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SA rhino horn trade proposal hidden in DEA Budget

©Michael Lorentz

The decision to submit a rhino horn trade proposal to CITES has been “hidden away” in the National Treasury budget for South Africa’s Department of Environmental Affairs.

Alleged rhino poaching kingpin goes to court

©Michael Lorentz

Hopes that justice will finally be served for the alleged rhino poaching kingpin, Dumisani Gwala, who is expected to appear in court soon.

Rhino poaching is a crisis of governance

©Michael Lorentz

According to a wildlife expert, wildlife poaching has become a serious threat to democracy in many countries where it takes place.

Rhino poaching kingpin leaves a trail of crime in USA

Arno Smit (third from left) alongside fellow accused rhino poachers ©OSCAP

Rhino poaching kingpin, Arno Smit’s life of crime and corruption doesn’t just stop at the slaughter and mutilation of rhinos.

South Africa receives equipment from USA to combat poaching


US donates $750,000 of survival, surveillance and investigative equipment at a ceremony in the Kruger National Park to help in the fight against wildlife crime, and rhino poaching in particular.

Rhino poaching kingpin, and the magistrate that keeps him out of jail

Alleged rhino kingpin Gwala on the ground after arrest. He was shot in the leg while resisting arrest.

An appeal from Jamie Joseph to Public Protector Thuli Madonsela to urgently investigate the judicial system that is failing to protect rhinos.

Rhino poaching in South Africa declining, but it’s too soon to celebrate

©Michael Lorentz

South Africa has announced its first decrease in rhino poaching in 2007, but the news has not been uniformly welcomed.

Book Review: An Empty Coast by Tony Park


Read all about An Empty Coast, a new novel by Tony Park, and you could WIN one of three copies of this exciting crime thriller!

Buy no Rhino – back home in Cape Town


Two South African sisters are back in Cape Town after cycling 6,000 kilometres across Southeast Asia to create awareness about the plight of the rhino.

Political figures could be involved in Namibian poaching saga

© Janine Avery

Rumours fly as Namibian officials fingered as “kingpins” involved in rhino and elephant poaching in Etosha National Park.

Poaching attempt prevented thanks to tip-off


Three suspected rhino poachers were stopped in their tracks in the Kruger National Park thanks to an anonymous tip-off.

Rhino tracking with the poacher that became the protector

© Robyn Preston

Spending a day with a rhino poacher turned anti-poaching ranger who protects rhinos in Kenya.

Video: Rhino Dog Squad needs your help


Kenya’s rhinos are facing a huge poaching crisis, but there’s a team on the frontline fighting back – the Rhino Dog Squad!

Wildlife warden jailed for allegedly stealing rhino horns


A senior wildlife warden in Maun has allegedly stolen three rhino horns from a store room.

Rising above rhino poaching


WWF launches a new community-based initiative to save rhinos.

Rhino River Lodge takes rhino poaching personally


Rhino River Lodge calls on everyone to realise that this rhino war is personal, and that we are all losing a lot more than lives in this fight.

Poachers found guilty thanks to Kruger tracking dog

It was a big win for tracking dogs, their handlers and their trainers in court.

A celebrated first for South African rhino poaching cases as evidence regarding a tracking dog allowed in court.

Opposing sides join forces to save rhinos


An announcement made in Cape Town could mark the first step in reaching consensus on saving rhinos.

Walking with a life-sized rhino


A walk from Limpopo to Cape Town to raise awareness for the plight of the rhino.

South Africa’s ban on rhino horn trade contested

© File, AFP

The world’s largest white rhino breeder has applied in the High Court in Pretoria to set aside the government’s ban on rhino horn trading.

How rhinos can help people this World Rhino Day

© Martin Harvey WWF-Canon

WWF launches new community based initiative, RISE, on World Rhino Day.

Joint plan to save the rhino launched at Cape Town event

© Janine Avery

Lobbyists who are both for and against the legalisation of the trade in rhino horn join forces to present their joint plan to save the rhino.

Rhino poaching ‘ringleader’ loses bail appeal

Hugo Ras © Craig Nieuwenhuizen

Safari company owner and alleged ringleader of a rhino poaching syndicate, Hugo Ras, who was convicted for no less than 20 charges between 2000 and 2009, has lost his renewed bid for bail.

Marching from Kosi to uMfolozi for rhinos


Participants in this month’s “Rhino Walk” will walk over 220km across the length of the iSimangaliso Wetland Park going from school to school to educate young people about rhino conservation.

Want to save the rhino? Look beyond guns and trade


The arguments for why even talk of legal trade in rhino horn seriously compromises a current, cost-effective, proven and far more durable solution to the rhino crisis.

Zurich targeted as hub to smuggle ivory


Elephant tusks weighing 262kg were seized at Zurich Airport on their way from Tanzania to China. Customs officials have also detected smaller shipments hidden in cosmetic cream jars over the past weeks, which suggests an effort to open a new ivory trade route via Zurich.

Cattle and Chinese mining interests killing off Namibia’s black rhinos

14 rhino horns were found in the luggage of Chinese couriers at the airport in March 2014. DNA tests showed 13 of the horns originated from Kunene

Read how cattle and Chinese mining interests are killing off Namibia’s black rhinos.

Rhino horns worth $1m confiscated in Vietnam

rhino horn

Two men transporting 31 rhinoceros horns worth an estimated one million dollars were arrested by police in Vietnam.

SA government statement on rhino poaching in 2016

edna molewa

Although rhino poaching has increased there has also been an increase in arrests, says Edna Molewa.

Rhino poachers each get 15 years in prison


Four Mpumalanga men convicted of trespassing and illegal hunting in the Kruger National Park were sentenced to 15 years imprisonment each.

Behind the scenes with a rhino anti-poaching unit


The Rhino Awards celebrating the rangers fighting for the survival of rhinos.

Sushi chef guilty of smuggling


Sushi chef arrested in possession of rhino horn and abalone.

Buy No Rhino: Cycling Asia in aid of rhinos

rhino target

Two sisters, will ride from Hong Kong to Singapore in a bid to raise awareness about rhino poaching in a cycling project titled “Buy No Rhino”.

Rhino Wars: South Africa’s record hike in poaching

What future do rhinos face? And why is the multi-billion-dollar poaching industry continuing to grow?

South Africa and Mozambique drag their feet over rhino protection

Ten months down the line little appears to have been done to consolidate the memorandum South Africa signed with Mozambique covering rhino poaching.

Accussed rhino poacher denied bail

Hugo Ras, accused of being part of a rhino poaching syndicate, has been denied bail.

Richard Branson says we can stop the killing

Richard Branson speaks out about rhino poaching in Africa.

St Cyprian’s makes an origami rhino for each one poached last year

St Cyprian’s Preparatory School makes more than a thousand origami rhinos, raising money for Rhinos Without Borders.

Poaching kingpin arrested

A complicated sting resulted in the arrest of a 45-year-old man said to be the kingpin of rhino horn poaching in KwaZulu-Natal.

Global rhino syndicate bust

Sixteen people in the Czech Republic have been charged with being part of an international trafficking syndicate that allegedly moved rhino horn from South Africa to Vietnam.

Bizarre death of a rhino protector

Examining the bizarre circumstances surrounding the death of the oldest and most experienced tracker of the three-man Save the Rhino Trust’s Damara-speaking team.

Minister marches for rhino law reform

South African politicians took to the streets to march for elephants and rhinos. Does this indicate a strong stance on poaching in the country?

Ruthless rhino poaching syndicate rounded up by Hawks

South African rhino poaching kingpin arrested.

Mpumalanga community calls for harsher sentences for rhino poaching crimes

Mpumalanga locals publicly condemn the number of officials involved in rhino poaching and call for heavier sentences to be applied to all public servants found guilty of rhino poaching.

Rhino orphan seeks solace from humans in the Kruger

Exhausted orphaned rhino looks for comfort with cars in the Kruger.

SANParks suspends conservation head

South Africa National Parks (SANParks) has suspended its head of conservation services, Hector Magome, it said on Tuesday.

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