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Video: Elephant karate-kicks trailer


A young bull elephant delivers a perfectly-timed reverse kick to a trailer in a test of strength.

Three suspected poachers gunned down in Aberdare National Park

The body of a suspected poacher killed in Tsavo west lies next to the elephant carcass he had killed in this 2013 file photo

Three suspected poachers were gunned down in Aberdare National Park after a fierce exchange of fire with Kenya Wildlife Service rangers.

Elephants just want to have fun


To witness animal behaviour that has rarely, if ever, been documented before is probably one of the greatest factors that feeds my addiction to the African bush and its fascinating inhabitants. This young elephant bull gave a us the performance of a lifetime.

Swazi elephant, conceived in wild, born in captivity in USA

The baby elephant calf, conceived in the wild in Swaziland, born into captivity in the U.S.

Baby elephant, conceived in the wild in Swaziland, born into captivity at Dallas Zoo in the United States.

Thousands support conservation at this year’s EleFest

GRI Britius and Cosmas copy

EleFest 2016, held to celebrate wildlife and conservation, was a great success.

Video: Baby elephant’s first steps

baby ellie find feet

Watch as a very cute baby elephant struggles to find its feet and walk.

What will Africa propose to CITES?

©Janine Avery

A provisional list of proposals by African states for amendment of current trade allowances for endangered species of wild fauna and flora.

Baby elephant challenges game drive vehicle


A baby elephant in South Africa’s Sabi Sand Game Reserve is keen to stamp his authority!

Women embark on an expedition for elephants


Women to embark on a great expedition for the African elephant – 10,000km, 10 countries and a R1,000,000 goal.

Prominent Namibian businessman nabbed with ivory

Elephant in Etosha ©Janine Avery

Namibian businessman and communal farmer arrested after he was found in possession of ivory.

Video: Protective elephant chases wild dogs away from calf


A pack of wild dogs learn a valuable lesson: Don’t mess with an elephant mama!

Meet the orphaned elephants at the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust


Orphaned baby elephants changing lives at the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust.

Video: adorable baby elephant can’t control his trunk


This little elephant has just discovered his trunk and it seems to have a mind of its own, much to the surprise of its owner.

Video: Elephant spotted again in Knysna forest


Oupoot, the Knysna elephant, has made an appearance again!

Will Kruger’s drought policy affect its elephant population?

©Francis Garrard

The ongoing drought is taking its toll on South Africa’s wildlife. In the Kruger National Park, questions have been raised about the possible impact that a potential re-opening of some old boreholes could have on the park’s elephants.

Video: Saving an elephant’s life at Lewa

elephant rescue

A weak and dehydrated elephant is rescued from a muddy well in Kenya’s Lewa Wildlife Conservancy.

Saving a little elephant


An elephant calf is saved after he became trapped in a dam at Phalaborwa Copper, Limpopo.

Video: Mother elephant teaches baby not to talk to strangers


A mother elephant teaches her curious young one not to talk to strangers.

How lions’ hunting techniques have adapted in Ruaha


A big pride of lions in Ruaha National Park adapts to targeting elephant and giraffe in order to keep all of their hungry mouths well fed.

27 wild dogs put 3 leopards in their place


Wild dogs give three leopards a time-out in three separate trees!

Video montage as elephant appears out of nowhere

Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 2.11.37 PM

A bull elephant surprises two birders in Kruger.

Prince Harry’s photos show the reality of poaching


Prince Harry has released some personal accounts of his summer visit to southern Africa, sharing some insight into the poaching crises.

Video: Tiny elephant gets stuck in waterhole


An elephant calf gets stuck in a waterhole. Watch as the herd returns and the elephants lends a helping trunk.

Kenya to destroy vast ivory stockpile


137 tonnes of ivory is to be burned in Kenya.

Video: Saving Jetta, Kenya’s teenage elephant


Watch as an elephant is saved from a spear.

All of the Big Five in one heat wave

© FJ Mammes

Seeing all of the Big Five in soaring temperatures.

Video: Baby elephant falls and rolls down hill


An adorable video of a hasty baby elephant that falls and rolls down a hill in Kruger.

Video: elephant charges film crew


The crew at Black Bean Productions is given a fright when an elephant charges their vehicle in Limpopo.

Video: elephant dings car door in Kruger


An elephant bull rams a minivan full of tourists in the Kruger.

Elephant, 46 vultures and 4 lions killed in Kruger

A shocking site: the dead vultures found on the scene

Early reports show that chunks of meat from an elephant were removed from both the rump and spine, and Temik spread on the exposed areas in a serious poisoning incident in the Kruger.

Lion, elephant stare-down in the Serengeti


An elephant herd and a lion pride face off at a waterhole in the Serengeti.

What it means to go on an art safari

©Alison Nicholls

Africa Geographic’s Art Safari in the Kariega Game Reserve is explained by tour leader and artist, Alison Nicholls.

Hunted giant not Kruger elephant?


Bull elephant hunted in Zimbabwe is likely not Nkombo from the Kruger National Park.

Iconic elephant shot in Zimbabwe


An elephant with tusks estimated to weigh 120lb (54,4+kg) each was shot in the Malapati concession, located in southeastern Zimbabwe near Gonarezhou National Park.

Four men killed by poachers in Garamba National Park, DRC

© David  Santiago Garcia/ African Parks

Four men have been killed protecting Garamba’s elephants, leaving behind widows and 14 children between them.

Video: elephants making more elephants in Addo


There’s no time like the present for this male elephant who’s not letting anyone get in his way!

Lion kill: two for one


A lion makes a splash when it takes down not one but two zebra at Kalkheuwel waterhole in Etosha.

Video: elephant stabs and kills buffalo


An angry elephant attacks a buffalo at a waterhole in the Kruger National Park.

Anger as Kruger truck driver breaks the rules


Truck driver crowned Kruger Park’s biggest idiot for disturbing playing baby elephants.

A prayer for Kipini’s elephants and rangers

© Giorgio Stella

The elephant families of Kenya’s remote northern coast need your help.

Baby elephant rescued after being hit by car

The baby elephant at Wild is Life.

Vets rush to the aid of a baby elephant that was hit by a car near Kariba in Zimbabwe.

Video: an elephant comes a-knocking


Knock knock! Who’s there?! An elephant has a joke to tell some unsuspecting guests.

Babies and bush sightings at Amakhosi Safari Lodge

© Alexis Clauline

A newborn baby giraffe and elephant are welcome additions to the reserve while some guests get a lot closer to the wildlife than they expected!

Elephant tramples Zimbabwe curio seller to death

© Janine Avery

A Zimbabwean man has been trampled to death by an elephant in the resort town of Victoria Falls.

Video: An elephant gets up close and personal


A tracker sitting on a chair at the front of a safari vehicle did the right thing to remain calm while an elephant sniffed him out.

Elephant attacks car in Hluhluwe


Two French tourists had a close encounter with an elephant bull on Tuesday at the Hluhluwe Game Reserve when it rammed into their car.

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