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A true rural experience with Shik Shack Tours


If you worry about dusty toes, or where to plug in your hair straightener, then this rural village experience is not for you.

A leopard uses a car for cover while hunting

FJ capturing the moment the leopard went underneath car

A stealthy leopard decides to make the most of a near-by game vehicle during a hunt for its next meal.

Video: Lions steal a leopard’s kill in Kruger


A leopard makes a spectacular kill, which is then promptly stolen by a pride of lions!

Video: Crocodile snaps up an impala in Kruger


Oh snap!!! Watch this croc catch a tasty little meal in Kruger.

Elephant trampled a local resident in Kruger

©Mandy Goldberg

The body of a local resident is discovered in Kruger, with signs of having been trampled by an elephant.

A baby boom in Kruger


On a recent drive through the Kruger National Park, safari goers were treated to some adorable sightings.

Kruger ranger allegedly instructed accomplice to hide poached horns


A ranger, Mr Rodney Landela, and veterinarian technician, Mr Kenneth Motshotso, have been arrested for rhino poaching related offences in South Africa.

Kruger National Park regional ranger arrested for poaching

white rhino

A Kruger National Park ranger and a government veterinarian technician have been arrested in the park for rhino poaching related offences.

Ranger wounded by buffalo in Kruger


South African National Parks announced that a ranger was attacked and injured by a buffalo in the Kruger National Park, South Africa.

Video: Impala vs. wild dog vs. hippo vs. crocodile at Kruger


A truly gripping video of what started out to be a regular wild dog hunt, but ended up as an action-packed turn of events!

Protecting Kruger’s wild dogs


Help Kruger National Park in South Africa protect one of the most important populations African wild dogs.

Video: White lion vs. porcupine


This is the moment a couple filmed a porcupine testing his luck against a whole pride of lions.

The hyena, the fence and my little boy’s hand

A hyena photographed through the camp fence in Kruger ©Janine Avery

A recount of an incident that happened in Kruger in 2010 when a little boy narrowly escaped severe injury when attacked by a hyena through a camp fence.

An old lioness takes a hyena by surprise!


A battle-scarred lioness challenges an unsuspecting hyena for its food.

Unique sightings in the Kruger National Park


A day to to Kruger has endless opportunities for sightings. Here are some of the more unique wildlife behaviour seen recently.

Photographing the elusive leopards of Kruger


One guide has a knack for finding and photographic the rarely spotted leopards of Kruger. Here are his photos.

Video: Baby hippo protects mother from hungry lion


A baby hippo defends its mother against a hungry male lion in the Kruger National Park, South Africa

Video: Baby elephant has fun with its trunk


Watch a cute baby elephant getting to grips with its trunk by slashing at mopani bushes!

Kruger National Park forced to cull hippos


The Kruger National Park in South Africa has started culling hippos due to drought and its buffalo will be next.

Car hits elephant on road outside Kruger


A car was wrecked beyond recognition when it hit a rogue elephant roaming on the road between Mica and Hoedspruit just outside the Kruger National Park, South Africa.

6 ways to ‘do’ the Kruger National Park


Whether you’re on a budget or looking to splash out, here are the best ways to go on safari in the Kruger National Park.

Video: Elephant gymnastics


Watch a baby elephant attempt a headstand in the Kruger!

Video: A mid-air leopard attack


A leopard positions himself perfectly as he waits to make a surprise attack on his unsuspecting prey.

Elephants dig for water


Elephants prove just how clever and resourceful they are!

Kruger wild dog pack succumbs to canine distemper


The Kruger National Park (KNP) lost a pack of African wild dogs to canine distemper. The disease commonly affects domestic dogs and can also spill over to the wildlife such as the African wild dogs, hyenas, lions and jackals.

Video: When lions attack lions


A fight breaks out as three male lions catch a lioness chewing on their food.

Video: Leopards mating


Two leopards do it like they do on the Discovery Channel.

Video: Hyenas grab a lion by the tail


A battle over food between a lion and a pack of hyenas results in some tail pulling.

Kruger’s bush babies


Some fun facts about Kruger’s little ones!

Video: Lions feed on a rhino


Watch an extremely rare but gruesome sighting of lions eating a rhino while it is still alive in Kruger National Park.

More than half of southern Kruger’s lions may have TB

Performing a lion endoscopy: Mr. Pauli Viljoen from SANParks with Prof. Michelle Miller and Mr Guy Hassler from Stellenbosch University

54% of the southern Kruger lion population is estimated to be infected with bovine tuberculosis, which could have big consequences for the park if not managed properly.

SANParks welcomes the approval of a new lodge in Kruger


SANParks to open a 240-bed safari lodge on the periphery of Kruger National Park to cater for those who are looking for a full-service facility rather than self-catering options.

Video: Baby elephant tantrum


Watch this footage of a feisty baby elephant doing a funny dance before going for a dip!

Pilot project to protect rhinos announced

©Paul Hudson

Two companies will leverage technology to proactively intervene and stop people entering game reserves illegally.

Is it safe to go on safari?


With all the viral videos of animal charges circulating online, many are left questioning how safe going on safari really is.

The real rhino story, no holds barred, and YOUR chance to make a real difference


The CEO of Africa Geographic implores people to help ensure a controversial new documentary about rhinos is completed without censorship.

Video: Protective elephant chases wild dogs away from calf


A pack of wild dogs learn a valuable lesson: Don’t mess with an elephant mama!

Is social media having a detrimental impact on our wildlife?


Raising awareness for how our actions may affect wildlife.

A walk on the wild side in Kruger


Explore the Kruger National Park like never before and discover all that Africa has to offer on a walking safari.

Amazing lion sightings at Kruger


It’s busy season at Cheetah Paw Eco Lodge and there have been lions everywhere! See some of the most recent and unique sightings at Kruger.

Video: Hippos give baby elephants a scare


All hell breaks loose in this elephant herd when its youngest members are confronted with some suspicious bubbles.

Video: radio-controlled car provokes lioness in Kruger


A radio-controlled car was recently aggressively steered towards a lioness in the Kruger National Park.

Fun in the mud for a family of elephants


A herd of elephants have some muddy fun as the rain returns to Kruger National Park.

Video: adorable baby elephant can’t control his trunk


This little elephant has just discovered his trunk and it seems to have a mind of its own, much to the surprise of its owner.

Leopard raids the braai

A leopard licks her lips in Kruger ©Kelly Winkler

A leopard with a taste for bacon raids a skottel braai at a picnic site in Kruger.

Kruger considers culling hippos

©Chris Eason

With a larger hippo population than ever before, SANParks is considering culling hippos to counter the issues brought about by the current drought. The meat will then be given to surrounding communities to prevent them from poaching animals inside the Kruger.

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