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Video: It’s a feeding frenzy in Tanzania!


The below video was recorded in the Ngorongoro Crater in Tanzania. It shows an absolute feeding frenzy as a group of lions, hyenas and jackals all fight to get their taste of “buffalo pie”.

Lion hunters in cross-hairs

According to Mashinini, the hunter and others allegedly killed more than 30 lions without the required permits.

A well-known Free State lion breeder and hunting-safari operator could soon find himself in court on illegal hunting charges.

Lions hunt an unsuspecting warthog in Botswana


A wish fulfilled of watching a lion hunt from start to finish!

Lions pay their first visit to Terrapin Hide


Lions cause quite a stir at the waterhole in front of the photographic hide at Jaci’s Lodge in Madikwe.

Lions learning to hunt


Life lessons for these young lions!

Anger over ‘missing’ rhinos and lions


Senior officials of a North West government agency are in trouble following their alleged failure to account for the ‘missing’ African lions and white rhinos on a game farm owned by the provincial government.

5 reasons to safari at the start of summer


5 reasons why you should go on a safari in Natal now!

Blood Lions threatens to bring down lion breeding industry

© Pippa Hankinson

A closer look at the world’s reaction to the Blood Lions documentary.

Lions abide by the rules of the bridge

Whilst the other sub male takes note of the sign

A pride of lions takes note of the signs and follow instructions while crossing a bridge in Moremi Game Reserve.

A lion cub and the supermoon eclipse


A month of planning + a BeetleCam + a supermoon eclipse + a lion cub = the perfect shot to last another 18 years.

Lions in a hail storm


All hail broke loose in Pilanesberg National Park to mark the start of spring and the end of the long dry winter months in the north west of the country.

Lunching lions in Selous Game Reserve


A photographer’s dream, Selous Game Reserve in Tanzania provides the chance to get up close and personal with its inhabitants.

A leopard and her cub have the upper hand against a pride of lions


A leopard and her cub manage to steer clear of a pride of lions by staying high enough out of their reach.

Dereck Joubert responds to a hunter on the economics of hunting

© Pius Mahimbi

Dereck Joubert explains how the argument for hunting gets thinner each time it is tested.

Hippo – it’s an acquired taste


We have heard of the Savuti lions specialising in killing elephants but the lions in South Luangwa seem to like hippo meat instead.

Seven lions released into Akagera

© Sarah Hall/ African Parks

Rwanda’s new lion residents set free into Akagera National Park.

Professional hunters’ association president calls for a review of lion hunting

blood lions

After viewing the new film Blood Lions, Hermann Meyeridricks is asking the hunting association to reconsider its position on lion hunting.

Video of lions taking down kudu in road

Lion kill

Video of the opportunistic lions that took down a startled kudu amongst the cars in Kruger.

Dead lions discovered at liquidated lodge

Image sourced from Andre Knipe's Facebook Page

NSPCA to intervene at liquidated lodge in Kroonstad where dead lions have been discovered.

Blood Lions – a film exposing the brutal exploitation of the king of beasts


We interview wildlife campaigner Ian Michler, and filmmaker Nick Chevallier about their new film, Blood Lions.

All women initiative to save lions


The Niassa Lion Project announces their new initiative ‘Pride’; an alliance of professional women who lead carnivore conservation projects in Africa.

Niassa lions benefit from elephant poaching

Lion population increased in Mozambique park

The lion population in Niassa National Reserve is increasing as a result of “getting huge amounts of meat” from poached elephants.

The risk of captive carnivores

Captive Lions

The EWT calls for the public to question the role of captive carnivore facilities and the management of the animals in their care.

Lions take up royal residency in Akagera after 15 years absence

lion relocation to Akagera

Akagera’s new lions settle into their boma after a 46 hour journey.

A lion family tree


A lion pride decorates a sausage tree in this incredible sighting!

Lion royalty returns to Rwanda

© Matthew Poole/ African Parks

7 lions to travel from KwaZulu Natal to Akagera National Park in Rwanda as part of project to restore local biodiversity in the Park.

Lion trouble in Namibia

lion kill

Lions could be in trouble in Namibia’s north-west if nothing is done to reduce human-predator conflict.

Female cheetah successfully released in Gondwana

Collared cheetah release

Gondwana are happy to announce the successful transition of a female cheetah into the wild.

Bye bye buffalo

Lion chases off cubs

A buffalo kill that will be engrained onto minds and memory cards for a long time.

Narrow escape for young elephant

lion hunt

A lion leaps on an elephant’s back during a high speed chase.

Safety with lions on safari

Wild Wings Safaris

Following the recent fatal attack in a lion park, Wild Wings Safaris explores why open safari vehicles are still safe.

Croc and lions battle for a buffalo

lion vs croc

A 14 foot crocodile and 2 male lions battle it out over a Cape buffalo kill.

Kapama game drive with lion cubs and a pangolin

lion cub playing with its big brother

As luck would have it – lion cub and pangolin sightings in the same game drive.

Happy times in Hlane Royal National Park

Lions Hlane

Wildlife encounters on former private hunting grounds

A serenade by a lion choir

lion choir etali madikwe

Lions awake from their slumber and decided to announce their presence to all and sundry.

South African lion management plan released


How lions in South Africa are destined to end up being traded to China.

Lion stare downs in the Kgalagadi

lion and wildebeest

Lions show they are not to be messed with in the Kgalagadi.

An African safari in the Kalahari

kalahari safari lions

A safari in the Kalahari with lions, brown hyenas and a host of other wild animals.

South Luangwa’s best sightings

wild dog luangwa

4 amazing South Luangwa sightings!

The lions and the fox

lion cubs and fox

Lion cubs interact with a bat-eared fox in the Kalahari.

A marvellous Madikwe photo safari

madikwe baby elephant

Africa Geographic Travel’s second Madikwe photo safari is a great success!

When a lone baby wildebeest meets some lions

lion wildebeest cuddle

A wildebeest succumbs to the harsh reality of life on the Maasai Mara plains.

A Kalahari safari on video

kalahari lion cubs

Beautiful photos and a video from a 5 day safari in the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park.

Camera trap footage sparks hope for lion comeback in Gabon

Lions thought to be regionally extinct in Gabon have been caught on camera!

Lions lay claim at Limpopo-Lipadi

Three wild lions that have been roaming the Tuli area in southern Botswana have entered the Limpopo-Lipadi Private Game Reserve and settled down to claim their territory.

Hunting with lions in Chobe

An adrenaline-fuelled sighting when lions take on a herd of buffalo in Chobe.

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