A leopard gets some morning coffee

Original Source: Attie Cilliers

Attie Cilliers saw this leopard in Deception in the Central Kalahari Game Reserve, Botswana. The leopard prowled around the campsite during the night and drank all the water from a plastic basin he left on one of the camping tables. In the morning this guy obviously decided he was still thirsty and came around for a second sip. Attie was in the process of making his morning coffee when the youngster strolled into camp. He quickly made for the car and managed to record the leopard checking out the basin, coffee, chairs and the tent for something to nibble on.

– Attie Cilliers

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  • Joan McKniff

    well, good morning to you too ! amazing and beautiful, thanks

  • anna

    what is wrong with his right hint leg? he is not walking properly at all.

  • Leah

    Thank you for sharing this hope you made a fresh cup of coffee

  • copperbird

    I don’t think that big kitty liked the coffee! That’s a bit of a close call I would say although beautiful and fun to watch the exploration of the camp.

  • Jennifer Purdon

    Amazing! I was waiting for her (?) to go in the tent for a nap!

Jacis Lodges
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