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Klaserie Sands River Camp

Here is the line-up for the South African TV show 50‌‌‌ | 50: Anniversary Season: Episode 13, on 18 November 2013. Discover the Amatola Toad – which until recently was thought to be extinct. Learn more about the animal shelter policy in South Africa and follow James Steyn on a bush walk in Klaserie Game Reserve in search of elephants.

Amatola Toad







A small species of toad, found only in the montane grasslands of the Winterberg and Amatola Mountains in the Eastern Cape, has been thought to be extinct since 1998 until one was recently found near Hogsback. This cryptic little frog is known as the Amatola toad and has been listed as Critically Endangered by the IUCN. The recent re-discovery of the toad means the species is still in existence, but there is concern that major population declines have been experienced (historically the species has been reported in large numbers). The species is threatened by the extensive forestation in the area that has eliminated a large proportion of grassland and wetland habitat. In 2012 a single male was found in a new location on the summit of the Elandsberg Mountain near Hogsback. Ntokozo joins the amphibian research team and takes a trip to the Amatola Mountains to see if she can help find the Amatola toad…and maybe a prince?

Eko-Ondersoek: Animal Shelters







Pet shops are usually the first stop for families in search of animal companions. But the truth is that there are countless homeless animals in shelters around the country desperately in need of adoption. Every day open-admission shelters are forced to euthanise animals who haven’t been re homed or that are untreatable. There are, however, some shelters that consider euthanasia inhumane. One such type of animal shelter is known as a ”No-Kill” shelter. There are concerns that this type of policy can lead to over-crowding, lack of exercise, cramped living conditions, old and agonized animals and those that sit in cages for months, even years waiting for adoption that never happens. These are some of the reports that have been made about “No-Kill” shelters. Should shelters with this type of policy be allowed to operate?  Are they all bad?  Join Bonne and the Eko-Ondersoek team as they look into the subject of animal shelter policy in South Africa.

A Walk on the Wildside with James





James Steyn, our very own anchor presenter, takes us on a bush walk in the Klaserie Game Reserve in search of elephants. As a seasoned game ranger, James is one of a handful of rangers who have clocked over 10 000 hours on foot in the bush. With all his experience, James tracks and then safely leads the team right up to two bull elephants whilst maintaining composure and control. Most of us have approached elephants within the comfort of our vehicles, but one quickly realises that it is an entirely different experience on foot. With heightened senses, nerves on edge and a racing heart, it is an experience you are bound never to forget.

Veld Fokus


We have a great mixture of interesting entries with rare monitor lizard hunting behaviour, bizarre red-crested korhaan mating displays, sneaking crabs and lions pouncing on giraffes. You will not want to miss this one!

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A television programme that has, for twenty-five years, presented the successes and disasters of conservation to South Africa's people. 50|50 has influenced environmental policy, stirred the public against environmental injustices, promoted the work of our dedicated conservationists, and helped to create a stronger awareness of conservation and environmental issues in South Africa. Weekly on a Monday on SABC2 at 7:30pm - 8:30pm Visit the 50/50 website , or follow us on Facebook