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Peter Beard and The End of the Game


A meeting with Peter Beard, author of the End of the Game – a provocative tale of the harsh reality of starvation, poaching and hunting in Kenya.

Hollywood stars show their support for elephants

© Ryan Avery

Leading Hollywood and media personalities will be in Kenya in April to attend a major summit on the illegal trade in wildlife.

Tourism helps to protect elephants


Tourism is arguably an important aid to stopping poaching in Tanzania, and elephants in Selous use Lake Manze Camp as a safe haven.

A pleasant Botswana surprise for a ‘tourist snob’


A budget safari along the Chobe River in Botswana exceeds all expectations for a self-declared ‘tourist snob’.

Video: A river of elephants in Ruaha


Watch over 100 elephants in this video that was taken on a family safari in Ruaha National Park.

Local community rallies together to try to save elephants that are stuck in the mud


A tale of an attempt to rescue two elephants from the mud in Zimbabwe.

Elephant sees puddle of opportunity as clear as mud


Mud, mud, glorious mud! An elephant bull takes the time for a mud bath.

Photographing elephants in Amboseli


Beautiful images of a herd of elephants in Amboseli.

Political figures could be involved in Namibian poaching saga

© Janine Avery

Rumours fly as Namibian officials fingered as “kingpins” involved in rhino and elephant poaching in Etosha National Park.

Chinese leaders against illegal wildlife trade

©Francis Garrard, Conservation Action Trust

Is there hope for South Africa’s wildlife now that Chinese business leaders have pledged their support to combat the illegal wildlife trade?

Sharp fall in the prices of elephant ivory in China


The price of ivory plummets in China!

5 surprises when you visit Botswana


Five things that will make you want to go on safari in Botswana.

A curious elephant and a bit of faith

© Grant Nel

A guides recounts the time a bull elephant got too close for comfort just out of curiosity.

African farmers think honey fences are the bee’s knees


In today’s high-tech world, it’s often the simplest solutions that turn out to be best – and an innovative project using bees to reduce conflict with elephants and rural African farmers is proving particularly elegant in its simplicity.

Botswana: A photo safari paradise


A dream photo safari to Botswana’s Okavango Delta with Africa Geographic Travel.

Chinko: a remote gem worth protecting

Red-throated bee-eaters

In the far south-eastern corner of the Central African Republic in the Chinko River basin, the savannah meets the rainforest, revealing a one-of-a-kind biotope where iconic species live alongside one another.

Elephants cooling off by the pool


Elephants decide to cool off at the pool.

A small balloon over a vast Mara landscape


The view from above while in a hot air balloon over the vast Maasai Mara.

Other options for Swaziland’s elephants

©Francis Garrard

As other solutions come to light, it seems clear that the export of 18 of Swaziland’s elephants to zoos in the USA has more to do with making money than with conservation.

Wild dogs vs. elephants


Wild dogs and elephants in a battle for precious water in Savuti.

Tanzania’s most wanted elephant poacher and ivory trafficker arrested

©Terra Mater Factual Studios

A major ringleader, who is also a supplier of weapons, ammunition and cars to poaching syndicates, is arrested. And with both ‘Shetani’ and the ‘Queen of Ivory’ now in custody, there is a chance to crack down on the international networks involved in the illegal trafficking of ivory.

An unbelievable art safari


Incredible sightings and learn to sketch wildlife on Africa Geographic’s Art Safari.

Zimbabwe’s elephants ‘poisoned by dissatisfied rangers’

An elephant crosses the road in Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe ©AP

Sources suggest that some of the 60+ elephants poisoned in the past month might have been poisoned by disgruntled and cash-strapped rangers.

Swaziland ignores alternatives to exporting elephants

©Francis Garrard

Swaziland’s Big Game Parks are planning to export more elephants to zoos in the USA as a solution to overpopulation, but conservationists are calling it wildlife mismanagement with a financial motive.

More elephants poisoned in Hwange National Park

MAPP, via Facebook

22 more elephants have been killed by cyanide poisoning in Hwange National Park, which brings the total of elephants poisoned by poachers this month in Zimbabwe up to 62.

19 elephants killed by poachers in Kruger


Kruger National Park sees an increase in elephant poaching incidents over the past year.

When an elephant charges – lessons from Dereck Joubert


What happens when filmmakers and conservationists Dereck and Beverly Joubert come face-to-face with a herd of angry elephants.

The illegal wildlife trade is the elephant in the room


Prince William reflects on the illegal wildlife trade and how conservation is about people, not just animals.

Wild African elephants to be moved to American zoos

© lookpictures

Three U.S. zoos are partnering with Swaziland to move elephants from the wild to new facilities in America.

Join the march for elephants and rhinos

Global March for Elephants and Rhinos in Johannesburg in 2014

Be part of the global movement to promote local and global awareness about the elephant and rhino crises. Call for governments to take immediate action to end poaching in range nations and demand an end to the ivory and rhino horn trade at all levels!

Elephants held hostage in Laikipia


Young bull elephants held hostage in Laikipia after destroying crops. It is estimated that local communities lose over a US$1 million in revenue from raiding elephant in Kenya each year.

Welfare of elephants in captivity comes under question

© Chris Parker

Responsible tourism companies are recommending that clients do not visit elephant sanctuaries in South Africa, of which there are 26 in the country, due to the abuse the animals endure physically and mentally.

It’s thirsty work being an elephant


Nothing beats a good splash on a hot day… especially if you’re an elephant!

Why you should visit Mana Pools


Exploring Mana Pools and why you should support Zimbabwean wildlife.

6 steps for saving an elephant that has been shot for ivory

© The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

With elephants targeted by the ivory trade, here’s what happens when they fail to succumb to a poacher’s snare, bullet or arrow.

Baby elephants just wanna have fun!


It’s playtime for these baby ellies and they just can’t get enough of elephanting around!

Video: elephants encounter a GoPro


Overcome with curiosity, these elephants aren’t impressed by all this newfangled technology.

The elephant in the bathroom


A thirsty elephant decides the loo at this camp in Botswana will do as a waterhole.

Drones keep elephants safe in Tanzania


To reduce human-elephant conflict, drones are being used to chase elephants off farms and ensure their safety.

Denmark circus continues to use elephants after rampage


Despite three African elephants going on a rampage during a recent performance, Danish Cirkus Arena continues to promote their elephant performances.

Mine-detecting elephants in Angola

© Janine Avery

Elephants appear to have learned to sniff out and avoid explosives in a country where millions of landmines were left over from decades of conflict.

Mozambique burns world’s largest rhino horn seizure

burning ivory and rhino horn in Mozambique

To demonstrate their commitment to tackling poaching, Mozambique burns 124kg of rhino horn and 1,160kg of ivory.

Elephant snare rescue

elephant snare rescue

A mother elephant saved from a poacher’s snare in Kenya.

The magic of Chobe


A photographic journey to illustrate the allure of Chobe National Park.

Uganda’s elephant population on the rise

Savanna elephant

The Great Elephant Census offers hope for savanna elephants in Uganda.

5 top Botswana wildlife experiences

relentless enemies in Botswana

Five wildlife experiences that make Botswana so special.

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