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Written by: Genevieve Keenan

We were lulled to sleep by the soothing sounds of falling rain on our tin roof and when morning came it was fresh and crisp; winter had finally arrived.

©Genenvieve Keenan/Clarens Photography

Majestic Mount Horeb in the Drakensberg mountain range in South Africa winks at us every morning with the rising sun, however recently it has been lazily hiding behind mysterious and etheric fog clouds, snuggled up in a blanket of soft, white snow.

©Genenvieve Keenan/Clarens Photography

And how magnificently beautiful it is! Driving through the Golden Gate Highlands National Park in this winter wonderland makes me feel like I have travelled to another world.

©Genenvieve Keenan/Clarens Photography

A magical, white, winter-land, far away from man and his concerns, elevated to a higher plane of existence.

©Genenvieve Keenan/Clarens Photography

When the first snows arrived in June, I impulsively decided to drive through the Oribi Loop within the park and I am sure I will always be happy that I did. Who would’ve guessed that I would be lucky enough to witness the most magnificent sight of a herd of zebras happily grazing in the snow? It was my lucky day indeed. The herd did not seem much bothered by my presence, nor the ice beneath their hooves and trotted about ever closer. The stark contrast of their stripes against the snow was unbelievably beautiful and a memory I will surely treasure forever.

©Genenvieve Keenan/Clarens Photography
©Genenvieve Keenan/Clarens Photography

These mountains seem to surprise me more and more as they slowly and patiently reveal their stunning and vast beauty to those willing to observe.

©Genenvieve Keenan/Clarens Photography
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