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Seven years with the Ovahimba

Ondjonga dance game by young women in the late afternoon, Etanga, Kunene Region. ©Rina Sherman

Rina Sherman spent seven years in the homelands of the Ovahimba people filming and photographed their everyday life and their ritual ceremonies and traditions.

Cattle and Chinese mining interests killing off Namibia’s black rhinos

14 rhino horns were found in the luggage of Chinese couriers at the airport in March 2014. DNA tests showed 13 of the horns originated from Kunene

Read how cattle and Chinese mining interests are killing off Namibia’s black rhinos.

Wellness and wildlife at Mokuti in Namibia


If you’re looking for a place where you can feel right at home while also experiencing amazing wildlife encounters, Mokuti Etosha Lodge could be just the place for you!

Lion trouble in Namibia

lion kill

Lions could be in trouble in Namibia’s north-west if nothing is done to reduce human-predator conflict.

A leopard cub plays with its prey

leopard in dead tree

A tale of two tails as a leopard cub gets to grips with a small-spotted genet.

A Southern African Mesosaurus site

Mesosaurus fossil with indentations-of-the-dorsal-spinal processes clearly visible

Discovering the fossils of the Mesosaurus in Namibia.

Skydiving in Swakopmund

Tandem skydive in Namibia

The sensational experience of tandem skydiving over the Namib desert.

Why self-drive through Namibia?

Self-drive in Namibia

The advantages of a self-drive adventure in Namibia.

Black rhino hunted in Namibia

black rhino hunt

In January 2014, Corey Knowlton bid US$350,000 for a permit to hunt and kill a black rhino in Namibia. He won the permit. The hunt is now complete. A rhino is dead.

Jackal: 1, wildcat: 0

jackal and wild cat

Who killed the wildcat?

Running for black rhinos in Namibia


The Brandberg Rhino Run to raise money for Namibia’s Save the Rhino Trust to help protect black rhinos.

Chinese delegate at Elephant Summit asks about buying elephant penis

african elephant

A summary of the recent African Elephant Summit where a Chinese delegate asked about buying elephant parts including the trunk and penis.

It’s not the end of the game for Namibia

elephants namibia

Chairman of the Kunene Regional Conservancy Association responds to the article: End of the game for Namibia.

31 rhino carcasses discovered in Etosha

etosha rhino

31 rhino carcasses were discovered in the Etosha National Park during the course of last week.

5 interesting facts about the Himba

himba smoke bath

Five amazing facts about the Himba tribe of north-western Namibia.

Elephant poached in Bwabwata


An elephant was found dead at Muit’jiku village of Kavango East in the Bwabwata West National Park in Mukwe Constituency in Namibia.

End of the game for Namibia

Having been involved in Namibia’s community-based conservation programme over the past 20 years, Christiaan Bakkes is questioning whether the programme is still the success it has been hailed as.

The true story of a Namibian elephant’s death

Remember the story about so-called trophy hunter Johann Louw, who was trampled by a ‘desert-dwelling elephant bull’? Well it was falsely reported. Here is the true story.

Namibia to increase rhino and elephant protection

The Namibian government will beef up protection for rhino and elephants and tighten laws to curb increased poaching.

Save the Rhino trust to investigate staff members alleged involvement in poaching

The Save the Rhino Trust has launched an internal investigation for possible collusion between some staff members and poachers who have killed at least 17 critically endangered Kunene black rhinos.

5 pointers to get the most out of Etosha National Park

Some tips on what animals to find and where to look for them in Namibia’s Etosha National Park.

Namibian black rhino hunt may be cancelled

The Texas hunting club that auctioned off a permit to shoot an endangered black rhinoceros in Namibia said it will cancel the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service denies the winning bidder’s request to bring the dead animal back to the U.S. as a trophy.

Hyenas gone fishing

A spotted hyena fishes out the rotting meat of a carcass in one of Etosha’s dams.

It’s time to talk puff adders

Stuart Munro, talking sense about snakes in the first research project of its kind.

Shrinky, the brave little baboon

After her family was killed and suffering a major head injury, Skrinky, the baby baboon begins to enjoy life with her baboon troop and adopted mom.

Damaraland lion dead

The Desert Lion Project is sad to report that the “Terrace Male” (Xpl-68) was killed near Tomakas village sometime after midday on 24 Aug 2014.

Meet Barkie, the baby aardvark

Meet Barkie, a rescued aardvark baby at the N/a’an ku sê Wildlife Sanctuary in Namibia.

Desert lion, Rosh, shot and killed by farmers.

Male lion from Puros region of Namibia shot and killed by farmers in the ongoing battle between lions and humans over livestock.

Namibia ropes armed forces into poaching war

Namibia’s cabinet has approved a request by the Ministry of Environment and Tourism to allow the country’s security forces to be involved in the fight against poaching and other crimes threatening the country’s wildlife.

Emotion and desert elephants

Dr Margaret Jacobsohn gives her thoughts on the Namibian desert elephant hunting debate.

A Namibian’s view on hunting in his home country

Namibian John K Kasaona gives a local’s view on the Namibian hunting debate.

More desert elephants to be shot

Concerns have been heightened by the Namibian Ministy of Environment and Tourism’s decision to issue additional hunting permits for desert elephants.

Controversy grows as first desert elephant shot

News that Namibia has just followed through on killing the first of the Namibian desert elephants is causing an outcry.

An Irishman cycling through Africa

32-year-old Irishman, Derek Cullen, talks about his great solo cycle up Africa – from Cape Town to Cairo.

Hunting of “desert” elephants

Award-winning conservationist sets the record straight about the Namibian desert elephant hunting debate.

Hunting desert elephants for meat raises a storm – and denials

The Daily Maverick explores using ‘desert elephants’ for meat in exchange for SWAPO votes in the Kuene region in Namibia.

Namibian government responds to elephant hunting debate

The Namibian government response to NGOs, on hunting ‘desert elephants’.

Trading the lives of desert elephants for votes

A source inside the Namibian government has apparently leaked information about the sale of hunting permits for rare desert elephants as an effort to garner more votes.

2 rhinos killed near Windhoek, Namibia

Two rhinos were reported poached near Windhoek, Namibia, on 1 April 2014.

Desert lion attacks

After our recent blog post showing tourists getting too close to a desert lion in Namibia, our attention was drawn to similar incident that took place about 8 years ago.

Chinese arrested for rhino horns in Namibia

Three Chinese men have been found in possession of suitcases filled with rhino horns at Hosea Kutako International Airport, about to leave Namibia.

Namibia in pictures

Photos show a love for Namibia, with its majestic dunes and wild animals.

Namibia in pictures

Photos show a love for Namibia, with its majestic dunes and wild animals.

Namibian elephant in farmlands subject of hunting debate

A bull elephant has been making its way across commercial and game farms in the Hochfeld and Omitara areas of Namibia and has been the subject of concern after a recent advertisement surfaced to have the elephant hunted.

Rock climbing in Namibia

We talk to Richard Ford, an experienced rock climber, about rock climbing in Namibia.

Rhino tracking in the desert

Rhino tracking on foot in the rocky mountains and dry riverbeds of Damaraland gave these bloggers the opportunity to come face-to-face with a desert-adapted black rhino mother and her calf.

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