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Natural Splendours of Namibia

Planning a holiday to the Namib desert? Gerald Cubitt’s book Natural Splendours of Namibia has you covered.

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The legend of the fairy circles

In a thin stretch that traverses the vast Namib desert lies hundreds upon hundreds of mysterious fairy circles, and there are many legends as to how they formed…

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The dune sea of the Namib Desert

These bloggers lost themselves in the rolling dunes of the Namib Desert that sing a song of sun, wind and sky.

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End of Chapter One

We’re in Swakopmond. We tumbled in late yesterday afternoon after a week of intense heat, some horrendously corrugated gravel roads, and desert scenery more breathtaking than we could ever have imagined. Oh and sand. Lots of sand. After 2 showers the

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sossusvlei namibia

Photo Gallery: Dunes & Deserts of Namibia

German Photographer Arno Dietz shares a collection of his photographs taken in Sossusvlei, Namibia. Sossusvlei is a salt and clay pan surrounded by high red dunes in the southern part of the Namib Desert. The name ‘Sossusvlei’ is of mixed origin – vlei is the afrikaans word for ‘marsh’, while

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Tracks of Giants

First leg of Tracks of Giants expedition completed

Three weeks into the epic, five month Tracks of Giants expedition, the team is getting accustomed to the physical demands of the course as well as the harsh Namibian environment. The Tracks of Giants expedition kicked off on the Atlantic

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Namib desert Tracks of Giants

Tracks of Giants – crossing the desert

I have been to the tiny dusty village of Puros in Namibia a number of times, but never had this collection of drab tin and pre-fab dwellings been such a welcome sight. Lying on the edge of the Hoarusib River

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