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Video: Buffalo foils lion attack by puncturing tyre

Flipping Heck: The buffalo sends one of its attackers flying

A buffalo gets one over on a scaredy cat lion.

Spotting two elusive species in a row in Kruger


Kruger National Park is full of surprises, and it doesn’t get much better than spotting two cheetah brothers and a pack of wild dogs!

Video: Excellent guiding in a standoff with 3 elephant bulls


A standoff with three elephant bulls on a trail in Kruger National Park. Excellent guiding keeps everyone safe!

Local community witnesses shootout between Kruger rangers and poachers

Spectators in Marloth Park watched as the lifeless body of a poacher killed in action, as well as other suspects being taken away from the banks of the Crocodile River after an early morning shootout with rangers.

One poacher killed and two others arrested by rangers in Kruger as local community members watch on.

Self-drive vs. guided safaris in the Kruger


A look at why it is best to be accompanied on a safari by a professional guide, especially in the Kruger.

How to make the most out of a self-drive through Kruger


The first comprehensive guide to all roads in Kruger National Park by the award-winning photographers, Heinrich, Philip and Ingrid van den Berg.

Hippopotamus killed in Kruger

Blood was seeping from the carcass

Tourists traumatised by horrifying scene on a road in South Africa’s Kruger National Park.

Babies in the bushveld

©Sharon Grussendorff

A photographic celebration of babies in the bush!

6 things to learn about lions

© Berenice Meintjes

Here are 6 interesting things you need to know about lion interactions.

3 things to consider before travelling to Africa


Three things a conscientious traveller should bear in mind before going to Africa.

27 wild dogs put 3 leopards in their place


Wild dogs give three leopards a time-out in three separate trees!

Video: leopard, lions and a noisy warthog in the rain

© FJ Mammes

A ruckus in the bushveld between leopards, lions and a noisy warthog!

New festive season access system for Kruger National Park

© freestock.ca

SANParks is implementing a new system to streamline day visitors into Kruger National Park over the festive season.

Video: Lion cubs join daddy for dinner


Two Majingilane male lions force a female away from the wildebeest that she had just killed on a hunt in the Kruger National Park. Even the cute cubs got a piece of the action!

Video: leopard catches domestic dog

leopard with domestic dog

Watch in this video as a male leopard catches a domestic dog.

Video: Leopard suprise attack on ground hornbills

Can you spot the leopard?

A leopard sneaks up on two ground hornbills in Kruger National Park.

Video: Tiny elephant gets stuck in waterhole


An elephant calf gets stuck in a waterhole. Watch as the herd returns and the elephants lends a helping trunk.

A lion goes after a leopard mum and her cubs


A leopard reacts quickly to an approaching lion to save her cubs from any harm!

Poaching attempt prevented thanks to tip-off


Three suspected rhino poachers were stopped in their tracks in the Kruger National Park thanks to an anonymous tip-off.

Video: Meet the new wild dog puppies of Kruger


Watch cute wild dog puppies crying and fighting for attention and food. 

All of the Big Five in one heat wave

© FJ Mammes

Seeing all of the Big Five in soaring temperatures.

Video: Leopard stalks steenbok in Kruger


Watch this video of a leopard hunting an unsuspecting steenbok in Kruger National Park.

A tribute to ranger Daniel Mabasa after 25 years at Kruger

©Africa, this is why I live here

Daniel Mabasa bids a fond farewell to Kruger National Park after patrolling the area for 25 years on a bicycle.

Going the distance for Rhinos Without Borders


Kruger ranger embarks on a walk to raise awareness for rhinos.

SANParks appoints new head ranger in Kruger

The newly appointed KNP Chief Ranger – Ranger Services Department, Mr Xolani Nicholus Funda

A new chief ranger in Kruger National Park takes on the fight against poaching

Poached rhinos finally have Zuma’s attention

President Mr Jacob Zuma looks on as a darted white rhino cow is being examined.

This weekend was the first time that Zuma visited Kruger for the sole purpose of familiarising himself with the extent of rhino poaching and the efforts being undertaken to curb the massacre.

Elephant, 46 vultures and 4 lions killed in Kruger

A shocking site: the dead vultures found on the scene

Early reports show that chunks of meat from an elephant were removed from both the rump and spine, and Temik spread on the exposed areas in a serious poisoning incident in the Kruger.

4 reasons to visit Kruger + facts about Kruger


4 reasons why you should go to Kruger and some quick facts about Kruger National Park.

19 elephants killed by poachers in Kruger


Kruger National Park sees an increase in elephant poaching incidents over the past year.

The new app for identifying animal tracks


The new iTrack Southern Africa app is not only good for identifying wildlife tracks.

Iconic elephant shot in Zimbabwe


An elephant with tusks estimated to weigh 120lb (54,4+kg) each was shot in the Malapati concession, located in southeastern Zimbabwe near Gonarezhou National Park.

Honey badger on a croc’s menu


The honey badger – one of the toughest bushveld bad guys meets its match!

Poachers found guilty thanks to Kruger tracking dog

It was a big win for tracking dogs, their handlers and their trainers in court.

A celebrated first for South African rhino poaching cases as evidence regarding a tracking dog allowed in court.

Video: elephant stabs and kills buffalo


An angry elephant attacks a buffalo at a waterhole in the Kruger National Park.

A leopard kill in Kruger


A leopard kill witnessed from start to finish, and captured every step of the way on camera.

Why I love the Timbavati

As night falls a male leopard sets off to patrol his territory after resting up for the day. Night time is the time 

the cats are most active, another reason why it’s my favourite time of day.

The operations manager at Umlani Bush Camp spills the beans on the best bits about living in the Timbavati.

Into the wild dog’s den


Go into the den of South Africa’s largest wild dog pack as they attempt to raise 17 puppies.

Video: when wild dogs and hyenas meet


Watch two incredible videos of hyenas trying to steal a meal from wild dogs in the Kruger.

How rhinos can help people this World Rhino Day

© Martin Harvey WWF-Canon

WWF launches new community based initiative, RISE, on World Rhino Day.

Video: leopard with cubs visits lodge


Watch this incredible sighting of a leopard on and her two cubs taking advantage of the deck at a lodge in the Kruger.

A warthog gets a rude awakening from a leopard


A leopard sneaks up on an unsuspecting warthog while it’s having a snooze!

Anger as Kruger truck driver breaks the rules


Truck driver crowned Kruger Park’s biggest idiot for disturbing playing baby elephants.

How to make the most of the upcoming free SANParks week


South African residents get ready to make the most of being granted free access to almost all of South Africa’s national parks from the 14th to 18th September.

Video: black mambas mating or fighting?


The birds and the bees, and two black mambas…

Two rhino poachers jailed for 11 years each

© Janine Avery

Two rhino poachers have been sentenced to 11 years each behind bars after being arrested in the Lower Sabi section of the Kruger National Park in October 2014.

Video: an elephant comes a-knocking


Knock knock! Who’s there?! An elephant has a joke to tell some unsuspecting guests.

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