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Opposing sides join forces to save rhinos


An announcement made in Cape Town could mark the first step in reaching consensus on saving rhinos.

South African youth will march against poaching

Young conservation ambassadors from Rhino-SA with Y4AW project leader.

Inspired by Mandela’s words of wisdom, a group of young people from Johannesburg hope to emulate their 1976 peers to protest against injustice. But this time they will be protesting against the injustices surrounding canned lion hunting, and elephant and rhino poaching.

A new nature reserve in South Africa

Some of the beautiful scenery that is now protected for future generations

The Endangered Wildlife Trust is proud to announce that the newly declared Beaumont Nature Reserve in the Swartberg region of KwaZulu-Natal is now open to the public!

10 reasons why Simon’s Town is worth the drive

© Matthew Fortey

About 50 minutes from Cape Town’s CBD lies Simon’s Town – a colonial seaside town that has so much more to offer than just its famous penguin colony.

A leopard kill in Kruger


A leopard kill witnessed from start to finish, and captured every step of the way on camera.

Lions in a hail storm


All hail broke loose in Pilanesberg National Park to mark the start of spring and the end of the long dry winter months in the north west of the country.

How rhinos can help people this World Rhino Day

© Martin Harvey WWF-Canon

WWF launches new community based initiative, RISE, on World Rhino Day.

Driven hunt organiser implicated in land deal irregularities


A recent television exposé of driven hunting has established a disturbing link between the agricultural and hunting sectors that goes by the name of Anton de Vries.

Vulnerable bird species at Gondwana Game Reserve


Meet three iconic species of birds at Gondwana Game Reserve that are categorised by the IUCN as Vulnerable to extinction.

Cape mountain trail set to become one of world’s top hikes


Arguably one of the world’s more extreme hiking experiences, the 650km hiking trail named the Rim of Africa is the longest mountain traverse in South Africa.

Welfare of elephants in captivity comes under question

© Chris Parker

Responsible tourism companies are recommending that clients do not visit elephant sanctuaries in South Africa, of which there are 26 in the country, due to the abuse the animals endure physically and mentally.

Kudu bull auctioned for record R9.4m

Kudu bulls are prized for their magnificent horns. © Shutterstock

More than triple a previous record, a 12-year-old kudu bull has just been auctioned to a group of game farmers in South Africa for ZAR9.4 million.

South Africans caught smuggling sables out of Zimbabwe

© Paul Maritz

Police in southern Zimbabwe have arrested three South Africans trying to smuggle 29 sables across the border.

Hitchhiking from the UK to South Africa in 1969

The Rukuru River in Malawi.

The crazy adventures of Dave Renshaw who hitchhiked from the UK to South Africa in 1969.

The keepers of South Africa’s threatened plants


Meet the people who are monitoring and conserving South Africa’s threatened plants and find out how you can join their team!

Video: Scientists discover new human ancestor in South Africa


The discovery of a new species of human relative announced at South Africa’s cradle of humankind.

Video: Cape Town food safari


Let your tastebuds be teased by watching this fantastic culinary journey through beautiful Cape Town!

15 reasons why I love Cape Town

© Matthew Fortey

In case you weren’t convinced, here are just some of the reasons why it’s impossible not to love Cape Town.

A rare aardwolf makes an appearance in Madikwe


The magic of Madikwe knows no bounds when a visitor to Jaci’s Safari Lodge has the chance to photograph an elusive aardwolf.

Video: an elephant comes a-knocking


Knock knock! Who’s there?! An elephant has a joke to tell some unsuspecting guests.

The plight of Africa’s only penguin

Penguins walk in a line at Boulders beach in Simon's Town. © AP

The endangered African penguin is at risk of extinction as a result, in part, of a southern shift in anchovies and sardines away from the hub of colonies.

Video: A weekend in Wilderness


A weekend getaway to explore the beautiful seaside town of Wilderness on the Garden Route in South Africa.

Black rhino to be reintroduced in Chad

A black rhino and calf in Mkuze, South Africa. © Karl Stromayer/AP

Conservation group plans to move black rhinos from South Africa, where poaching is on the rise, to Zakouma National Park.

Wild dog puppy protocol in Madikwe


Nine little tails are wagging in the Madikwe Game Reserve, and while everyone’s desperate for a peek at the new wild dogs, it is also important to follow strict protocol to protect them.

5 reasons why South Africa is perfect for families

© Jaci's Lodge, Madikwe

With wine tours for adults, wildlife and conservation programmes for children, and adrenalin fuelled activities for teenagers, there’s something for all the family in South Africa.

British Museum may seek loan of the golden rhino of Mapungubwe

If successful, the British Museum may include the golden rhinoceros of Mapungubwe as part of a planned exhibition of South African art due to open next year. © Tim Hauf/Corbis

Considered an equivalent of Tutankhamun’s mask, Mapungubwe’s golden rhino, a symbol of South Africa’s precolonial civilisation, could leave the country for the first time.

Don’t miss the 10th annual SA National Parks Week


Don’t miss out on this week of free access to most of South Africa’s 21 national parks and the opportunity to experience the country’s beautiful natural heritage.

Blood Lions fundraiser screenings in Cape Town and Joburg


The much awaited documentary, Blood Lions, which casts a spotlight on the canned lion hunting industry in South Africa, will be showing for the first time in Cape Town on the 20th August.

3 of the Big 5 in 1 photo


Three of Africa’s famous Big Five are caught on camera by lucky tourists!

Lions make light work of a waterbuck


Camera traps capture footage of lions feasting on a waterbuck after a particularly windy night in Limpopo.

Tiny amounts of wind energy could light up Africa

Charlotte Slingsby, who created Moya, a wind energy harvesting sheet. © Graham Turner/Guardian

Cape Town native Charlotte Slingsby has developed an energy generation system involving sheets of plastic with wave-like filaments to cope with load shedding.

Twenty Journey exhibition


See three photographer’s interpretation of the Rainbow Nation in an exhibition with of Twenty Journey’s work.

Alternatives to canned hunting


Legal trade, breeding programmes and other economic measures could be effective alternatives to canned hunting provided ethical boundaries are in place and local people are allowed to benefit.

Winners announced for the Rhino Conservation Awards


Honouring those that put their lives, resources and time on the line to eradicate rhino poaching in Africa, here are the winners of this year’s Rhino Awards held in Johannesburg.

Video: Adorable lion cub with its mom


Watch this short but ridiculously cute video of a lioness and her cub interacting as they cross the road in Kruger National Park. Get ready for your heart to melt!

Blood Lions – a film exposing the brutal exploitation of the king of beasts


We interview wildlife campaigner Ian Michler, and filmmaker Nick Chevallier about their new film, Blood Lions.

iSimangaliso winning the war against poaching

iSimangaliso confiscates skins and carcasses

With four recent successes, iSimangaliso Wetland Park sets a great example in combatting wildlife crime.

Ebola, visas, economy cause drop in South African tourism

cape town south africa

Ebola, economic decline and new immigration regulations are to blame for the drop in tourist arrivals to South Africa.

12 adorable baby animals in South Africa

hyena pups race

Go gaga over this selection of adorable baby animal photos taken in South Africa.

South Africa’s Street Food Festival

Cape Town Street Food

Cow cheeks, mielies, samoosas, shisa nyama, bunny chows, gatsbys, rotis and vetkoek are all on offer this year at South Africa’s Street Food Festival!

Protecting South Africa’s biodiversity

Rhino calf with its mother

Prosecutors in South Africa are being educated on environmental legislation to be better equipped to combat the illegal wildlife trade.

Come dine with me (leopard special)


A lion and hyena share a serving of kudu.

Horrifying moment when tourist was mauled by lion

Horrifying: This image captures the horrifying the moment the lioness reared up before attacking American tourist Katherine ChappellRead more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3113418/Horrifying-moment-lioness-reared-attack-killed-American-tourist-Katherine-Chappell-South-African-safari-park.html#ixzz3cTKqKUfc
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Photos and funeral following fatal attack in a lion park in South Africa.

Diving deep into South Africa

potatoe bass

From game driving to scuba diving, South Africa proves that there’s much more beneath the surface.

Five top dive sites in South Africa

© Derek Keats

With a spectacular stretch of coastline, South Africa has everything to offer as a world-class dive destination.

The leopard and the lamb

Up close to a leopard kill

A distant leopard sighting develops into an exciting close encounter.

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