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The death of elephants: ivory trading nations exposed


The twenty-eight countries most responsible for the deaths of African elephants have been revealed in a new report.

New research: elephants and people can benefit from ecotourism


New research shows that elephant numbers increase when more ecotourists visit the areas with elephant populations.

Three Kasanka elephant need your help


At Kasanka National Park in northern Zambia, three young elephant in one herd have been caught in poachers’ snares and they need your help to survive!

Helpless baby elephants to head for Chinese zoos


Thirty seven baby elephants forcibly taken from their mothers in the wild in Hwange National Park are about to be flown to Chinese zoos, despite an international outcry against previous exports.

The elephant landscapers at Cheetah Plains


Elephants know what they want and will do anything to get it!

Baby elephant born at lodge


Guests at Nkasa Lupala Tented Lodge enjoy a special sighting of a newborn elephant calf!

Top 5 places to see elephants in Africa


Five of the best places to get fabulous elephant experiences in Africa.

The science behind why safari babies are cute


Showcasing the cute wildlife that you can witness while on safari in Africa.

An elephant family finds a new home


Eight elephants find a new home in an area that hasn’t seen elephants for over 100 years.

CITES CoP17 – Africa in a nutshell

©David Winch

A brief summary of the main decisions taken at CITES CoP17 that affect African wildlife species.

CITES votes against strongest protection for elephants

©Zdenek Maly/Alamy

CITES meeting blocks proposal for ban on all trade of ivory from four southern African countries.

Video: Shocking evidence emerges of Japan’s dirty ivory trade


The dirty secrets of Japan’s illegal ivory trade revealed in undercover video with Japanese ivory traders.

Ivory trade mechanism rejected in heated debate at CITES conference

©Janine Avery

Namibia, South Africa and Zimbabwe’s recommendation for the adoption of a Decision-Making Mechanism for a future trade in ivory is roundly rejected by parties at CITES CoP17.

Kruger cull: a bad idea?

©Ian McDonald

How culling wildlife in Kruger during times of drought can negatively affect ecosystems.

In search of leopards in the land of elephants


Finding a leopard amongst the elephants in Kenya’s Samburu National Reserve.

Why the best kind of bath is a dirt bath!


Elephants in the mud and dirt make for some great wildlife photos.. but it also does them a world of good!

Africa-wide elephant census finds alarming population declines


A two-year long elephant census has revealed worrying results for elephant populations in Africa.

Watching the elephants go by


Nothing quite compares to watching the elephants cross the Luangwa River from the comfort of a chair on the riverbank.

Book Review: Elephant Dawn by Sharon Pincott


Every now and then a book comes along that breaks through the wallpaper of life and delivers its message intravenously. Elephant Dawn by Sharon Pincott does that – it is an intense read, inspiring and moving.

Poaching along the Okavango River


A look into the poaching of elephants, hippos and crocodiles along the Okavango River on the border of Angola and Namibia.

Do your part this World Elephant Day

©Arno Meintjes

Find out how you can help protect pachyderms this World Elephant Day!

5 elephantastic facts to celebrate World Elephant Day!


Learn more about elephants this World Elephant Day!

Barbaric elephant slaughter in Angola

photo for illustrative purposes only

Barbaric elephant slaughter creates horror scene on the banks of the Okavango River.

How many elephants are there?


A look at how the Great Elephant Census can help us to determine how best to deal with elephant populations.

Elephant corridors essential for the species and environment


Overcrowded elephants in South African reserves need wildlife corridors to migrate to other parks.

Arnold Schwarzenegger feeds lion in South Africa and gets charged by an elephant


Arnold Schwarzenegger shares experiences of wildlife in South Africa, including a controversial shot of him seen petting and playing with captive lions.

Elephants cause traffic jam in Hoedspruit

A elephant was strolling leisurely on the main road in the direction of Hoedspruit Lafras Tremper

Traffic on a public road outside Hoedspruit in Limpopo was brought to a standstill on Monday morning, as two bull elephants were herded more than 10km back to their home in the Balule Nature Reserve.

Elephants dig for water


Elephants prove just how clever and resourceful they are!

Mating elephants get busy on safari

Elephant mating 2

A mass gathering of elephants leads to rare sighting of elephants mating.

Celebrating elephant love on Mother’s Day

Elephant Love cover

In celebration of Mother’s Day Passage to Africa is giving away a free ebook on elephants.

Kenyan conservationist bears the weight of elephants on her shoulders

©Mia Collis

As Kenya proceeds with the largest ever ivory burn, Raabia Hawa says goodbye to thousands of elephants that she never managed to protect.

Three facts you didn’t know about elephant trunks


An elephant’s trunk is truly a wonder to behold. Learn more about this unique appendage.

Is it safe to go on safari?


With all the viral videos of animal charges circulating online, many are left questioning how safe going on safari really is.

A close encounter with elephants


An elephant magnet has to hide from a herd of 35 elephants in the bush!

Video: Hippos give baby elephants a scare


All hell breaks loose in this elephant herd when its youngest members are confronted with some suspicious bubbles.

Zambia goes wild for the music at EleFest 2016


Zambian music festival, EleFest, to support the work of WWF Zambia.

Caption this video and win!


Leave your own caption for this hilarious elephant video and you could win a copy of the Did You Know book from Bushcamp Company.

An elephant rescue mission saves a calf in trouble


A family of elephants perform a rescue mission when one of their youngest takes a topple.

Fun in the mud for a family of elephants


A herd of elephants have some muddy fun as the rain returns to Kruger National Park.

Camping with elephants at Kilimanjaro


Delta Willis speaks of her incredible encounter with elephants while camping near Kilimanjaro and what she has learnt from these amazing creatures.

Elephants help to guide infrastructural planning

©Dan Heap

10 elephants in Tsavo will be fitted with satellite radio tracking collars so as to better understand their movements in order to ensure that space can be secured for them as the Kenyan population grows.

Elephants enjoy the rain in the Waterberg


Elephants splish and splash as rains are welcomed by all in the Waterberg!

Zambia Great Elephant Census results announced

"Poaching is like water – it moves to the path of least resistance. When one area is better patrolled, poachers go elsewhere so we have to keep the pressure on." Photo, Kenneth C. Coe

The results of the Great Elephant Census in Zambia show that the elephant population may be stable however there are large differences between different parts of the country.

Video: Aim for the future of elephants

Do you want to own ivory dripping with blood? When the buying stops the killing can too.

A short, graphically minimalistic, conceptual animation that portrays the loss of elephant populations across African countries.

Rhinos and elephants under threat


Rhinos and elephants are in danger – find out more about what is threatening these precious creatures and what you can do to help.

How China’s taste for wildlife feeds a killing frenzy

A wildlife trader points to fake tiger paws on sale in Guangzhou, Guandong Province, 28 January 2010. ©EPA/PAUL HILTON

Africa’s extraordinary and charismatic wildlife is clearly under siege from the wrecking ball that is China.

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