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Baby elephants just wanna have fun!


It’s playtime for these baby ellies and they just can’t get enough of elephanting around!

Video: elephants encounter a GoPro


Overcome with curiosity, these elephants aren’t impressed by all this newfangled technology.

The elephant in the bathroom


A thirsty elephant decides the loo at this camp in Botswana will do as a waterhole.

Drones keep elephants safe in Tanzania


To reduce human-elephant conflict, drones are being used to chase elephants off farms and ensure their safety.

Denmark circus continues to use elephants after rampage


Despite three African elephants going on a rampage during a recent performance, Danish Cirkus Arena continues to promote their elephant performances.

Mine-detecting elephants in Angola

© Janine Avery

Elephants appear to have learned to sniff out and avoid explosives in a country where millions of landmines were left over from decades of conflict.

Mozambique burns world’s largest rhino horn seizure

burning ivory and rhino horn in Mozambique

To demonstrate their commitment to tackling poaching, Mozambique burns 124kg of rhino horn and 1,160kg of ivory.

Elephant snare rescue

elephant snare rescue

A mother elephant saved from a poacher’s snare in Kenya.

The magic of Chobe


A photographic journey to illustrate the allure of Chobe National Park.

Uganda’s elephant population on the rise

Savanna elephant

The Great Elephant Census offers hope for savanna elephants in Uganda.

5 top Botswana wildlife experiences

relentless enemies in Botswana

Five wildlife experiences that make Botswana so special.

9 things you didn’t know about Garamba


From Garamba’s dark history to its blossoming future, here are 9 facts about this park in the DRC.

Botswana’s marauding elephants trigger hunting debate

© Janine Mare

Botswana’s villagers wish for the return of elephant hunting.

Botswana’s top 5 unique travel experiences

Helicopter delta

Look beyond the traditional game drive or boat cruise and be rewarded with these five unique Botswana experiences.

Etosha’s elephants never forget

etosha elephant

A new study that used GPS tracking data to analyse the movement patterns of elephants inside Etosha National Park has proved that elephants never forget.

Chinese delegate at Elephant Summit asks about buying elephant penis

african elephant

A summary of the recent African Elephant Summit where a Chinese delegate asked about buying elephant parts including the trunk and penis.

Racing baby elephants get stuck in the mud

Charging Baby Elephants

After a long hot day in the Madikwe Game Reserve these three baby elephants can’t wait to get to the waterhole first!

Thailand makes its biggest ivory bust in history


Thai customs officials have seized four tons of ivory worth $6 million in the largest bust of its kind in Thailand’s history.

It’s not the end of the game for Namibia

elephants namibia

Chairman of the Kunene Regional Conservancy Association responds to the article: End of the game for Namibia.

Zimbabwe attempts to justify selling of elephants


Is Zimbabwe’s elephant population really as large as their environmental minister claims it is?

Malawi takes to the screen to say no to wildlife crime

Watch this 8 minute film – an informative and emotional plea from Malawians who believe in the importance of protecting their country’s wildlife.

Chilli gun keeps elephants out of busy Zim town

Conservationists in northern Zimbabwe are using a gun that blasts a burning solution of chilli pepper to keep elephants away from a busy town.

Ivory dealers busted thanks to German travellers

On Monday the 16th of March 2015, two German travellers, Martin and Christin Kotthoff, led to the arrest of two ivory dealers near Kasane, Botswana.

End of the game for Namibia

Having been involved in Namibia’s community-based conservation programme over the past 20 years, Christiaan Bakkes is questioning whether the programme is still the success it has been hailed as.

A lucky leopard in Kruger

A lucky leopard sighting in Kruger National Park.

Botswana MPs want wildlife hunting ban lifted

A week before Botswana hosts two key wildlife conservation conferences, a small group of lawmakers are seeking a review of a 2014 commercial hunting ban designed to reverse a decline in wildlife.

Celebrating Zakouma National Park

Zakouma National Park a picturesque conservation success story.

China announces one-year ivory ban

China has announced a one-year ban on the import of ivory carvings amid mounting criticism over the country’s role in the annual slaughter of thousands of African elephants.

China, Tanzania and the blood ivory blacklist

An update on the Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) report that showed Tanzania as a key player in the illegal ivory trade.

DO Elephants Go To Heaven?

DO Elephants Go To Heaven is a documentary that tells the story of elephants orphaned by poaching and culling and follows the tragic journeys of Zimbabwe’s captured baby elephants, destined for sale to zoos.

A day on the Chobe River

Photographs from the Chobe River by Africa Albida Tourism’s in-house photographer Claire Write.

Uganda seizes massive ivory, pangolin haul

Ugandan wildlife officers have seized a huge haul of elephant ivory and pangolin scales, representing the deaths of hundreds of endangered animals.

Elephant rulers of Linyanti

The secretive region of Chobe’s Linyanti is dominated by elephants.

Wandering elephants headed home

Two wandering bull elephants which have been at large in the Lephalale region of Limpopo appear to be heading home to Botswana.

Conservationists move to save wandering bull elephants

Two bulls elephants have crossed over to South Africa from Botswana, into an area where elephants haven’t been seen for about 80 years. The elephants are peaceful but have broken a number of fences and farmers have urged Limpopo’s Department of Economic Development, Environment & Tourism to destroy the elephants.

Elephant twins arrive in Ruaha

Twin elephants born in Ruaha National Park at the end of the dry season.

Strategies in place to manage Botswana’s elephants

Minister Khama talks about the strategies that have been put in place to minimise conflicts surrounding Botswana’s elephant population.

Saving the wild, one human at a time

Encouraging everyone to get involved in the fight to save the planet’s natural heritage.

Natural ruses rule out culling for elephants

There will be no further culling of elephants in Kruger National park for population control because the new, “natural”, methods of managing them have severely curtailed the population growth rate.

Mozambique dragging its heels – no real effort to combat elephant poaching

Without committed policing and law enforcement Mozambique’s declarations of efforts to end poaching are little more than window dressing to gloss over the decimation of elephants.

An elephant play fight

Two young bull elephants engage in a gentle tussle in Kruger National Park.

Life and death in Chobe

Elephants mourn over a family member in Chobe National Park, but with death comes life.

Canoeing with elephants in Malawi

During an early morning canoe safari guests to the Tongole Wilderness Lodge were recently thrilled by a spectacular sighting of a breeding herd of elephants.

Chinese criminal syndicates and corruption behind Tanzania’s elephant meltdown

A new report reveals that Chinese-led criminal gangs are conspiring with corrupt Tanzanian officials to traffic huge amounts of ivory, a trade which has caused half of Tanzania’s elephants to be poached in the past five years.

Elephants of the Chobe

Botswana’s Chobe River is one of the best places to view and photograph magnificent African elephants.

When the buying stops, the killing can too

A look into the illegal wildlife trade and how to reduce the demand that is fuelling the illegal poachers who take the lives of thousands of rhinos and elephants every year.

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