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Elephant ivory sculpture unveiled at Botswana airport

elephant ivory sculpture botswana

Botswana unveils a sculpture made up of elephant ivory tusks on display at the international airport.

Baby elephant killed before he even learned to use his trunk

© The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

A 5-month old elephant is killed in Kenya.

Outnumbered cheetahs outsmart wild dogs

Wild dogs close in on cheetahs

Cheetahs seize the right moment to make a quick getaway from the Zululand Rhino Reserve’s new wild dogs.

Elephant freed from snare after 2 years

vets remove snare from elephant's leg

A 35 year old elephant in northern Zimbabwe gets nicknamed ‘Lucky’ after finally having a snare removed from its leg after two years.

Narrow escape for young elephant

lion hunt

A lion leaps on an elephant’s back during a high speed chase.

Tanzania elephant catastrophe

An elephant carcass lies in the Mozambican bush after being shot dead by a poacher.  © Alastair Nelson, Wildlife Conservation Society via AP

Tanzania’s elephant population drops from 109,051 in 2009 to 43,330 in 2014.

Critical elephant corridor rediscovered in North Kenya

Elephant in Kenya

GPS collars fitted on elephants give hope to conservation efforts.

Elephant roadblocks don’t stop 3,000km cycle to Vic Falls!

cycle elephant

Eelco makes it to Vic Falls in his epic cycle for the orange-breasted waxbill – with some interesting elephant encounters along the way!

Elephant poached in Bwabwata


An elephant was found dead at Muit’jiku village of Kavango East in the Bwabwata West National Park in Mukwe Constituency in Namibia.

Pamela Anderson begs Zimbabwe to stop exporting baby elephants

Pamela Anderson has sent an urgent letter to Zimbabwe on PETA’s behalf to stop the exportation of baby elephants.

Two cheetahs’ breakfast run with elephants

It’s hair raising action when cheetahs are chased off their kill by a herd of elephants!

Cheeky little elephant

A baby elephant learns to trumpet and charge in South Luangwa.

Elephants at Siduli Hide in Zimbabwe

Oh the things you will see from Victoria Falls Safari Lodge’s Siduli Hide!

Ian Redmond commends Malawi’s ivory burn announcement

Renowned conservationist, Ian Redmond, has stepped forward to champion Malawi’s fight against wildlife crime following the government’s announcement of its ivory burn this Thursday 2nd April.

Contradictory emergency measures to save two of Africa’s iconic pachyderms

The contradictory measures being used to save rhinos and elephants.

Elephant trapped in muddy well is rescued

An elephant walks free after getting stuck in a muddy well in Kenya.

Stuck between 2 elephants in musth

This scary video shows what it’s like to be stuck and helpless between two elephants in musth.

White elephant in Kruger

A selection of unusual sightings of possible albino elephant calves in Kruger.

Elephant killed after protests by the Maasai community

An elephant has been killed by KWS after hundreds of agitated Kajiado locals from the Maasai community protested after elephants killed a local man.

If you buy ivory, you kill people

Elephant Action League launches 2015 global campaign to address the human toll of ivory trafficking.

Namibia to increase rhino and elephant protection

The Namibian government will beef up protection for rhino and elephants and tighten laws to curb increased poaching.

First elephant in 18 years spotted in the Kgalagadi

The first elephant in 18 years was spotted this weekend in South Africa’s Northern Cape in the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park by one of the park’s officials.

The amazing Akagera

Akagera National Park: one of conservation’s success stories.

Elephant survives attack by 14 lions

A young elephant somehow manages to bravely fend off an attack by a 14 member pride of female lions in Zambia.

Lions take down first elephant of the season in Savuti

A pride of lions take down the first elephant of the season in Savuti.

Rebranding environmental crime as a crime against humanity

Environmental crime is hindering Africa from seeing economic growth, destroying the future of the people.

Elephant charges tourists in Kruger

A bull elephant charges a group of tourists on a walking safari in Kruger National Park.

A desert elephant siesta

During our recent Africa Geographic visit to Namibia, we shared a rather special moment with a family of desert elephants, as they settled down for a mid-morning siesta.

Demanding an end to the slaughter of rhinos and elephants

The Global March for Elephants and Rhinos (GMFER) is taking place in more than 120 cities across the world on October 4 this year. It will see the delivery of memoranda of demand and proposed changes to South Africa’s legislation delivered to key government representatives across the globe.

No more welfare protection for elephants?

The South African Department of Environmental Affairs has proposed amendments to the Elephant Norms and Standards, intending to remove all welfare-based provisions relating to elephants.

Six elephant poachers arrested in Niassa

A significant arrest of six suspected poachers took place on 7 September 2014 at Niassa National Reserve.

Photographing gentle giants

Bryan Pereira of Exposure Tours tells us the best way to photograph elephants.

Leakey’s last stand: The final battle of Africa’s elephant king

The man who saved the African elephant in the 1980s is returning to the fray. This time nothing will stop Richard Leakey except the grim reaper.

Man trampled to death by elephant

A body of a male was discovered in Mapungubwe National Park and World Heritage Site on Saturday the 23rd August 2014. It is believed that he might have been trampled to death by an elephant.

Lions vs. crocodile fight

An extremely rare event, when lions take on a crocodile, is captured on camera during a trip to the Samburu National Reserve in Kenya

Elephant rolls car in Kruger

Local tourists get involved in an accident involving an elephant in the Kruger National Park.

Kruger from the air

Scott Ramsay spends the day flying with the anti-poaching team over the Kruger.

Interview with Kruger’s anti-poaching chief

An interview with Major-General Johan Jooste, the man in charge of anti-poaching at South African National Parks.

The heart warming story of two orphaned elephants

Over the last month the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust has welcomed two new orphaned elephants, rescued from well and a herd of cattle

Kruger – lions, kingfishers and on foot with ellies

Scott Ramsay’s travels take him to the Kruger National Park, a landmark area in the history of wildlife conservation.

An elephant, wild dog showdown

An exciting showdown between an elephant and a pack of wild dogs at Zimanga Private Game Reserve in northern KwaZulu Natal.

Elephant poachers penetrate South African borders again

Breaking news: in what seems to be a recurring trend, another elephant has been poached in the Northern Kruger, close to the Zimbabwe and Mozambican borders.

Elephant attacks trophy hunter

A Namibian professional hunter sustained multiple injuries when a young elephant bull attacked him in the Uukwaluudhi Conservancy.

Call for trade embargo against Mozambique for failure to address poaching issues


Two international environmental organisations have called on the US government to implement trade sanctions against Mozambique for its official complicity in the ongoing rampant slaughter of elephants and rhinos.

A Namibian’s view on hunting in his home country

Namibian John K Kasaona gives a local’s view on the Namibian hunting debate.

State legislators make elephant history with unprecedented ivory ban

The New Jersey State Assembly overwhelmingly approved a bill banning ivory and rhino horn sales on Monday, making New Jersey the first state to take a definitive stand against wildlife trafficking.

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