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The many reasons to visit Chobe in the green season


The green season in Chobe is full of hidden gems – with birding at its best, as well as an abundance of very young wildlife, it is a rewarding time to visit the region

A library for the children in South Luangwa National Park


Marula lodge in Zambia have opened a library for the local children to learn about the wildlife in South Luangwa

Baby elephant born at lodge


Guests at Nkasa Lupala Tented Lodge enjoy a special sighting of a newborn elephant calf!

The 52nd wildlife photographer of the year competition results announced


The results of the 52nd Wildlife Photographer of the year Competition 2016 have been announced

Go Wild for Wildlife with the SPCA


#GoWildforWildlife with The Cape of Good Hope SPCA!

Sustainable utilisation of wildlife not so sustainable


“The harvesting of species from the wild at rates that cannot be compensated for by reproduction or regrowth” has been recently identified as the single biggest threat to biodiversity, highlighting that proposals for sustainable utilisation need to be examined with extreme care.

Video: I am a ranger

Here Sudan, the last male northern white rhino, is seen, sleeping as close to Ringo, a rescued baby southern white rhino, as possible, through the enclosure

The film I am a Ranger hopes to shine a light on some of the many unsung heroes working in conservation that are at the forefront of the war on poaching and conservation in Africa.

Top 6 ways to safari in Etosha National Park

Giraffes - Wim

Etosha is a unique and dramatic destination that may spoil you for life with its fascinating wildlife. Here are the best ways to see it.

Saving rhinos starts with our children


Wildlife ACT Fund’s educational kids bush camps teach community children the importance of conservation and why rhinos need protecting.

A journey into bush life


A chef from Durban quits suburban living and heads off to a life in the bush. This is the start of her story.

Namibian communities rely on hunting to protect wildlife

©Janine Avery

Namibian conservancies say that if trophy hunting were to banned they would see wildlife disappear within a month.

Bicycle-powered cinema teaches children about wildlife


This bicycle-powered cinema project is using education to bring about a cultural evolution to conserve wildlife.

Video: Tanzania as you’ve never seen it before


Watch these incredible scenes unfold from the land and the air in one of the most wild places on Earth.

A silver lining to the worst drought in decades


As Southern Africa’s worst drought in 10 years decimates both vegetation and wildlife in Kruger National Park, we look at the silver lining and what it means for the survival of the fittest in Africa.

Top tips for photographers traveling in Zimbabwe


If you love taking photos, Zimbabwe is a destination you shouldn’t miss out on. Here are a few things all photographers should consider when traveling to Zimbabwe to make the most of your trip.

Elephant and other wildlife poisoned by poachers in the Kruger National Park

©Janine Avery

Kruger National Park has discovered an elephant carcass, 110 dead white-backed vultures, two male lions and two black-backed jackals killed by wildlife poisoning.

13 reasons to visit Ruaha


There are many reasons to visit the extraordinary Ruaha National Park in Tanzania – here are just a few!

Dance your way to help wildlife conservation efforts


Dance To Be Wild is empowering South African children to take ownership of their wildlife heritage through the beauty of dance!

South African private wildlife numbers overstated


Endangered Wildlife Trust has published a study on wildlife ranching, which shows that South African private wildlife numbers may be inflated threefold.

The horror of snares


Unravelling the danger of snares – the indiscriminate killer of the bushveld.

4 reasons to visit Nairobi National Park

© Mkimemia

Here are four short reasons why you should visit Kenya’s Nairobi National Park – the park within the heart of a city.

A day on safari in the Serengeti


Join Boutique Safari on a typical day on safari in the Serengeti National Park, Tanzania.

Sundowners and starry, starry nights in the Timbavati

It’s a common sight to find a few species together at Marcos dam, and our treehouse makes for the perfect game viewing hotspot.

Discover the top spot for sundowners in the Timbavati Private Nature Reserve.

3 reasons why tourists are conservation’s best ally

Rhino Orphange ©Phil Zappala

Learn what a difference tourists can make by going on a safari and how conservation efforts can be even further strengthened.

Go on a journey of discovery in Tanzania


Explore the vast diversity of wildlife and landscapes in beautiful Tanzania.

An unbelievable art safari


Incredible sightings and learn to sketch wildlife on Africa Geographic’s Art Safari.

Will you go wild for wildlife?


The Cape of Good Hope SPCA has launched their Wild for Wildlife campaign to help raise funds for the caring of wildlife in the Cape.

A short but sweet safari


A two-day safari in Botswana may be a speedy venture but you’d be surprised by how much you can see and how much fun you can have in such a short time!

Tips for taking photos on safari

© Hannah Champion

Some handy advice on how to make the most out of a photographic safari and take some great photos home with you.

After the Cecil storm, 3 experts air their views

De Toit discusses anti-poaching tactics with his team in Zimbabwe. ©  Goldman Environmental Prize

In light of the uproar following the death of Cecil, three prize winners weigh in on trophy hunting.

Dereck Joubert responds to a hunter on the economics of hunting

© Pius Mahimbi

Dereck Joubert explains how the argument for hunting gets thinner each time it is tested.

Wild animals caught on camera


Here’s a much sought-after peek into a different world thanks to camera traps, and advice on how to capture the best footage.

10 reasons to go on safari in South Luangwa National Park

© Penny Lotz

Famous for its resident hippo and home of the walking safari, it’s easy to see why South Luangwa National Park is one of the best places in Africa to go on safari.

Why the Serengeti was voted the best park in Africa for safaris

© Richard Denyer

Natural World Safaris explores why the Serengeti is the best park in Africa for safari enthusiasts and first timers alike.

Teen calls on young people to get involved in conservation

Male lions, such as the one pictured above, are shot each day by trophy hunters around the world.

A teenager calls on young people across the world to stand up and act to save wildlife. Here’s his advice on how they can make a difference.

A bush dog’s wild encounters


Fall in love with the ultimate bush dog and best friend of the owner of Ant Collection. Friends with rhinos and a champion motorbike rider, this black labrador is so much more than just a companion.

Conservation – just a new-fangled method of making money?

© Mira Nabulsi

The relationship between conservation and capitalism exists, but even the best of intentions requires effective implementation rather than false representation.

Cattle benefitting conservation in Laikipia

cattle in Laikipia

Elephants, lions, Grevy’s zebra and cattle living happily side by side in Laikipia.

5 top Botswana wildlife experiences

relentless enemies in Botswana

Five wildlife experiences that make Botswana so special.

Celebrating Zakouma National Park

Zakouma National Park a picturesque conservation success story.

Young artist raising awareness about Africa’s animals

A young artist is raising funds for Africa’s wildlife by selling her artworks.

A photo collection from 24 hours in the Mara

Here is a photo collection to showcase the magnitude of wildlife sightings you can experience with just 24 hours in the Maasai Mara!

South Africans successful in 50th Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition

After being selected by an international panel of judges, the winners of the 50th Wildlife Photographer of the Year Competition have been announced with great results for a number of South African photographers.

Taking to the streets for elephant and rhino

On October 4 the entire world will be turning out in force in support of the planet’s most iconic, and threatened species; elephant and rhino.

Social media’s impact on conservation issues

A look into the role that social media plays in conservation issues in Africa.

The good old days of wildlife photography

Marlon du Toit reminisces about the good old days of wildlife photography where photos transported the viewer into another world, a world filled with danger and excitement and exploration.

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