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Written by: Yasmin Tajik of Shalimar Studios

On a safari trip at Chief’s Camp in Botswana we were out one morning with our ranger Tutalife, exploring Moremi National Park, when Tutalife stopped the vehicle and pointed out a female leopard in the tree tops.

The leopard was intently watching a group of impala grazing nearby, and as they slowly moved under the tree we knew we were about to witness a once in a lifetime event. leopard-in-tree After about 10 minutes, we witnessed the leopard leap from the tree onto an unsuspecting impala below and before we knew it, the struggle had ended with a successful kill. dive-bomb-leopard dive-bombing-leopard leopard-jumps-from-tree-to-make-kill With the adrenalin pumping through our veins, we moved closer and captured amazing images of the leopard attempting to drag the carcass up a tree. She failed, and elected to eat the carcass on the ground instead. leopard-with-impala-kill leopard-with-kill leopard-with-kill-botswana leopard-with-kill-climbing-tree leopard-with-kill-in-botswana The scene continued to unfold in front of us, as she tore into the flesh of the impala, enjoying the spoils. She then made a second attempt to drag the carcass up into a tree, but the weight of both the leopard and carcass were too heavy for the branches and both subsequently fell to the ground. leopard-with-kill-in-tree leopard-with-kill-climbs-tree It was at that point that the leopard opted to hide the impala carcass behind her and nap in the cool shade. leopard-relaxing The opportunity to capture the entire scene unfolding right in front of me was pure luck. A big thank you to our ranger Tutalife for his excellent tracking skills.

Watch the incredible video below:


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