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Babies and bush sightings at Amakhosi Safari Lodge

© Alexis Clauline

A newborn baby giraffe and elephant are welcome additions to the reserve while some guests get a lot closer to the wildlife than they expected!

A leopard refuses to budge


Try as they might, there doesn’t seem to be anything that will get this strong-willed leopard out of its comfy box!

Video: Baby bird makes lucky break from leopard


A water thick-knee chick makes a lucky escape after being captured by a young leopard.

A leopard lounges about in a treehouse

Enjoying the view from above.

A leopard gets one over on the staff at Umlani Bush Camp when, to their great surprise, they found her taking a nap on the bed in their treehouse! With renovations in order to make it safer for guests, this curious leopard reminds us that we are in the animals’ territory when in the bush.

Leopard tries to put porcupine on the menu


A porcupine family stands up to a hungry leopard in South Luangwa National Park.

Leopards and lions grant wishes at Cheetah Plains


From leopards in trees to adorable lion cubs, you can tick a lot off your wish list at Cheetah Plains.

A leopard’s lunch


After successfully protecting her two cubs from the Black Dam lion pride, all this mother leopard wants to do is enjoy her lunch in peace. But along comes an unwanted guest…

Leopard that attacked Kruger guide seen jumping up at another car’s window


Watch this short video footage of the same leopard that attacked a tour guide in Kruger jumping up at a tourist’s window only an hour beforehand.

Carnivore filled game drives at Cheetah Plains


A trainee field guides at Cheetah Plains spent two days on drives with the head guide, and had a lot to report back on.

Leopard and hyena battle in the moonlight


A group of hyenas attempt to steal a fresh kill from a female leopard, only to be played at their own game.

Video: Flying leopard chases monkey in trees

leopard in tree

Watch an agile young leopard leap through the trees hunting vervet monkeys in this amazing video!

Video: Leopard injured by vehicles during attack

Leopard attack Kruger

Video shows vehicles driving over the leopard that attacked the tour guide in Kruger.

An interview with wildlife photographer, Greg du Toit

Elephant and photographer

Greg du Toit shares his favourite regions, animals and experiences in Africa’s wilderness, as well as his role models and advice he would give aspiring photographers.

Leopard attacks tour operator in Kruger

leopard attack

A tour guide was injured when a leopard attacked him in the Kruger National Park.

The leopard and the treehouse

© Sinhle Mathebula

Umlani Bush Camp answers some scary and exciting questions frequently asked by guests about their treehouse.

Come dine with me (leopard special)


A lion and hyena share a serving of kudu.

A leopard cub plays with its prey

leopard in dead tree

A tale of two tails as a leopard cub gets to grips with a small-spotted genet.

Leopard with nine lives


This May marks the end of an eventful year since a female leopard was released back into the wild.

The leopard and the lamb

Up close to a leopard kill

A distant leopard sighting develops into an exciting close encounter.

Proceeds from photograph will go towards preventing poaching

Leopard by Joubert

Percentage of auctioned photograph to be donated for the protection of rhinos.

A leopard misses out on an early breakfast in Etosha

feeding frenzy

After being chased away, a leopard looks on as other species grapple for her prey.

One eyed leopard braves a bask of crocodiles

one eyed leopard takes on crocodiles

A one eyed male leopard shows no fear as he fights crocodiles for food.

Witness to a leopard kill


Amazing photos and a video of a leopard taking down a male impala in the Sabi Sands.

Warthog avoids attack by leaping leopard

leaping leopard and warthog

What a scaredy-cat! This is the moment a leopard jumps into the air after being startled by a warthog.

Leopard cub in training

leopard cub playing

A little leopard cub learns some life skills in South Luangwa National Park.

Kgalagadi’s camouflaged leopard

Seeing leopards is a waiting game but the wait is worth the result!

A lucky leopard in Kruger

A lucky leopard sighting in Kruger National Park.

Eye to eye to with a Cape leopard

A chance encounter with a Cape leopard in the Cederberg mountains.

A leopard brawl

A fierce fight ensues when a lone leopard pounces on a pair of mating leopards.

Curiosity almost killed the cat

A brave young leopard stalks a buffalo bull in the Masai Mara.

Three incredible game drives in the Sabi Sands

Two amazing leopard sightings in two days!

Reunited with a special leopard

An old guest of Cheetah Plains is reunited with a leopard he fell in love with.

Baby impala befriends leopard

Most impalas run for their lives at the sight of a leopard – but this plucky youngster seems determined to befriend one.

9 lions vs. 1 leopard

This does not end well for the young adult leopard, and it is a reminder of the competition that exists among predators.

The most amazing Etosha morning drive ever

Every now and then, you get one of those days that turns out to be a day you will never forget… This epic game drive in Etosha was one of those days.

Leopard launches attack on rutting lechwes

A young female leopard launches an attack on a pair of rutting red lechwes in the Okavango Delta.

The leopard: a work of art

The leopard: nature’s most enigmatic predator, a true work of art.

Birds, wild dogs, leopards and Scott in the Kruger

Scott learns to appreciate the smaller creatures and more stationary objects in the Kruger, when he can’t find a leopard.

Pictures of the Month – September 2014

The top five photos for the month of September – a selection of interesting African pictures.

The man holding the antenna for carnivore conservation

Meet Stuart Munro, a Scottish man who took his passion for insects all the way to the Namib’s outback to help conserve the large predators that live there.

Magaliesberg leopard, Brandy, back in the wild

Brandy, has successfully recovered from her snare injuries. Whether the incident had terminated her pregnancy remains to be seen but experts are hopeful.

Carnivore conservation in Namibia

Carnivore Conservation Research Project collaborating with Namibian farmers to help resolve the human/predators conflict.

Leopard project a success in the North West

The Leopard Project in South Africa’s North West province reached a highlight on 18 August 2014 with a female leopard, called Shera, receiving root canal treatment on her teeth before being released into the wild.

Unexplained phenomena

Ben Coley talks about the magic that is the African bushveld.

A young leopard makes his first kill

A young male leopard makes his first kill at Cheetah Plains.

A leopard dive bomb!

A leopard leaps from a tree in Moremi Game Reserve onto an impala grazing below.

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