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Zimbabwe is one of the most unique nations on Earth, it encompasses all of Africa’s Big 5, is home to the largest waterfall on the continent, plays host to the mighty Zambezi River and is the birthplace of the Southern Africa safari trade.

Despite the political and economic setbacks in recent years, this nation continues to be a must-see destination. Here, we’ve listed 10 reasons why everyone should go on safari Zimbabwe:

1. Affordability

One of the greatest moves the Zimbabwean government has made in recent years is to switch to the US Dollar. The change in currency has meant a rise in nationwide stability, which in turn has led to increased confidence and interest in travel. Over the past couple of years tourism to Zimbabwe has increased, however the majority of inbound operators have kept their pricing stable, and not continually inflated as expected. This has created a competitive market with the surrounding nations, and today Zimbabwe stands out as one of the most affordable safari destinations in Africa.

2. National Parks

Zimbabwe’s landscape is one of lush vegetation, abundant waterways and a moderated tropical climate. In other words, it’s the ideal place for life to survive and flourish. Fortunately, the government has made a wise decision in preserving ten national parks across the country, including Hwange and Nyanga. This means that travellers to Zimbabwe can expect to see a rich array of well protected wildlife while on safari.

3. Exclusive 

A positive stemming from the political and economical climate in recent years, not to mention the set-backs from negative media, is that the majority of Zimbabwe’s national parks remain untouched and remote. This works to the traveller’s advantage – they can expect to have an up-close-and-personal wildlife experience without  the hoards of tourists. Zimbabwe definitely remains personal, intimate, wild and unscathed.

4. Best Guiding

The guides in Zimbabwe are world-renowned for being some of the best in Africa, largely due to it being the birth place of safari travel. With rigorous training, testing and lots of experience, they fit the bill for being some of the most qualified rangers in the entire continent. Attention to detail is of utmost importance to a Zimbabwean guide, and guests can expect to receive personal attention while on safari in Zimbabwe.

5. Close-Knit Community

Zimbabweans have an intense pride in their nation and in their people. Even with the political set-backs, they continue to uphold a reputation for being some of the most welcoming people in the world. Generosity, compassion and hope are instilled in the Zimbabwean character, and sharing these qualities, as well as their history and culture with the outsider is something they strive for. Guests can expect warm smiles, hearty greetings and interesting personalities.

hwange national park zimbabwe

6. Wildlife

Some of Africa’s most exclusive wildlife is found in Zimbabwe. Many of the national parks contain the classic Big 5 – Elephant, Lion, Leopard, Buffalo and Rhino, and as mentioned earlier, the remoteness of the region combined with attentive guiding make for a likely wildlife encounter. Zimbabwe is also world famous as a birding destination, and Hwange National Park contains some of the highest concentrations of birds on the planet. Species that are unique to Zimbabwe, or found in only limited ranges elsewhere, include the king cheetah in Gonarezhou, and the samango monkey in the Eastern Highlands.

7. World Wonder

Victoria Falls – stunning, massive, a destination in itself. Both a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the 7 Natural Wonders of the World, it is one of the most spectacular sights to meet the eye. With a curtain of water, 5,600 feet wide and 354 feet tall, it is one of the largest sheets of falling water in the world.

8. UNESCO World Heritage Sites

There are four different World Heritage Sites declared by UNESCO in Zimbabwe: Mana Pools National Park, Matobos National Park, Victoria Falls and the Great Zimbabwe ruins.

9. Heritage & History

To say that the history of Zimbabwe is rich is an understatement, the abundance of rock art and ruins bear witness to ancient cultures and traditions. The Matobo Hills for example are home to various archaeological finds dating back to as far as the Pre-Middle Stone Age. Zimbabwe is home to many ethnic groups including the Shona people whose soapstone sculptures have become world famous in the art scene.

10. Accommodation

Travellers on safari to Zimbabwe can expect to find a good range of accommodation, making it accessible for most budgets. From luxury lodges and tented camps, to bed and breakfasts and self-catering campsites, Zimbabwe has it all.

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