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Our Content

Content is provided to Africa Geographic by many people, both professional and amateur, and via traditional and social channels. In the interest of bringing you the full picture we permit as broad a spectrum of content as possible, although we and our team don’t necessarily agree with opinions expressed. Any Africa Geographic team member that comments on our and other social media channels does so in their own capacity and not with Africa Geographic sanction, unless otherwise stated by Africa Geographic.

Topics and opinions vary considerably and some may make you uncomfortable and even emotional. Feel free to engage with us, our contributors and our community, but please remember at all times to respect everybody involved and their right to have an opinion.

Some of our publishing channels are by their very nature live and unedited and we cannot vouch for stated facts. Facebook and blog comments are 2 examples of such channels.  Although we do monitor social channels for unsuitable content and behavior, we do not edit or check facts and opinions.

Please don’t use our or other people’s copyrighted content without permission. That’s illegal and just not cool.  We don’t tolerate content that contains profanities or personal attacks or is illegal, racist, sexist, uncouth, violent, derogatory or spam and we reserve the right to delete such content and ban the contributors.


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