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South African private wildlife numbers overstated


Endangered Wildlife Trust has published a study on wildlife ranching, which shows that South African private wildlife numbers may be inflated threefold.

The horror of snares


Unravelling the danger of snares – the indiscriminate killer of the bushveld.

4 reasons to visit Nairobi National Park

© Mkimemia

Here are four short reasons why you should visit Kenya’s Nairobi National Park – the park within the heart of a city.

A day on safari in the Serengeti


Join Boutique Safari on a typical day on safari in the Serengeti National Park, Tanzania.

Sundowners and starry, starry nights in the Timbavati

It’s a common sight to find a few species together at Marcos dam, and our treehouse makes for the perfect game viewing hotspot.

Discover the top spot for sundowners in the Timbavati Private Nature Reserve.

3 reasons why tourists are conservation’s best ally

Rhino Orphange ©Phil Zappala

Learn what a difference tourists can make by going on a safari and how conservation efforts can be even further strengthened.

Go on a journey of discovery in Tanzania


Explore the vast diversity of wildlife and landscapes in beautiful Tanzania.

An unbelievable art safari


Incredible sightings and learn to sketch wildlife on Africa Geographic’s Art Safari.

Will you go wild for wildlife?


The Cape of Good Hope SPCA has launched their Wild for Wildlife campaign to help raise funds for the caring of wildlife in the Cape.

A short but sweet safari


A two-day safari in Botswana may be a speedy venture but you’d be surprised by how much you can see and how much fun you can have in such a short time!

Tips for taking photos on safari

© Hannah Champion

Some handy advice on how to make the most out of a photographic safari and take some great photos home with you.

After the Cecil storm, 3 experts air their views

De Toit discusses anti-poaching tactics with his team in Zimbabwe. ©  Goldman Environmental Prize

In light of the uproar following the death of Cecil, three prize winners weigh in on trophy hunting.

Dereck Joubert responds to a hunter on the economics of hunting

© Pius Mahimbi

Dereck Joubert explains how the argument for hunting gets thinner each time it is tested.

Wild animals caught on camera


Here’s a much sought-after peek into a different world thanks to camera traps, and advice on how to capture the best footage.

10 reasons to go on safari in South Luangwa National Park

© Penny Lotz

Famous for its resident hippo and home of the walking safari, it’s easy to see why South Luangwa National Park is one of the best places in Africa to go on safari.

Why the Serengeti was voted the best park in Africa for safaris

© Richard Denyer

Natural World Safaris explores why the Serengeti is the best park in Africa for safari enthusiasts and first timers alike.

Teen calls on young people to get involved in conservation

Male lions, such as the one pictured above, are shot each day by trophy hunters around the world.

A teenager calls on young people across the world to stand up and act to save wildlife. Here’s his advice on how they can make a difference.

A bush dog’s wild encounters


Fall in love with the ultimate bush dog and best friend of the owner of Ant Collection. Friends with rhinos and a champion motorbike rider, this black labrador is so much more than just a companion.

Conservation – just a new-fangled method of making money?

© Mira Nabulsi

The relationship between conservation and capitalism exists, but even the best of intentions requires effective implementation rather than false representation.

Cattle benefitting conservation in Laikipia

cattle in Laikipia

Elephants, lions, Grevy’s zebra and cattle living happily side by side in Laikipia.

5 top Botswana wildlife experiences

relentless enemies in Botswana

Five wildlife experiences that make Botswana so special.

Celebrating Zakouma National Park

Zakouma National Park a picturesque conservation success story.

Young artist raising awareness about Africa’s animals

A young artist is raising funds for Africa’s wildlife by selling her artworks.

A photo collection from 24 hours in the Mara

Here is a photo collection to showcase the magnitude of wildlife sightings you can experience with just 24 hours in the Maasai Mara!

South Africans successful in 50th Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition

After being selected by an international panel of judges, the winners of the 50th Wildlife Photographer of the Year Competition have been announced with great results for a number of South African photographers.

Taking to the streets for elephant and rhino

On October 4 the entire world will be turning out in force in support of the planet’s most iconic, and threatened species; elephant and rhino.

Social media’s impact on conservation issues

A look into the role that social media plays in conservation issues in Africa.

The good old days of wildlife photography

Marlon du Toit reminisces about the good old days of wildlife photography where photos transported the viewer into another world, a world filled with danger and excitement and exploration.

Five reasons you should see wild lions

“Wild lions are Herculean” according to Michael Schwartz. In this blog he give five reasons why these apex predators are the king of the megafauna in Africa.

Awesome advertising helping Africa’s wildlife

Will the power of worldwide advertising give a voice to the voiceless and help save Africa special wildlife. These Ad campaigns provide a very thought provoking and emotional trip regarding issues like poaching, extinction and wild animal abuse.

Why I love Kenya

Porini Camps reflect on the many things that make Kenya special.

WildLeaks attracts major wildlife crime leads in first 3 months

WikiLeaks-style website, WildLeaks, yields 24 tip-offs including elephant poaching, tiger killing, illegal fishery and forest destruction.

State legislators make elephant history with unprecedented ivory ban

The New Jersey State Assembly overwhelmingly approved a bill banning ivory and rhino horn sales on Monday, making New Jersey the first state to take a definitive stand against wildlife trafficking.

Wild iMfolozi wilderness trail- the home of the wild

Scott Ramsay, along with fellow campers, explores the natural wonders along the iMfolozi wilderness trail in South Africa.

Discover Botswana’s hidden secrets

Finding a part of the great Botswana that is remote, unfrequented by camera-happy humans, and somewhat hidden from sight could be one of the most rewarding safari experiences of one’s life.

A flying GoPro!

The only thing that beats a GoPro on Safari is a flying GoPro!

Breaking records for the love of birds

John Kinghorn set aside 2014 as his Big Birding Year, determined to break the record for the youngest person to see 800 bird species within a calendar year in the Southern African sub region.

Spreading the conservation message to local children

As part of ongoing work to improve the relationship between wildlife and communities, Gamewatchers Safaris and Porini Camps recently invited 42 students from neighbouring schools to the Ol Kinyei Conservancy to learn about conservation.

Lack of resources and skills hamper wildlife law enforcement

Is our government really doing all they can to combat rhino poaching? In a report investigating the challenges facing the enforcement of South Africa’s environmental laws, shortages in resources, skills and multiple, changing legislations have been identified as the most serious shortcomings.

Will “Slow TV” save the wildlife documentary?

Has the wildlife documentary seen its death due to the sensationalised melodrama and reality shows that grace our channels or is there still hope for the animals in Norway’s new trend of Slow TV?

Rhino horn trade conference “tells it like it is”

The controversial OSCAP conference, entitled ‘Risk Assessment of Rhino Horn Trade’ ended yesterday on a positive note. The participants agreed to work together to ensure that all South Africans were made aware of the risks associated with legalising rhino horn trade.

Photographing the Masai Mara with Albie Venter

Albie Venter loves the Masai Mara, Kenya – he says that being able to witness and photograph nature’s incredible events in this stunning area is a worthy addition to anyone’s bucket list.

Head of CITES says no to rhino trade

An interview with the CITES Secretary-General, John E. Scanlon, about trade in wildlife products and poaching of wild animals.

Book Review: Wildlife Photographer… Stories from Behind the Lens

Wildlife Photographer… Stories From Behind The Lens is a free downloadable book in which Martin Harvey has selected 25 luminously beautiful and dramatic images from his stock of photographs.

Artist retreat for elephants

A group of artists, specialising in wildlife, gather to create greater awareness about elephant poaching in Africa.

Why did South Africa skip a vital conference on illegal wildlife trade?

In London last week, international media scrambled to cover the high-level and much anticipated international conference on illegal wildlife trade. However, there was one notable absentee, namely South Africa.

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