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Video: Lion pride politics


Fury erupts in a lion pride as the dominate males attack a sub-adult female.

A hunting lesson for young lions


Young lions take a tormentingly longtime to take down an injured wildebeest in the Mara.

Lion kills safari guide in reserve where Cecil lived


A professional guide was fatally mauled by a male lion whilst out on a walking safari in Hwange National Park after doing everything he could to successfully protect his guests and ensure their safety.

Lions play a game of buffalo leapfrog


Revenge has never tasted so delicious as when a pride of lions take down a buffalo after being chased off their land.

Video: A hippo does a lion’s dirty work


A surprise attack in the Kruger National Park when an impala that had escaped from the claws of two lions was finished off by a hippo instead.

3 of the Big 5 in 1 photo


Three of Africa’s famous Big Five are caught on camera by lucky tourists!

Lions make light work of a waterbuck


Camera traps capture footage of lions feasting on a waterbuck after a particularly windy night in Limpopo.

A leopard’s lunch


After successfully protecting her two cubs from the Black Dam lion pride, all this mother leopard wants to do is enjoy her lunch in peace. But along comes an unwanted guest…

Snared lion in Kruger needs your help


A lioness with a snare around her neck has been spotted in Kruger and SANParks has asked the public to be on the lookout for her.

Excellent quotes and updates on Cecil the lion

© Wikimedia

Debate, drama and decisions in the wake of the death of Cecil, Zimbabwe’s iconic lion.

Teen calls on young people to get involved in conservation

Male lions, such as the one pictured above, are shot each day by trophy hunters around the world.

A teenager calls on young people across the world to stand up and act to save wildlife. Here’s his advice on how they can make a difference.

Carnivore filled game drives at Cheetah Plains


A trainee field guides at Cheetah Plains spent two days on drives with the head guide, and had a lot to report back on.

Video: Adorable lion cub with its mom


Watch this short but ridiculously cute video of a lioness and her cub interacting as they cross the road in Kruger National Park. Get ready for your heart to melt!

RIP Cecil the Lion King


An ode to Cecil, the legendary lion of Zimbabwe that recently died at the hands of hunters.

Two arrested for killing of Cecil the lion while authorities track hunter

Cecil the lion in Hwange National Park. © Bryan Orford, YouTube

Zimbabwe authorities are trying to track down the Spaniard that allegedly paid €50,000 to kill Cecil, one of Africa’s most famous lions.

More info about the hunt of Cecil the lion

© David Amyot

A well-known and much-photographed black-maned lion affectionately named Cecil was killed by sport hunters just outside Hwange in Zimbabwe last week.

A hyena with a lion’s head


A hyena picks up the scraps from a lion battle scene.

Jackals hit the jackpot

Jackals devouring bushpig's carcass

A group of side-striped jackals reap the rewards of a lion’s efforts.

Missing lion caught napping

lion tracks

The lion that went missing from the Karoo National Park has been caught and returned to the park.

Relocated lions could live happily ever after in Majete

Shire and her cubs

With two cubs and hopefully more on the way, the fairytale story of a lion relocation at Majete Wildlife Reserve ends on a roaring note.

A satisfied lion smiles

Lion smiling

A lion feels happy after a good feast in good company.

Lion on the loose outside Beaufort West

lion escape

A young lion has escaped from Karoo National Park.

Horrifying moment when tourist was mauled by lion

Horrifying: This image captures the horrifying the moment the lioness reared up before attacking American tourist Katherine ChappellRead more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3113418/Horrifying-moment-lioness-reared-attack-killed-American-tourist-Katherine-Chappell-South-African-safari-park.html#ixzz3cTKqKUfc
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Photos and funeral following fatal attack in a lion park in South Africa.

Business as usual at Lion Park after fatal attack

lion park

Lion Park remains open to the public despite fatal attack.

Lion uses hippo carcass as life raft


A hungry lion bites off more than he can chew after trying to feast on a hippo carcass.

5 top Botswana wildlife experiences

relentless enemies in Botswana

Five wildlife experiences that make Botswana so special.

The magical Maasai Mara


A visit to the lush green plains of the Maasai Mara in rainy season.

The real Lion King lives in Uganda

A lion on his rock, silhouetted at sunset. Kidepo Valley, Uganda.

Will Burrard-Lucas has a Lion King moment in Uganda’s Kidepo Valley National Park.

Video footage of an epic battle between buffalo and lion


Deep in the South Luangwa National Park, guests from Kaingo and Mwamba Camps were witness to an epic battle between lion and buffalo.

14 year old eaten by lion while guarding family crops


14-year-old boy killed and eaten by a lion as he lay guarding his family’s crops in Zimbabwe.

Lion vs. hyena


Its trouble for a hyena when he ventures to close to a lion kill in Madikwe.

A lion cub introduction in South Luangwa

A lioness of the Hollywood pride in South Luangwa introduces her cubs to the pride.

Aussie tourist bitten by lion at Joburg park

An Australian tourist who was bitten by a lion in the Lion Park near Honeydew, Johannesburg, has admitted that he was in the wrong.

The first ever sighting of lions at Limpopo-Lipadi

A personal account from the first person to see the lions that have claimed Limpopo-Lipadi as their own territory.

A lion bites off more than it can chew

A young lion attempts to take on a pod of hippo at Kruger’s Sunset Dam.

Regionally extinct lion seen in Gabon

New footage shows evidence of a lion, believed to be nationally extinct, in southeastern Gabon

One lion’s life – a lesson about hunting

What the life and death of Big John the lion has to teach about trophy hunting and dwindling lion populations.

An epic battle between a lion and a buffalo

An epic battle between a lion and a buffalo in the South Luangwa National Park.

Waterbuck on the menu

A lion pride hunts and kills a waterbuck despite the antelope’s off-putting taste.

Get involved to protect the African lion

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is considering a proposal to list the African lion under the Endangered Species Act (ESA) as Threatened.

Guess the track…

Can you figure out whose animal track this is?

Warriors do battle at the Maasai Olympics

The Maasai Olympics is an attempt to engage young men, who might otherwise have been the ones hunting lions, and demonstrate that conservation can mean something to the Maasai people.

9 lions vs. 1 leopard

This does not end well for the young adult leopard, and it is a reminder of the competition that exists among predators.

Book review: My Lion’s Heart by Gareth Patterson

Gareth Patterson’s book, My Lion’s Heart, is the incredible story of one man’s determination to give a small group of young orphaned lions a fresh start in life.

Remains of 12 lions found in Senegal crackdown

Remains of 12 lions found with 2 600 animals parts, as five arrested in Senegal crackdown

Swim, lion baby, swim!

Two lionesses with 6 cubs face a daunting deep river crossing. Two of the cubs refuse the swim and get separated with potentially devastating consequences. You won’t believe the dedication of the mothers.

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