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Photographing the Masai Mara with Albie Venter

Albie Venter loves the Masai Mara, Kenya – he says that being able to witness and photograph nature’s incredible events in this stunning area is a worthy addition to anyone’s bucket list.

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Impala, Zimbabwe, Hwangwe game count

24 Hours in Paradise: A Game Count in Zimbabwe

I’m tired but happy. I’ve counted 14 different species and there are literally hundreds of animals spread out before me, cropping the fresh emerald grass that is sprouting through the black ash left by a veld fire that tore through

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Horuseb River Valley

End of the road marks the beginning of environmental change…

Tracks of Giants, the epic conservation trek over 5000 kilometres through six southern African countries has come to an end. But the impact of the expedition will have a lasting effect for years to come. Starting on the Namibian coastline

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Young Explorers

A South African Young Explorer

Ever dreamt of embarking on an extreme, once-in-a-lifetime adventure? What about summiting a previously unclimbed peak? … or having an intimate encounter with a shark? 21-year-old Rick Kotze, who recently took part in Mike Horn’s Young Explorer Program, shared his

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Senga Bay, Lake Malawi

Hope for the Future expedition – finishing what we started

By Caiden Lang There are few greater feelings than the feeling of accomplishment that comes from finishing what you started. Paddling into Senga bay was one of the best moments of my life.  But I am getting a bit ahead

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Tracks of Giants

Tracks of Giants – kayaking the mighty Zambezi to the half-way mark!

Yesterday afternoon, after an exciting day of kayaking down the mighty Zambezi River, we reached the Waterfront on the edge of Livingstone, Zambia. It brought to an end another incredible leg on the TRACKS expedition – 232kms down one of

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Abdou with Rescued Crocodile, Makasutu Culture Forest, The Gambia, West Africa.Image@ Jason Florio, 2008 ‘Makasutu – mecca in the forest’

Jason Florio photographs Abdou and The Rescued Crocodile in The Gambia, West Africa

One morning, whilst staying with friends, at Makasutu Culture Forest in The Gambia, photographer Jason Florio was on the dock – getting ready to go for a paddle in one of the pirogue’s (dugout canoes)…. His old friend, Abdou Ndong, a

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I do Africa

I do Africa: the best and worst of times

Somewhere along the silent mass of Nile water flowing all the way to Egypt, something snapped. Maybe it was the time we were spending with our overlanding friends, and what is to us their magnitude of comfort and gadgets, or

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Tracks of Giants

First leg of Tracks of Giants expedition completed

Three weeks into the epic, five month Tracks of Giants expedition, the team is getting accustomed to the physical demands of the course as well as the harsh Namibian environment. The Tracks of Giants expedition kicked off on the Atlantic

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Lake Malawi paddling expedition

Hope for the Future: taking the good with the bad

Tanzania: first week of stage three By Matt Hampson Day 40 has definitely been our worst day yet. We woke up to gale force winds which, on this side of the lake, is a head wind and thus smashes you

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Namib desert Tracks of Giants

Tracks of Giants – crossing the desert

I have been to the tiny dusty village of Puros in Namibia a number of times, but never had this collection of drab tin and pre-fab dwellings been such a welcome sight. Lying on the edge of the Hoarusib River

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Lake Malawi sunrise expedition kayak

Hope for the Future: dramatic scenery and 'the day with the sunrise'

By Caiden Lang The last two weeks has been an experience like no other. After leaving Nkatha Bay we continued our journey northwards towards Tanzania. If you were to look on a map, you would notice that there are no

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Tracks of Giants expedition team

Tracks of Giants expedition kicks off in Namibia

Two intrepid conservationists, together with a dedicated support team, have begun a 5000 kilometre, 20 week journey through six countries to help raise awareness of the importance of transfrontier conservation in Africa. The Tracks of Giants expedition kicked off on

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Kingsley Holgate GARV expedition United Against Malaria

Kingsley Holgate: an interview on World Malaria Day

If anyone had’ve told me two days ago that I would have the opportunity to meet the great Kingsley Holgate, I don’t think I would’ve believed them. Kingsley, the ‘Greybeard of African Adventure’, has been my role-model and hero since

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Hope for the Future expedition lake Malawi kayak adventure

Hope for the Future: Malawi smiles on us

By Guy Robertson A celebration was in order last night due to the crossing of the first 100kms, but we found ourselves falling asleep at the dinner table, like the majority of the nights on our adventure so far. Our

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Hope for the future expedition Lake Malawi kayaking

Hope for the Future expedition: We've made it this far!

By Matt Hampson We are currently 57kms into our journey, just north of the fishing town Kombedza. Upon our arrival on the beach, we were immediately welcomed by the village chief who said that we could stay the night for

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Hope for the Future expedition Lake Malawi

Hope for the Future Expedition

By Caiden Lang After months of planning and rigorous preparation the time has finally arrived for us to embark on our adventure. What we plan to do is to kayak the entire circumference of Lake Malawi. When planning started approximately

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Video: I do Africa on their 150cc motorbike

Who would’ve thought that on top of the amazing feat of riding through Africa on their 150cc motorbike, I do Africa would manage to produce a video while riding!

Goodbye Zambia, Hello Tanzania

The rain finally subsides and reveals an almost perfect African evening. The full moon lights up the savanna and a couple of persistent clouds hover around the bright ball as it casts its silver light over them. In the distance,

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The Long Road to Livingstone

Last night we couldn’t sleep. This town was alive with the pumping music of drunkenness. All through the dark hours of the evening the people of Livingstone celebrated in their shebeens. Today there is a lack of the usual silence

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How to strategically overload a 150cc delivery bike

As far as we’ve been going, there have been two things that’ve stayed pretty universal. Firstly, the reaction to what we plan to achieve. The answer to the simple question, “where are you going?” is always met with the same

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I do Africa!

I guess in order to start describing our plan, one must start at the beginning, which is precisely why we decided to start at the end… Morocco!  Also known as  المملكة المغربية‎ or  Al-Mamlaka al-Maghribiyya. The land of couscous and tajine, mosques, djellaba’s

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7 Summits: Paragliding Kili

On Friday of last week, a group of South African explorers summited Mt. Kilimanjaro and paraglided off….

7 Summits: Paragliding Kili: Summit day!

An update from the much anticipated flight off Kili!                    

7 Summits: Paragliding Kili: Day 4


7 Summits: Paragliding Kili: Day 3

The 7 Summits crew are edging closer to their big flight off Kili. Here’s an update on their progress and a short teaser video of what you can expect.                    

7 Summits: Paragliding Kili: Day 1 & 2

Our South African paragliders are currently on day three of their expedition to summit and paraglide off Mt. Kilimanjaro. Here is a short video of their pre-trip training in Lesotho and an update on the last two days of climbing

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Frikkie inspired by Jane Goodall

Frikkie was inspired by the answer given by Jane Goodall to a question posed to her in an interview in Time Magazine (yes, he does try to broaden his horizons by reading widely but does have the infuriating habit of

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Frikkie heads for North Col

It is not easy living at 6,500m. The thin air plays havoc with the nasal cavaties and lips. Frikkie knows where I keep the Labello and when I go for that particular pocket he automatically puckers up. A good night”s

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Frikkie disappears for a while

“Yum yum.” The other day at Interim Camp Frikkie disappeared for the morning, which was not unusual, but suspicions were aroused when he didn’t appear for lunch. The sound of lusty gnawing emanating from behind a cairn betrayed his position

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Frikkies Great Everest Adventure – a message from Vaughan

12 Apr, 10 – 07:02 Lhasa is now a memory and a particularly favourable one for Frikkie as he really did enjoy himself on his last night there, partaking of a traditional Tibetan meal followed by a show of Tibetan

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