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South Luangwa also has its tree-climbing lions


There have been a number of articles about tree-climbing lions and some parks around Africa have claimed it their own specialty, declaring such sightings as extremely rare.

The link between technology and wildlife


Having been a professional guide for the past 16 years has meant I have seen the industry and how guests experience the bush change. Some of it is for the better, and some of it I will with hold my judgement for now.

A sunrise cruise with the lions at Tongabezi


Early mornings before sunrise are generally the best time of day to scout for wildlife. The temperature is cool and the animals are still active, especially the big cats that are returning from a night of hunting.

Which are Africa’s Most Successful Predators?


Africa’s apex hunters can sometimes seem to almost ‘pluck’ their meals out of the air, but that isn’t always the case, so how successful are Africa’s predators really?

Lions ambush a pack of unsuspecting wild dogs


Lions ambush unsuspecting wild dogs at a waterhole.

Rogue lionesses come to mate at Leopard Mountain


Mating lions on the grounds of a safari lodge in Zululand.

Lions take on hippos in Kariba water wars


A pride of lions are ambushed by hippos as they feast on a carcass in Matusadona National Park, Zimbabwe.

The leopards of Kilimatonge in Tanzania


A jam packed safari in Tanzania with leopards, lions and plenty of wildlife.

Lion cubs from South African breeding facility shipped to Australian zoo

A typical day at Ukutula

Lion cubs shipped from Ukutula, a South African breeding facility, to a zoo in Australia.

USA bans trophy imports of captive South African lions


The United States government has again tightened regulations regarding the importation into the USA of lion trophies, this time focusing on trophies from captive populations in South Africa.

The science behind why safari babies are cute


Showcasing the cute wildlife that you can witness while on safari in Africa.

Lions brawl in Etosha


An unusual interaction between two male lions in Etosha National Park.

Why the lion sleeps tonight… and most of the day


After a delicious meal of wildebeest even the fiercest lion turns into a big sleepy cat.

Boy bitten by lion at predator petting park

Tiny lion cubs available for petting, as seen on the Letaba River Lodge Facebook page

9-year-old bitten by lion at predator park that offers visitors cub petting, walking with lions and more.

CITES CoP17 – Africa in a nutshell

©David Winch

A brief summary of the main decisions taken at CITES CoP17 that affect African wildlife species.

20 hyenas, 3 lions and a rhino


A rhino makes sure a couple of lionesses don’t get too big for their boots!

Video: Lion tells tourist to keep his window closed


A lion shows a tourist why you should keep car windows closed when in Kruger National Park, South Africa.

Video: Lions kill a buffalo in Kruger


A safari goer watches his first ever kill. Do you remember your first time?

Watch out, there’s a pride of lions behind you!


An epic lion hunt is caught on camera in the Luangwa Valley.

Responsible ways to support big cats


Show your love for the big cats of Africa by giving your support in ways that make a real difference.

Lions take on an elephant


A pride of lionesses try their luck trying to take down a young elephant.

Raise a glass to Cecil the lion


Enjoy a glass of wine in the name of Cecil the Lion, and help to support lion conservation in Africa.

Boy killed by lions at farm in Free State

Image taken from Otavi's website

12-year-old boy killed by lions at Otavi Game Lodge outside Parys in South Africa.

5 scary facts about lions this World Lion Day


Some mane-raising facts about lions, which will hopefully encourage people to help fight their cause.

An up close and personal encounter with lions


Tintswalo staff and a guest have an extremely close encounter with three young lions while on a game drive.

Video: White lion vs. porcupine


This is the moment a couple filmed a porcupine testing his luck against a whole pride of lions.

Video: Wild dog incident on farm with malnourished lions


Disturbing footage of wild dog trying to escape on a lion breeding farm.

Birds, great apes, and so much more in Uganda

©Malcolm Lund

A trip of a lifetime to Uganda with spectacular sightings of birds, great apes, and so much more.

Human-wildlife conflict escalates as two lions killed and two men injured near Etosha

©New Era Newspaper

A game ranger and a farm worker have survived a lioness attack after tracking the pride that killed livestock on farm land.

Lions put on a show at Nsefu Camp, Zambia


The new safari season has begun at Nsefu Camp and the lions decided to put on an award winning performance using the camp as their stage.

Lions shot after escaping from the Kruger National Park

©Rob Bixby

A lioness and her two cubs were killed after they escaped from the Kruger National Park, South Africa.

The lioness that opened the door


What do you do when your car won’t lock and a lioness decides to open your car door?

Video: 60 hyenas take on a lion


A brawl between hyenas and lions over a buffalo in Kenya’s Maasai Mara.

Arnold Schwarzenegger feeds lion in South Africa and gets charged by an elephant


Arnold Schwarzenegger shares experiences of wildlife in South Africa, including a controversial shot of him seen petting and playing with captive lions.

Video: Lions lick water off tent

©Francie Francisca Lubbe

A close encounter in the Kgalagadi as three lions enjoy licking water from a tent!

A jaw-dropping Kruger sighting

Kruger - Buffalo Kill

A jaw-dropping sighting in the Kruger National Park in South Africa as a male buffalo is chased by male lions into a dam and then more lions join the party….

Video: rival lioness indirectly saves buffalo


Hungry lions bring down a buffalo cow, but things change when a rival lioness gets involved!

Videos and photos as lions chase buffalo into car in Kruger


An unpredictable sighting in Kruger as a herd of buffalo run straight towards a parked car, with lions hot on their heels.

Do hunters conserve wildlife?

©Pacific Southwest Region USFWS

A debate for and against the motion “Hunters Conserve Wildlife”.

Video: rare footage of white lions mating

©Jen Squillario/safaribugs

Watch as white lions are caught on camera during the act at Tanda Tula!

Travel companies call for an end to activities that exploit lions


African safari and ecotourism companies call for an end to captive breeding and canned lion hunting.

More than half of southern Kruger’s lions may have TB

Performing a lion endoscopy: Mr. Pauli Viljoen from SANParks with Prof. Michelle Miller and Mr Guy Hassler from Stellenbosch University

54% of the southern Kruger lion population is estimated to be infected with bovine tuberculosis, which could have big consequences for the park if not managed properly.

33 rescued lions bound for home in South Africa

After 18 months in ADI’s care, “Bumba and Junior and the rest of the Colombian Nine don’t realize their lives will transform on Saturday,” says ADI.

On Friday, 29th April 2016, 33 lions will be flown back to the African bush from South America, following a ban on using wildlife in circuses in Peru and Colombia.

How animals behave in the bush – a safari experience


From family quarrels to feeding time, this lucky safari guest got to experience the wonders of animal behaviour first hand.

Why clumsy lions shouldn’t climb trees

falling lion

The amazing lions of Uganda and Tanzania are famous for their tree climbing abilities, but this clumsy cub panics when his pride leaves him high and dry.

Photogenic predators in Sabi Sand


Longstanding Cheetah Plains field guide, Andrew Khosa showcases some of his most recent sightings of the predators that call Sabi Sand home.

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