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8 Recent Sightings of Santa in Africa

As Christmas comes round, Santa Clause has been spotted in a number of places and forms throughout the mother continent.


1. On this camel in North Africa


2. In this mud hut smoking a cig.



3. On this bike in South Luangwa National Park



4. In the street entertaining these kids…



5. Freetown, Sierra Leone


6. Outside PEP in Lusaka, Zambia


7. On this donkey cart

santa in africa



8. Merry Christmas everybody!

Post your Santa sightings to the Africa, this is why I live here wall

Africa, this is why I live here

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  • Wishing you all a very Happy Christmas from the team at Zambezi Safari & Travel – discover exceptional journeys at https://goo.gl/6q56e8

  • Pauline Hutchings



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