolate over the whole lot.

Whack it into a pre-heated oven for 10 minutes then get ready to dig in. Seriously delicious!

Shenton Safaris
Justin Bonello

Cook, traveller and lover of life, Justin Bonello is the veteran presenter and producer of Cooked – a television series aired on the BBC in which the first season saw him and a bunch of friends embark on an epic 30-day foodie road trip across South Africa. He is also a published author of 3 recipe books, with Out of the Frying Pan spinning a quirky Bonello touch on quintessentially South African dishes like bobotie. Now the self taught bush-cook is busy filming a new series where he looks at how our choices as a food consumer directly impact the people and our planet. This blog brings you the best of Justin’s recipes and travel tales, straight from the horses mouth.