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Chinese national nabbed with elephant tusks and other contraband


A Chinese national has been caught in South Africa’s Gauteng province in possession of three elephant tusks, worth approximately ZAR3 million.

Kenyan conservationist bears the weight of elephants on her shoulders

©Mia Collis

As Kenya proceeds with the largest ever ivory burn, Raabia Hawa says goodbye to thousands of elephants that she never managed to protect.

Prominent Namibian businessman nabbed with ivory

Elephant in Etosha ©Janine Avery

Namibian businessman and communal farmer arrested after he was found in possession of ivory.

China expands ban on ivory imports


China has expanded its bans on ivory imports in an effort to protect African elephants.

Chinese jailed 30 years for slaughter of 226 elephants

©Said Khamis

Two Chinese poachers are handed down one of the heaviest sentences aimed at curbing the illegal ivory trade.

Video: Aim for the future of elephants

Do you want to own ivory dripping with blood? When the buying stops the killing can too.

A short, graphically minimalistic, conceptual animation that portrays the loss of elephant populations across African countries.

The first ivory crush in Italy


To celebrate World Wildlife Day on 3 March 2016, Elephant Action League is proud to announce the first Italian ivory crush to be held in Rome.

How China’s taste for wildlife feeds a killing frenzy

A wildlife trader points to fake tiger paws on sale in Guangzhou, Guandong Province, 28 January 2010. ©EPA/PAUL HILTON

Africa’s extraordinary and charismatic wildlife is clearly under siege from the wrecking ball that is China.

How CITES is undermining its wildlife regulations


Markets of death and blood permits – how cheating officials at CITES are fuelling the illegal wildlife trade.

Asia’s Golden Triangle – a conduit of death for Africa’s animals

Wildlife products for sale in Tachilek Myanmar. Tiger penis held up in center

The Asian end of the grisly wildlife trade business and a place that has become China’s illegal wildlife supermarket.

Elephants decline by 97% in less than a century


As WildAid seeks to raise awareness by claiming Chinese New Year to be the Year of The Elephant – we take a look at state of elephant populations.

Hollywood stars show their support for elephants

© Ryan Avery

Leading Hollywood and media personalities will be in Kenya in April to attend a major summit on the illegal trade in wildlife.

Political figures could be involved in Namibian poaching saga

© Janine Avery

Rumours fly as Namibian officials fingered as “kingpins” involved in rhino and elephant poaching in Etosha National Park.

Chinese leaders against illegal wildlife trade

©Francis Garrard, Conservation Action Trust

Is there hope for South Africa’s wildlife now that Chinese business leaders have pledged their support to combat the illegal wildlife trade?

Sharp fall in the prices of elephant ivory in China


The price of ivory plummets in China!

A curious elephant and a bit of faith

© Grant Nel

A guides recounts the time a bull elephant got too close for comfort just out of curiosity.

Kenya to destroy vast ivory stockpile


137 tonnes of ivory is to be burned in Kenya.

Video: Saving Jetta, Kenya’s teenage elephant


Watch as an elephant is saved from a spear.

Tanzania’s new president called to protect the country’s elephants


Tanzanian citizens unite by sending an open letter addressed to the president that calls for an end to the industrial slaughter of the country’s most prized national treasure.

Top cop fingered in elephant poaching saga

© Terry Feuerborn

A syndicate comprising police officers, Parks and Wildlife Management Authority rangers and Asians is behind the latest spate of elephant poaching in Hwange National Park.

Beijing Forest Police smash major wildlife trafficking ring

Items confiscated after Beijing Forest Police brought down a major wildlife smuggling ring© TRAFFIC

The Beijing Forest Police have arrested 16 suspects in a major wildlife trafficking case, which led to the confiscation of 804.4kg of ivory, 11.3kg of rhino horn and 35 bear paws.

Four men killed by poachers in Garamba National Park, DRC

© David  Santiago Garcia/ African Parks

Four men have been killed protecting Garamba’s elephants, leaving behind widows and 14 children between them.

Nairobi and Cape Town march for elephant and rhino

© Karim Kara

The Global March for Elephant and Rhino took place in over 130 cities around the world over the weekend – read what went down in Cape Town and Nairobi.

Join the march for elephants and rhinos

Global March for Elephants and Rhinos in Johannesburg in 2014

Be part of the global movement to promote local and global awareness about the elephant and rhino crises. Call for governments to take immediate action to end poaching in range nations and demand an end to the ivory and rhino horn trade at all levels!

A prayer for Kipini’s elephants and rangers

© Giorgio Stella

The elephant families of Kenya’s remote northern coast need your help.

Kenya’s ‘ivory kingpin’ has bail suspended

Kenyan national, Feisal Mohammed Ali, stands in the dock at a Mombasa court. © File, AFP

A court in Kenya has suspended the release on bail of a suspected ringleader of an ivory smuggling gang, who figured on an Interpol list of the nine most wanted suspects linked to crimes against the environment.

Zurich targeted as hub to smuggle ivory


Elephant tusks weighing 262kg were seized at Zurich Airport on their way from Tanzania to China. Customs officials have also detected smaller shipments hidden in cosmetic cream jars over the past weeks, which suggests an effort to open a new ivory trade route via Zurich.

Poachers arrested as baby elephant rescued

This baby elephant, now named Losoito, survived the massacre and was sent to an elephant orphanage, and the ultimate goal will be to return him to the wild

Three poachers arrested for killing this young elephant’s family.

Emergency as elephant poached near Kruger

Elephant poached in Balule Nature Reserve, found on 23 July 2015.

A dead snared elephant with its tusks removed was found in Balule Game Reserve on the western border of Kruger last Thursday.

Congolese ivory kingpin wriggles out of yet another arrest

© François Ikama (GABONEWS)

Despite being caught red-handed, an ivory trafficker in the Congo left the crime scene a free man thanks to corrupt officials afraid to bring powerful people to task.

EU bans import of hunting trophies from Tanzania and Mozambique

EU banned hunting trophy imports

The European Union has banned the import of elephant hunting trophies from two African nations that have seen a significant decline in elephant numbers due to soaring levels of poaching.

60% collapse of Tanzania’s elephants justifies US ban on trophy imports


Dwindling elephant populations in Tanzania and Zimbabwe justify the USA ban on the importation of elephant trophies from the two countries.

Mozambique burns world’s largest rhino horn seizure

burning ivory and rhino horn in Mozambique

To demonstrate their commitment to tackling poaching, Mozambique burns 124kg of rhino horn and 1,160kg of ivory.

Thailand seizes ivory in crates marked as ‘marble’

ivory seizure in Bangkok

Thai Customs Department seizes about 130 tusks and pieces of ivory hidden in crates being shipped from Congo to Laos.

Baby elephant killed before he even learned to use his trunk

© The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

A 5-month old elephant is killed in Kenya.

Stolen rhino horns replaced with replicas

rhino horn

Mozambique police have arrested four police security officials and two civilians implicated in the theft of rhino horns from a police strong-room.

Rhino horn and ivory allegedly go missing from police warehouse in Maputo

rhino horn

Confiscated rhino horn and elephant ivory go missing from police warehouse in Maputo.

Singapore authorities seize ivory, rhino horns and big cats’ teeth


Singapore has seized 3.7 tonnes of illegal ivory, four rhino horns and canine teeth in a shipment from Kenya to Vietnam.

Largest-ever ivory and rhino horn seizure in Mozambique


Mozambique police sieze 340 ivory tusks and 65 rhino horns in Maputo – corresponding to 235 animals slaughtered.

Buy No Rhino cycling Asia


Two sisters cycle through Asia, teaching kids about rhino conservation along the way.

Thailand makes its biggest ivory bust in history


Thai customs officials have seized four tons of ivory worth $6 million in the largest bust of its kind in Thailand’s history.

Malawi takes to the screen to say no to wildlife crime

Watch this 8 minute film – an informative and emotional plea from Malawians who believe in the importance of protecting their country’s wildlife.

Ivory dealers busted thanks to German travellers

On Monday the 16th of March 2015, two German travellers, Martin and Christin Kotthoff, led to the arrest of two ivory dealers near Kasane, Botswana.

Kenya burns 15 tonnes of ivory

15 tonnes of elephant tusks burn in Nairobi National Park in Kenya on a day that was at once tragic and full of hope.

China announces one-year ivory ban

China has announced a one-year ban on the import of ivory carvings amid mounting criticism over the country’s role in the annual slaughter of thousands of African elephants.

China, Tanzania and the blood ivory blacklist

An update on the Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) report that showed Tanzania as a key player in the illegal ivory trade.

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