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2012 Round-Up: The top 10 posts from the AG blog

Over the year we’ve published a variety of on-the-ball news stories, funny animal antics, photography sequences and general interest pieces. This is a round-up of the most-visited blog posts of 2012…

10. Did you know that dassies can sing?  Stand-Up Comedians  showcases the hilarious vocal calls of rock hyraxes.

Listen to these dassies, quirky nature

© Giovanni Mari

9. The title speaks for itself.  Botswana Will Not Issue Anymore Hunting Licences

© Ian Michler

8Camera Modes: Shutter Priority, Aperture Priority or Programme Mode looks at the different options for taking great wildlife photographs.

© Chris Martin

7The Legend of the Mapogo Lions is an ode to the most famous coalition between lions that the Sabi Sands reserve has ever known.

© Richard de Gouveia

6. A shocker of a tale: 40 Wild Dogs Burned near the Serengeti

African wild dog

© Magnus Hird

5Kangaluwi: The Lower Zambezi National Park Battle Begins This post was a factual look at the proposal to develop a copper mine in the iconic park, combined with an emotional slant and call to action. The proposal was later rejected, but that post didn’t garner quite as much attention.

4Young mountain Gorillas Destroy Poachers’ Snares It seems that gorillas are playing a role in their own conservation!

© Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund

3. A sequence of photos that contains a couple of surprises in Leopard Catches More than it Bargained For.

© Hendri Venter

2Elephant Overturns a Car in Kruger National Park was the second most viewed post of the year, with good reason. The story is madness and the pictures reveal all.

Elephant charges car in Kruger National Park

And our number one,

1Making a Splash: Orcas in False Bay In this post, David Hurwitz gives us a 1st hand account of an Orca hunt. He watched (and took photos) of the Orcas in False Bay hunting on a super-pod of dolphins. Amazing story caught on film.

© David Hurwitz

With that, we wrap up 2012 and look forward to what 2013 has in store.

Catherine Sempill

Hey, Catherine here. I’m the new blogging intern at Africa Geographic. I graduated from UCT in 2010 after studying Media &Writing and then took off to work and travel my way through South America and learn a thing or two about the world. I came back with a Spanish repertoire, a few salsa moves and an intensified love for writing, blogging and ‘discovering’. It is these passions which landed me on the doorstep of Africa Geographic. Viva!

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