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Video: an elephant comes a-knocking


Knock knock! Who’s there?! An elephant has a joke to tell some unsuspecting guests.

iSimangaliso takes bold steps to safeguard rhinos

Dr Kock sawing off the rhino horn

Black and white rhinos in the Western Shores section of iSimangaliso have been de-horned in the hope of giving them a better chance of survival in areas where they are most under threat of poaching.

Video: Baby bird makes lucky break from leopard


A water thick-knee chick makes a lucky escape after being captured by a young leopard.

The tree climbing lions of the Serengeti


Wild Wings Safaris notes the increasing amount of sightings of lions climbing trees across Africa and examines the reasons why they might do this and what it involves.

Relocating rhinos with MyPlanet


A rhino relocation experience changes the life of this blogger.

An affordable safari surprise in Botswana


A back-to-basics trip with Lelobu Safaris can offer a lot more than you could ever imagine.

The African lion bone trade

© Vivienne L. Williams

The lion bone trade is a contentious and complex conservation issue spanning continents. Here is a summary of the 2015 report by WildCRU entitled “Bones of Contention” that takes a closer look at various aspects of the South African trade from the reasons for its demand to its implications on wild lion populations.

Video: A hippo does a lion’s dirty work


A surprise attack in the Kruger National Park when an impala that had escaped from the claws of two lions was finished off by a hippo instead.

7 things to look for when choosing a game lodge

© Rhino Post Safari Lodge

Some handy tips on how to go about choosing the best game lodge for you.

Snared lion in Kruger needs your help


A lioness with a snare around her neck has been spotted in Kruger and SANParks has asked the public to be on the lookout for her.

Leopard that attacked Kruger guide seen jumping up at another car’s window


Watch this short video footage of the same leopard that attacked a tour guide in Kruger jumping up at a tourist’s window only an hour beforehand.

An interview with novelist Tony Park about Africa’s wilderness

Author Tony Park and his wife Nicola at their home alongside Kruger National Park.

The famous Australian novelist’s thoughts on the African wilderness, trade in rhino horn, hunting and what must be done to ensure that Africa’s wild animals survive.

12 adorable wild dog puppies!


12 wild dog puppy additions to the Investec Breakaway Pack have been spotted outside the Tintswalo Safari Lodge in the Manyeleti Game Reserve.

Winners announced for the Rhino Conservation Awards


Honouring those that put their lives, resources and time on the line to eradicate rhino poaching in Africa, here are the winners of this year’s Rhino Awards held in Johannesburg.

Carnivore filled game drives at Cheetah Plains


A trainee field guides at Cheetah Plains spent two days on drives with the head guide, and had a lot to report back on.

Video: Adorable lion cub with its mom


Watch this short but ridiculously cute video of a lioness and her cub interacting as they cross the road in Kruger National Park. Get ready for your heart to melt!

Video: A baby ellie plays with the birds


Watch this cute video of a baby elephant playing with some swallows in the Kruger.

Emergency as elephant poached near Kruger

Elephant poached in Balule Nature Reserve, found on 23 July 2015.

A dead snared elephant with its tusks removed was found in Balule Game Reserve on the western border of Kruger last Thursday.

Safari vehicle safety stepped up

The safety of open safari vehicles (OSVs) has come under scrutiny and new regulations have been introduced.
© Stefan de Villiers

Issues concerning open safari vehicles and their safety are being addressed in a new self-regulation project, which will take effect from the start of August.

Video of lions taking down kudu in road

Lion kill

Video of the opportunistic lions that took down a startled kudu amongst the cars in Kruger.

A kudu high jump


A photographer is lucky to capture these photos of a leaping kudu in the Kruger National Park.

Kruger leopard attack no fault of guide

leopard attack

A thorough investigation following the attack of a tourist guide by a leopard in Kruger National Park indicates that the conduct of the guide was not unlawful or unreasonable.

Kudu killed between cars in Kruger

Lion kill

Opportunistic lions make a meal out of a startled kudu in the Kruger.

Night vision equipment donated to help combat poaching

night vision technology to keep rangers safe

Peace Parks Foundation donates R3.4 million worth of advanced night vision technology to assist rangers in Kruger National Park in their efforts to save rhinos, whilst also safeguarding themselves.

Wildlife within the greater Kruger National Park

© Johan Smalman

All things bright and beautiful the Timbavati has it all!

What defines a luxury safari?

My dearest on the Star Bed.

From bush breakfasts to nights spent under the African stars. Find out what makes a luxury African safari…

Video: Leopard injured by vehicles during attack

Leopard attack Kruger

Video shows vehicles driving over the leopard that attacked the tour guide in Kruger.

Leopard attacks tour operator in Kruger

leopard attack

A tour guide was injured when a leopard attacked him in the Kruger National Park.

Rhinos could have been sold to hunters


It is feared that the SANParks’ rhinos have been sold to hunters.

Protecting South Africa’s biodiversity

Rhino calf with its mother

Prosecutors in South Africa are being educated on environmental legislation to be better equipped to combat the illegal wildlife trade.

Huge python puts the squeeze on Limpopo ambulance service

african python

A python as thick as a a Toyota Quantum taxi tyre has moved into the engine of an ambulance.

Safety with lions on safari

Wild Wings Safaris

Following the recent fatal attack in a lion park, Wild Wings Safaris explores why open safari vehicles are still safe.

The leopard and the lamb

Up close to a leopard kill

A distant leopard sighting develops into an exciting close encounter.

10 facts about the pangolin

The nocturnal pangolin

Fascinating facts about the pangolin, the world’s most trafficked animal.

Combatting wildlife and social crime near Kruger

tusks and horns

Eradicating a range of social and wildlife crimes negatively impacting local people and wildlife on the edge of the Kruger National Park.

Lion uses hippo carcass as life raft


A hungry lion bites off more than he can chew after trying to feast on a hippo carcass.

A digital detox on safari

safari pool

Berenice disconnects from the digital world on safari in Kruger National Park.

What the Endangered Wildlife Trust is doing for threatened species


The Endangered Wildlife Trust is dedicated to conserving threatened species and ecosystems in southern Africa.

9 romantic safari destinations in southern Africa


9 safari destinations you should consider for your honeymoon!

SA government statement on rhino poaching in 2016

edna molewa

Although rhino poaching has increased there has also been an increase in arrests, says Edna Molewa.

Kruger tourists bust rhino poachers

rhino poaching

Observant tourists get two rhino poachers arrested in Kruger National Park.

Warthog avoids attack by leaping leopard

leaping leopard and warthog

What a scaredy-cat! This is the moment a leopard jumps into the air after being startled by a warthog.

How do you like your rhino, canned or wild?


Are South African conservation authorities intent on shipping some of our wild rhinos to live out their lives “safely” on hunting and horn cropping farms?

Rhino poachers each get 15 years in prison


Four Mpumalanga men convicted of trespassing and illegal hunting in the Kruger National Park were sentenced to 15 years imprisonment each.

New head for Kruger National Park

Glenn Phillips sanparks kruger

SANParks former managing executive of tourism development and marketing, Mr Glenn Phillips, is to take over as the head of Kruger National Park.

How to sketch lions in watercolour

Artist Alison Nicholls demonstrates how she adds watercolour to a pencil field sketch.

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