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Video: An Antarctic skua gets a second chance

skua 1

An Antarctic skua gets a second chance at life after he is attacked by two crows.

Tanzania to use drones in a new anti-poaching initiative

Unmaned Aerial Vehicle (UAV), Super Bat DA 50, to be used at Tarangire national park. Photo/ By ADAM IHUCHA

The Ministry of Tourism in Tanzania has authorised the use of drones in a new anti-poaching initiative.

Kilimanjaro Challenge helps fight HIV/AIDS in Tanzania


Join a trip up Kilimanjaro to help support Tanzania’s communities in need.

How intelligent law enforcement in Tanzania is saving elephants


Tanzania’s recent success in the ivory war is testament to the powers of a multi-agency anti-poaching strategy.

Why clumsy lions shouldn’t climb trees

falling lion

The amazing lions of Uganda and Tanzania are famous for their tree climbing abilities, but this clumsy cub panics when his pride leaves him high and dry.

Two leopards stuck up a tree above a lion kill


An incredible lion and leopard sighting follows an hour spent with wild dogs in Tanzania.

A conservation journey through Africa


2 safari managers set off on an Africa conservation adventure to learn more about the continent’s wildlife protection efforts.

A white baboon stands out from the crowd


An albino baboon has been seen wandering around Arusha National Park.

Chinese jailed 30 years for slaughter of 226 elephants

©Said Khamis

Two Chinese poachers are handed down one of the heaviest sentences aimed at curbing the illegal ivory trade.

5 charities worth supporting in Ngorongoro, Tanzania


Ngorongoro, Tanzania is an unforgettable place. Make an impact in the communities that make it so special by supporting some of these worthwhile charities.

Video: Tanzania as you’ve never seen it before


Watch these incredible scenes unfold from the land and the air in one of the most wild places on Earth.

A lion and his pet wildebeest


An unusual sighting of a lion playing with a wildebeest calf in the Serengeti!

13 reasons to visit Ruaha


There are many reasons to visit the extraordinary Ruaha National Park in Tanzania – here are just a few!

Active volcanos + wildlife safaris = a once-in-a-lifetime experience


If active volcano explorations, an insight into the origins of mankind, a fascination for all things geological and a yearning to connect with the wild are what turns you on, then this is for you!

The cheetah and the hare


A cheetah hunts a hare in the Serengeti National Park.

Leopard hunts a baby impala


Dinner time for a leopard in Ruaha National Park!

5 reasons to visit Tanzania


Find out where you need to go in Tanzania and why!

4 wonderful facts about baobabs

A picnic in Selous ©JW Nielsen

Find out what makes African baobabs so special.

3 arrested as pilot killed by elephant poachers


Tanzanian police have arrested three men after a British pilot was killed when gunmen opened fire on his helicopter as he tracked suspected elephant poachers.

Don’t miss the annular eclipse this year in Tanzania

©Melissa Valente

The centreline of an annular eclipse in September this year will pass over Katavi National Park in Tanzania, where a privileged few can witness this ‘ring of fire’ on a safari.

Leucistic giraffe alive and well in Tarangire

Sighting on 16 January 2016

Omo, the leucistic giraffe, has been spotted again one year after the initial sighting.

Tourism helps to protect elephants


Tourism is arguably an important aid to stopping poaching in Tanzania, and elephants in Selous use Lake Manze Camp as a safe haven.

A day on safari in the Serengeti


Join Boutique Safari on a typical day on safari in the Serengeti National Park, Tanzania.

Life in a Maasai village

The boys in our Maasai village

Learn all about the threads of life that are woven into Maasai tradition.

How lions’ hunting techniques have adapted in Ruaha


A big pride of lions in Ruaha National Park adapts to targeting elephant and giraffe in order to keep all of their hungry mouths well fed.

Video: A river of elephants in Ruaha


Watch over 100 elephants in this video that was taken on a family safari in Ruaha National Park.

What to do and where to go on your East Africa holiday


All you need to know when planning your holiday to East Africa.

Five reasons to visit Zanzibar


Take a trip to Tanzania’a exotic Zanzibar.

Lion hunting buffalo in Ruaha


Lions take down a buffalo at Ruaha National Park.

Chinese nationals get 20 years in jail for smuggling rhino horns

Image source - PAMS Foundation - Conservation in Tanzania

The 4 Chinese men that were arrested in Tanzania after they were found with 11 rhino horns hidden in their vehicle, have each been given a 20-year jail sentence.

5 things about Selous


Here are 5 things you should know about Selous Game Reserve in Tanzania.

Monkey talk in Tanzania for Monkey Day

Udzungwa red colobus © Marc Veraart

Learn all about Tanzania’s monkeys this Monkey Day!

Sailing around Zanzibar in a hollow tree


As 2016 dawns on the Tanzanian coastline, so will the first day of the Ngalawa Cup – a sailing race around the Zanzibar archipelago in the favoured fishing boat of the local Swahili fishermen.

An African safari in a nutshell


The ins and outs of an African safari.

Leopard cub love


Two little leopard cubs get some love from mum before coming to take a closer look at some interesting humans.

Saving sea turtles in Tanzania

© Kerstin Erler

Turtling in Tanzania with a unique project that is saving hatchlings!

Video: It’s a feeding frenzy in Tanzania!


The below video was recorded in the Ngorongoro Crater in Tanzania. It shows an absolute feeding frenzy as a group of lions, hyenas and jackals all fight to get their taste of “buffalo pie”.

Chinese men appear in Tanzanian court for possession of rhino horn

©Steve Slater

4 Chinese nationals, who have been arrested in possession of 11 rhino horns, have been taken to court in Dar-es-Salaam.

When is it safari time?


When is the best time to go on safari in Africa and where?

Tanzania’s new president called to protect the country’s elephants


Tanzanian citizens unite by sending an open letter addressed to the president that calls for an end to the industrial slaughter of the country’s most prized national treasure.

5 things I wish I knew before climbing Kilimanjaro


Five things you should know before you summit Kilimanjaro.

Italian vet sacked for hunting a lion on safari

Luciano Ponzetto with a dead lion, left and a dead warthog

The director of a kennel near Turin in Italy received death threats after photos of him posing with a dead predator emerged on social media.

Tanzanian police arrest 4 Chinese with 11 rhino horns


In one of the largest seizures in Tanzania, four chinese men have been caught with 11 rhino horns hidden beneath their car after crossing into the East African country from neighbouring Malawi.

A film about an ex-hunter who helps discover new species


A short film about a former hunter, who now helps in conservation efforts, has been nominated for an online film festival award.

Go on a journey of discovery in Tanzania


Explore the vast diversity of wildlife and landscapes in beautiful Tanzania.

Tanzania’s most wanted elephant poacher and ivory trafficker arrested

©Terra Mater Factual Studios

A major ringleader, who is also a supplier of weapons, ammunition and cars to poaching syndicates, is arrested. And with both ‘Shetani’ and the ‘Queen of Ivory’ now in custody, there is a chance to crack down on the international networks involved in the illegal trafficking of ivory.

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