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Video: It’s a feeding frenzy in Tanzania!


The below video was recorded in the Ngorongoro Crater in Tanzania. It shows an absolute feeding frenzy as a group of lions, hyenas and jackals all fight to get their taste of “buffalo pie”.

Chinese men appear in Tanzanian court for possession of rhino horn

©Steve Slater

4 Chinese nationals, who have been arrested in possession of 11 rhino horns, have been taken to court in Dar-es-Salaam.

When is it safari time?


When is the best time to go on safari in Africa and where?

Tanzania’s new president called to protect the country’s elephants


Tanzanian citizens unite by sending an open letter addressed to the president that calls for an end to the industrial slaughter of the country’s most prized national treasure.

5 things I wish I knew before climbing Kilimanjaro


Five things you should know before you summit Kilimanjaro.

Italian vet sacked for hunting a lion on safari

Luciano Ponzetto with a dead lion, left and a dead warthog

The director of a kennel near Turin in Italy received death threats after photos of him posing with a dead predator emerged on social media.

Tanzanian police arrest 4 Chinese with 11 rhino horns


In one of the largest seizures in Tanzania, four chinese men have been caught with 11 rhino horns hidden beneath their car after crossing into the East African country from neighbouring Malawi.

A film about an ex-hunter who helps discover new species


A short film about a former hunter, who now helps in conservation efforts, has been nominated for an online film festival award.

Go on a journey of discovery in Tanzania


Explore the vast diversity of wildlife and landscapes in beautiful Tanzania.

Tanzania’s most wanted elephant poacher and ivory trafficker arrested

©Terra Mater Factual Studios

A major ringleader, who is also a supplier of weapons, ammunition and cars to poaching syndicates, is arrested. And with both ‘Shetani’ and the ‘Queen of Ivory’ now in custody, there is a chance to crack down on the international networks involved in the illegal trafficking of ivory.

Lion, elephant stare-down in the Serengeti


An elephant herd and a lion pride face off at a waterhole in the Serengeti.

Notorious Chinese ‘Queen of Ivory’ arrested

The 'Ivory Queen' - Mrs. Yang Feng Glan © Malaika Pictures

“The Queen of Ivory”, a Chinese national, has been arrested by a specialised task force in Tanzania. To date, she is the most important ivory trafficker ever arrested in the country.

The nudibranch obsession

Cyerce nigracans3 Zanzibar

Go on a seafari with Matembezi to see the incredible diversity of colourful nudibranchs along the Tanzanian coast.

Deaths of wildebeest in Mara River a natural phenomenon


Hundreds of wildebeest found dead a natural phenomenon of the migration, says Tanzania National Parks.

Hundreds of wildebeest found dead in Tanzania


Hundreds of wildebeest drown in the Mara River in the Serengeti, Tanzania.

Lunching lions in Selous Game Reserve


A photographer’s dream, Selous Game Reserve in Tanzania provides the chance to get up close and personal with its inhabitants.

All about Rüppell and the vulture named after him


Named after a famous German explorer and considered to be the highest flying bird, a trip to the Serengeti wouldn’t be complete without watching the Rüppell’s griffon vulture and its feeding antics.

Two of Africa’s most unique volcanoes


An explosive account of two of Africa’s most fascinating volcanoes – Nyiragongo in the DRC and Oldonyo Lengai in Tanzania.

The tree climbing lions of the Serengeti


Wild Wings Safaris notes the increasing amount of sightings of lions climbing trees across Africa and examines the reasons why they might do this and what it involves.

Zurich targeted as hub to smuggle ivory


Elephant tusks weighing 262kg were seized at Zurich Airport on their way from Tanzania to China. Customs officials have also detected smaller shipments hidden in cosmetic cream jars over the past weeks, which suggests an effort to open a new ivory trade route via Zurich.

The chameleons of Tanzania


With close to one hundred species of chameleons and no less than 23 endemic species, Matembezi Safaris proves that Tanzania has a few secrets up its sleeve when it comes to harbouring the second richest chameleon diversity in the world.

Why the Serengeti was voted the best park in Africa for safaris

© Richard Denyer

Natural World Safaris explores why the Serengeti is the best park in Africa for safari enthusiasts and first timers alike.

Conservation – just a new-fangled method of making money?

© Mira Nabulsi

The relationship between conservation and capitalism exists, but even the best of intentions requires effective implementation rather than false representation.

Drones keep elephants safe in Tanzania


To reduce human-elephant conflict, drones are being used to chase elephants off farms and ensure their safety.

85-year-old great-granny conquers Kilimanjaro


A lofty goal is achieved when an 85-year-old great-grandmother sets a world record as the oldest woman to climb Mount Kilimanjaro.

Planning a family safari in Tanzania


A mother of three, chats about taking the kids on safari to Tanzania! Here are 5 things to consider.

Top 7 things to do in Tanzania & Zanzibar


Rich in diversity and wildlife, there’s just so much to do in Tanzania. Luckily, Zara Tours has narrowed it down to the top 7 things not to be missed in this beautiful destination.

Top anti-poaching lodges in Tanzania


Four Tanzanian Lodges with amazing anti-poaching programmes in place.

Animal ‘selfies’ that make for good science


In the largest camera tracking survey to date, a researcher captured 1.2 million stealthy animal “selfies” in the Serengeti National Park.

EU bans import of hunting trophies from Tanzania and Mozambique

EU banned hunting trophy imports

The European Union has banned the import of elephant hunting trophies from two African nations that have seen a significant decline in elephant numbers due to soaring levels of poaching.

8 things to do in Dar es Salaam

Walking around Dar es Salaam

So much more than just a transit hub, here is a list of the best things to do in Dar es Salaam.

60% collapse of Tanzania’s elephants justifies US ban on trophy imports


Dwindling elephant populations in Tanzania and Zimbabwe justify the USA ban on the importation of elephant trophies from the two countries.

Aspiring to great heights: The 14th Kilimanjaro HIV/AIDS Challenge

Climb up Kilimanjaro

Climbers have just begun the 14th annual Kilimanjaro Challenge to raise awareness and funds to support communities in Tanzania affected by HIV/AIDS.

Official opening of the Ngorongoro pre-school

43 children enrolled at pre-school

This pre-school in the Ngorongoro Conservation Area aims to offer children in the Maasai community a chance for a better future.

Tanzania elephant catastrophe

An elephant carcass lies in the Mozambican bush after being shot dead by a poacher.  © Alastair Nelson, Wildlife Conservation Society via AP

Tanzania’s elephant population drops from 109,051 in 2009 to 43,330 in 2014.

Safari season in Tanzania

donkey safari

June to October is the ideal time to go on safari in Tanzania.

Wild dogs of the Serengeti

wild dog

Wild dogs: a lost species is returned to Serengeti National Park.

Kenya forensic lab to fight wildlife crime

A team led by the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) fit a GPS-tracking collar to a tranquilized male lion.  © Ben Curtis, AP

A new forensic lab has been set up in Kenya to analyse DNA evidence of poachers taken from seized animal parts.

Nonprofit VETPAW kicked out of Tanzania

Kinessa Johnson vetpaw

VETPAW, famous for their ‘Badass, Tattooed Army Vet Who’s Hunting Down Poachers in Africa’ has been kicked out of Tanzania.

5 places to see whale sharks

swimming with whale shark

The best places to see whale sharks in Africa.

Zara Tours to host 8th Ngorongoro Marathon

The 8th Annual Ngorongoro Marathon will take place on 18 April 2015 in Tanzania’s Ngorongoro Conservation Area.

Sumitting Tanzania’s Mt Meru

A gruelling three day climb to reach the peak of Mt Meru – Tanzania’s 2nd highest peak.

China, Tanzania and the blood ivory blacklist

An update on the Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) report that showed Tanzania as a key player in the illegal ivory trade.

Tanzania’s top 7 diving sites

7 places to consider for amazing underwater adventures in Tanzania.

Tanzania refute claims to evict 40 000 Maasai from their land in Ngorongoro

The government of United Republic of Tanzania says they have never had any plan to evict the Maasai people from their ancestral land.

40 000 Maasai told to leave homeland as hunters move in

Tanzania has been accused of reneging on its promise to 40 000 Maasai pastoralists by going ahead with plans to evict them and turn their ancestral land into a reserve for the royal family of Dubai to hunt big game.

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