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Video: Wild and wonderful Kenya


Enjoy this video that captures the beauty of Kenya.

Peter Beard and The End of the Game


A meeting with Peter Beard, author of the End of the Game – a provocative tale of the harsh reality of starvation, poaching and hunting in Kenya.

Hollywood stars show their support for elephants

© Ryan Avery

Leading Hollywood and media personalities will be in Kenya in April to attend a major summit on the illegal trade in wildlife.

Join this great tusker safari to save elephants


Help to save some of the last tuskers in Africa by going on a safari in Kenya that offers a behind-the-scenes look at the conservation work of The Tsavo Trust.

4 reasons to visit Nairobi National Park

© Mkimemia

Here are four short reasons why you should visit Kenya’s Nairobi National Park – the park within the heart of a city.

6 new lion cubs in Kenya


6 one-month old lion cubs say hello for the first time to safari goers in the Olare Motorogi Conservancy, Kenya.

Kenya makes bold changes to encourage tourism

Elephants enjoying the sun in Amboseli National Park ©Ludovic Hirlimann

The president of Kenya unveils an unprecedented tourism incentive package to attract world travellers back to Kenya.

What to do and where to go on your East Africa holiday


All you need to know when planning your holiday to East Africa.

Poison destroys another Kenyan lion pride

At least two cubs were killed by the poisoning, and two other cubs remain unaccounted for

The conflict between subsistence farmers and lions continues in the Amboseli ecosystem as a lion pride is poisoned.

Elephant sees puddle of opportunity as clear as mud


Mud, mud, glorious mud! An elephant bull takes the time for a mud bath.

Celebrating the Day of the Horse in Kenya


A closer look at horses and zebras in Africa on the Day of the Horse.

10 things you didn’t know about Kenya this Jamhuri Day

Flamingos on Lake Nakuru © Xiaojun Deng

10 things that make Kenya interesting this Jamhuri Day!

Cheetah siblings in Samburu


Two young cheetahs gain their independence in Samburu!

An Out of Africa love affair


Angama Mara discusses their Out of Africa love affair with Kenya.

My top ten sightings in the Maasai Mara


10 iconic sightings in the Maasai Mara!

An African safari in a nutshell


The ins and outs of an African safari.

10 reasons why you should travel to Kenya


Here are 10 reasons why Natural Track Safaris thinks that Kenya makes for a perfect holiday destination.

Kenya to destroy vast ivory stockpile


137 tonnes of ivory is to be burned in Kenya.

When is it safari time?


When is the best time to go on safari in Africa and where?

Adorable images of a leopard and her cub


Outstanding pictures of Fig, a leopard from Kenya, and her young son.

Rhino tracking with the poacher that became the protector

© Robyn Preston

Spending a day with a rhino poacher turned anti-poaching ranger who protects rhinos in Kenya.

Video: Saving Jetta, Kenya’s teenage elephant


Watch as an elephant is saved from a spear.

Kenya’s 14 Falls now a dumping ground


The pollution at the formerly beautiful 14 Falls is difficult to comprehend, but locals are taking it upon themselves to clean it up.

A small balloon over a vast Mara landscape


The view from above while in a hot air balloon over the vast Maasai Mara.

Video: Rhino Dog Squad needs your help


Kenya’s rhinos are facing a huge poaching crisis, but there’s a team on the frontline fighting back – the Rhino Dog Squad!

Sustainable safaris in Kenya


Porini Camps offers game viewing experiences in pristine wilderness with the proceeds directly benefitting the local communities in Kenya.

10 photos from Amboseli National Park


Ten incredible sightings from a dream safari in Kenya’s Amboseli National Park.

6 reasons why you should go to Hell’s Gate National Park


Easily accessible on a day trip from Nairobi, a trip to Hell’s Gate National Park should be on everyone’s Kenyan safari list.

Grévy’s zebras killed in shootout between rival herders

The Grévy's zebras. Seven of this species of rare zebras were Sunday killed during a shootout between Turkana and Samburu herders at the Buffalo Springs Game Reserve in Isiolo County.

Seven Grévy’s zebras have been killed in northern Kenya during a shootout between Turkana and Samburu herders.

How to grow strawberries with elephant dung


Using elephant dung for fertiliser means that growing strawberries has never been so fun or environmentally friendly than at Sirikoi lodge in Kenya!

The Maasai Mara exceeds expectations


A photographic safari in one of Africa’s most popular game reserves proves to be even better than imagined thanks to the spectacle of the great migration, the stupendous landscapes and an insight into world that is every predator’s dream.

The hamerkop brings people together


A mission to take photos of the hamerkop leads guests and guides at Natural Track Safaris to discover more about Kenya’s rich heritage than they expected.

Kakamega: An avian wonderland in Kenya


Father and son explore the Kakamega forest in western Kenya as a final birding adventure together to mark the start of a new chapter.

A birding paradise in East Africa


With the Guinness World Record for the highest number of bird sightings over a 24-hour period, Kenya is a twitcher’s dream come true!

Deaths of wildebeest in Mara River a natural phenomenon


Hundreds of wildebeest found dead a natural phenomenon of the migration, says Tanzania National Parks.

Replace plastic shopping bags with handwoven baskets


Support basket weaving initiatives instead of using plastic bags and make a big difference to our environment!

Reed frog bites off more than it can chew


A bitters sweet tender moment ensues when a little reed frog catches a scarlet dragonfly.

Elephants held hostage in Laikipia


Young bull elephants held hostage in Laikipia after destroying crops. It is estimated that local communities lose over a US$1 million in revenue from raiding elephant in Kenya each year.

A leopard seeks shade from the sun


A leopard comes to rest in the shade of a vehicle, providing guests at Glory Safaris with an intimate insight into the life of this more elusive member of the Big Five.

Hitchhiking from the UK to South Africa in 1969

The Rukuru River in Malawi.

The crazy adventures of Dave Renshaw who hitchhiked from the UK to South Africa in 1969.

Video: 7 days in Kenya

Screen Shot 2015-09-10 at 3.34.19 PM

Three minutes of footage showing the wild, crazy life of Kenya.

6 steps for saving an elephant that has been shot for ivory

© The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

With elephants targeted by the ivory trade, here’s what happens when they fail to succumb to a poacher’s snare, bullet or arrow.

A lackadaisical holiday in Lamu


Donkeys, dhows and coconuts – what more do you need from your African beach holiday than Lamu?

A prayer for Kipini’s elephants and rangers

© Giorgio Stella

The elephant families of Kenya’s remote northern coast need your help.

Fun facts about hedgehogs


The African pygmy hedgehog didn’t fail to live up to expectations when the director of Africa Geographic Travel ticked off his most wanted sighting on a recent trip to Kenya.

Kenya’s ‘ivory kingpin’ has bail suspended

Kenyan national, Feisal Mohammed Ali, stands in the dock at a Mombasa court. © File, AFP

A court in Kenya has suspended the release on bail of a suspected ringleader of an ivory smuggling gang, who figured on an Interpol list of the nine most wanted suspects linked to crimes against the environment.

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