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Written by: Tony Fitzsimmons

As a budding photography student, I was absolutely in my element during a four day trip to Tsavo National Park. Expansive landscapes of semi-arid grassland and savannah, rolling towering hills parted by almost endless dirt trails are all topped off by diverse and majestic wildlife. 


Records told me that Tsavo East and West is somewhere in the region of 20,000 square kilometres, yet being there, that sense of absolute vastness made it feel as if I had just stepped out onto another world. Growing up in a small city in England, my eyes were really not prepared for the sheer magnitude of Tsavo and all that surrounded me. It was an immeasurable showcase of distance and glorious biodiversity; a complete banquet and feast for all the senses.




Even though I only spent four days in Tsavo, I felt as if I had been treated to a lifetime of beautiful and unforgettable scenes. I’ll never forget the first time I witnessed a herd of elephant in such close proximity, watching and admiring a seemingly permanent smile that was attached to the face of one baby elephant as she followed her mother trunk to tail.

I was also amazed by the surprising gracefulness of a sprinting giraffe as it darted out from the brush and began down the same dirt trail I was on. And I was always amazed by the wonderful brush-like artistry and individuality of black and white that was the zebra.

Seeing a lion less than ten yards away, lazing about in the shade, stomach full following a kill, really put me in my place and it didn’t take long to realise I was nothing more than just a fortunate guest in this region, there only to admire the bold, powerful and most beautiful.





There is something very special about Tsavo and I long to return. I honestly hope that in years to come, many others will get to share and experience the wonders of Tsavo. I hope that in generations to come, this unique and heavenly place still remains one of the world’s most important and biodiverse regions.



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