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Appeal denied – South Africa can trade rhino horn within borders

A rhino with its horn hacked off by poachers in South Africa. ©Brent Stirton, Getty Reportage for World Wildlife Fund

South African rhino ranchers can legally trade in rhino horn as government appeal denied.

Facts about bottlenose dolphins


All you need to know about friendly bottlenose dolphins.

Wandering the Wild Coast: A place of mystery


Uncover the mystery of the Wild Coast in this amazing time-lapse video.

100MW solar project in the Northern Cape gets green light

The Bokpoort solar thermal plant in Upington, built by Sener and Acciona. ©Acciona

The construction of the Kathu Solar Park will soon begin and is expected to be operational in late 2018 with the goal of saving six million tonnes of CO2 over 20 years and promoting local economic development.

Swaziland accuses South Africa of backtracking on rhino horn trade proposal


Suspicion ignited as to South Africa’s intentions regarding the legalisation of the rhino horn trade.

Video: Hungry hyena finds a buffalo stuck in the mud


A buffalo gets eaten alive by a hyena in Kruger.

33 rescued lions bound for home in South Africa

After 18 months in ADI’s care, “Bumba and Junior and the rest of the Colombian Nine don’t realize their lives will transform on Saturday,” says ADI.

On Friday, 29th April 2016, 33 lions will be flown back to the African bush from South America, following a ban on using wildlife in circuses in Peru and Colombia.

IUCN urges EU to make informed decisions about trophy hunting

©Lord Mountbatten

A summary of the IUCN’s report on trophy hunting and the importing of hunting trophies to the European Union.

Video: Baby elephant tantrum


Watch this footage of a feisty baby elephant doing a funny dance before going for a dip!

Pilot project to protect rhinos announced

©Paul Hudson

Two companies will leverage technology to proactively intervene and stop people entering game reserves illegally.

South Africa backs down from proposing legal trade in rhino horn

A rhino that has since been killed by poachers at Zululand Rhino Reserve in KwaZulu-Natal

South Africa won’t bid to have global ban on trade in rhino horn lifted.

Video: Protective elephant chases wild dogs away from calf


A pack of wild dogs learn a valuable lesson: Don’t mess with an elephant mama!

Video: Brown hyenas fight in the Kalahari


Watch this video of wild brown hyenas fighting in the Kgalagadi Transfontier National Park in South Africa. The sound these animals make is unbelievable!

Future may not look too rosy for pink leopard


A specialist research project in the Lydenburg area reveals two strawberry coloured cats with brown spots – but what does the future hold for these pink leopards?

SA rhino horn trade proposal hidden in DEA Budget

©Michael Lorentz

The decision to submit a rhino horn trade proposal to CITES has been “hidden away” in the National Treasury budget for South Africa’s Department of Environmental Affairs.

The Mzansi Experience: Discover South Africa on Google Maps

An elephant grazing in Kruger National Park, South Africa

Explore the beauty of South Africa on Google Maps before you come to experience the country and its wildlife firsthand!

Volunteer reveals state of South African predator breeding facility


A shocking look at the practices at a predator breeding facility in South Africa by one of its volunteers.

The difference between a game ranger and a field guide


What is a game ranger? What is a field guide? These roles have changed over the years, resulting in some confusion.

The pompom weed – an evil beauty of the South African grassland


Meet the pompom weed – a pretty pink flower that is destroying the grasslands of South Africa.

8 plants for gardening in drought

©Lize Wolfaardt

How you can garden in drought conditions with these eight plants that need little to no water.

Blood Lions DVD released in South Africa

©Ian Michler

Blood Lions DVD now available for purchase in South Africa on Takealot.com

The effects of drought in Kruger

Hyenas and vultures feast on a hippo that was killed by lions

Kruger National Park faces a harsh winter as the effects of drought take their toll.

Rhino poaching is a crisis of governance

©Michael Lorentz

According to a wildlife expert, wildlife poaching has become a serious threat to democracy in many countries where it takes place.

Video: Buffalo foils lion attack by puncturing tyre

Flipping Heck: The buffalo sends one of its attackers flying

A buffalo gets one over on a scaredy cat lion.

A day at a waterhole in the Sabi Sand


A day at the waterhole at Cheetah Plains and some of the animals that came to say hello!

South Africa’s first walking festival in the Garden Route

A small groups of walkers with an expert local walk leader ©Cape Walking Fest

With the aim of building a connection between communities and nature, the HI-TEC Garden Route Walking Fest is an amazing way to discover the incredible natural beauty of the Garden Route this Easter.

South African private wildlife numbers overstated


Endangered Wildlife Trust has published a study on wildlife ranching, which shows that South African private wildlife numbers may be inflated threefold.

Hyenas and vultures battle over carcasses


Scavengers try to make the most of the dry season in the bush!

Ordinary South Africans doing extraordinary things for rhinos


Meet some awesome South Africans who are doing amazing things to try and save our rhinos.

What you can do to fight aliens!

Avenue lined with eucalyptus trees proving shade © Dewidine van der Colff

An introduction to a trio of invasive alien plants in South Africa, and how can you get involved with controlling invasive alien plants in your own backyard.

South Africa bans leopard trophy hunting for 2016

© Janine Avery

To avoid putting additional pressure on leopard populations, a leopard trophy hunting ban is in place throughout 2016.

Spotting two elusive species in a row in Kruger


Kruger National Park is full of surprises, and it doesn’t get much better than spotting two cheetah brothers and a pack of wild dogs!

Rhino poaching in South Africa declining, but it’s too soon to celebrate

©Michael Lorentz

South Africa has announced its first decrease in rhino poaching in 2007, but the news has not been uniformly welcomed.

Moratorium on local sale of rhino horn lifted

SA’s minister of environmental affairs, Edna Molewa, at a news conference during the world climate change conference ©Reuters

The moratorium on domestic trade in rhino horn has been lifted after the Environmental Affairs Department lost an appeal application in the High Court in Pretoria this week.

10 reasons to book a holiday to South Africa

Nothing quite beats a golden sunrise from the pristine natural beach at Thonga Beach Lodge © Guy Upfold

The top 10 reasons why you should consider South Africa as your have-it-all holiday destination.

Self-drive vs. guided safaris in the Kruger


A look at why it is best to be accompanied on a safari by a professional guide, especially in the Kruger.

South Africa opposes burning of ivory stockpiles

©Don Pinnock

CITES and many countries believe that destroying illegal ivory is the best way to deter people from buying ivory products, but South Africa disagrees.

Video: Lioness tackles pregnant zebra into the water


Watch this video of a brave lioness that stalked, tackled and killed a heavily pregnant zebra in the water at Mankwe Dam in the Pilanesberg National Park.

Exploring South Africa’s Wild Coast on foot


From Port St John’s to Coffee Bay, the Wild Coast of South Africa has so much to offer anyone who has a love for natural beauty and African culture.

An open letter to point out flaws in legalising the rhino horn trade


An open letter to Mr. Hume, the owner of South Africa’s largest privately owned rhino herd, with regards to his wish to lift the CITES ban on the rhino horn trade.

Enjoy the little things in life


Green milkwood locusts and dung beetles prove that the smaller creatures in the bush can be just as fascinating as the Big Five.

North Korean diplomat expelled from South Africa for rhino horn trafficking

The North Korean embassy in Faerie Glen, Pretoria. ©Julian Rademeyer, News24

A high ranking North Korean diplomat has been expelled from South Africa after 4.5kg of rhino horn and US$99,300 in cash were found in a vehicle in which he was travelling.

The wine grown in a South African township

Judith Xabanisa looks after her grape vines all year round so she can get the best grape from them

A project that started in a township aims to challenge stereotypes about South Africa’s wine industry and leave a lasting legacy for communities in the Cape Flats.

Rhino horn trade suspended as appeal lodged

© Georgina Lockwood

The Minister of Environmental Affairs has filed a leave to appeal the South African High Court’s decision to lift the ban on the domestic trade of rhino horn.

Running wild in South Africa

Janine Mazery and her father Larry Claassen cross the Mbhashe River on day 2 of the Wildcoast Wildrun®

A three-day Wildcoast Wildrun: sea, sky, sand, salt and sun!

All you need to know as a South African travelling to Botswana


Are you a South African thinking about travelling to Botswana? Here is all the information you need to know to start planning your trip!

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