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Whether you’re on safari searching for the Big Five or reclining on the beautiful white sandy beaches, Kenya is nothing short of paradise, offering travellers a chance to get away and unwind in front of a picturesque backdrop. While both breathtaking and relaxing, a visit to Kenya can also be thrilling. The country’s many hills, rivers and lakes make for the perfect setting for some fast paced activities such as bungee jumping, white water rafting, and kayaking.

The Tana River is found in Sagana, 95km away from the ever-busy city of Nairobi. The river has excellent rapids that make it an enjoyable ride, rowing over the 16km of white waters. Due to the combination of rough and calm waters, this trip is a pure adrenaline rush while remaining suitable for beginners. Each raft has a maximum of eight people, and teamwork is essential, making it a great team building activity for families, friends and coworkers.

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While going down stream, there is the chance to marvel at the different bird species along the river banks. The Tana River is a good choice for people who have never rafted before and the cold water is a great motivation for the participants to get to the end!

Still based in the white waters of Sagana, you can also take up a paddle and try your hand at kayaking. Each person is given their kayak and taught how to row themselves. This needs energy and strength, making it mostly suitable for the more ‘exercise-inclined’ among us.

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Bungee jumping over the Tana River is another unforgettable experience that is offered. This is a truly adrenaline pumping activity that involves a dive from a 60m tall structure over the river itself, after climbing up the structure on your own steam, no easy feat for those who aren’t a fan of heights. This said, the thrill of the drop from the top is an experience that shouldn’t be missed.

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©Rapids Camp

Apart from the harsh waters at Sagana, Kenya also offers other spots where the waters are ideal for white water rafting, for those with more experience. The Mathioya River found in Muranga county starts from the slopes of the Aberdare forest, and is one of the most technical rivers to raft in. Its rough rapids mean that it is only suitable for professional rafters and kayakers.

An alternative to the tricky waters of the Mathioya River is the Ewaso N’giro River. While rafting here you will be sure to have sightings of game by the river bank, including herds of elephant, antelope, zebra and giraffe, which are usually seen along the way. Rafters on this river have even been known to encounter lions!


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