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Safari lodges – surviving the Covid-19 lockdown

Covid-19 lockdown: We spoke to several African safari lodge owners to better understand the economic impact and their future plans

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Malkia the cheetah – Queen of the Ngare Nanyukie

Once again Lemala Nanyukie has proven to be at the heart of big cat action, this time with a cheetah attempting to hunt gazelle right in front of the camp.

Natural history

Pride life: Following the Nanyukie lions in the Serengeti

With a prime location in the Serengeti, Lemala Nanyukie camp has front-row seats to watching the fascinating lives of the resident lion pride.

Destinations, Natural history, Serengeti, Tanzania

Incredible sighting: The black cat of the Serengeti

A rare sighting indeed at Lemala Nanyukie Tented Lodge in Tanzania, where this melanistic serval has been seen regularly over recent weeks.

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Epic Serengeti

They came thundering from all sides, driven by a primordial instinct and sucked in by the cacophony and energy of those already crossing, plunging into the Mara River seemingly without a care, chancing their luck against the current, the rocks and the crocs. Chaotic, pulsating, exhilarating… The day started like any other on my Serengeti […]

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The fantastic sighting of the ‘meerkat’ leopard

A leopard presents some stunning photographic opportunities with her agility while looking for her cub in the tall grasses of the Serengeti.

There are safari accommodation options to suit all expectations and budgets ©Simon Espley
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Safari tips: Understanding accommodation types

When it comes to going on a safari in Africa, you will soon discover that the selection of accommodation options is vast. From straw huts and mobile camps, to ultra-luxury hotels and lodges, your choice of where you’ll unload your bags will be influenced mainly by your needs and budget.