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Support conservation education by volunteering at Ezemvelo


Learn more about conservation and wildlife while getting hands-on experience with Ezemvelo’s volunteer programme.

Toya Delazy joins mission to save the rhino, one human at a time

©Jamie Joseph/Saving the Wild

Toya Delazy on a mission to prove to the world that we can save the rhino – but first we have to save our own communities.

30 years of eco-education at Lapalala


Over the past 30 years, the Lapalala Wilderness School has been a breathtaking outdoor classroom, where children and young adults are exposed to nature.

After the Cecil storm, 3 experts air their views

De Toit discusses anti-poaching tactics with his team in Zimbabwe. ©  Goldman Environmental Prize

In light of the uproar following the death of Cecil, three prize winners weigh in on trophy hunting.

Children’s book about rhinos needs your help!


Conservation starts with education and the “rescuing rhino” children’s book needs your funding!

Official opening of the Ngorongoro pre-school

43 children enrolled at pre-school

This pre-school in the Ngorongoro Conservation Area aims to offer children in the Maasai community a chance for a better future.

Beauty without cruelty

beauty without cruelty

Beauty Without Cruelty showing how everyone can make caring choices in everyday life.

Trees for schools

With MyPlanet donations Food & Trees for Africa has successfully planted 161 trees through the Trees for All programme at nine schools.

Camera traps for the Cape Leopard Trust

My Planet helping the Cape Leopard Trust by funding amazing camera trap technology.

Zambia’s ‘Project Luangwa’ helps educate kids in the bush

In South Luangwa National Park in Zambia, a group of otherwise competing safari camps and lodges have come together to make a difference in the lives of the people of the Luangwa Valley. South Luangwa has often been called one

A brighter future: final day of a Children in the Wilderness camp

Its 3am! I have just awoken to a thud on the floorboards below me. Listening carefully, I tiptoe to the mosquito gauze and press my face against it. I see a bit of movement 2 metres away, then there’s another

Wild Kid shortlist: who is the wildest kid of them all?

Watch these video auditions of two of the shortlisted kids to be the WildKid tv series presenter: Graham Wiggill lives on a game farm in the Timbavati. Life in the wild has certainly never been boring for Graham and his

A Brighter Future: day 4 of a Children in the Wilderness camp

There can be no better place to experience the morning than in the bush. The world outside cannot reach you; the hooting of traffic and the anxiety of the day are not welcome here. Here on the banks of the

Safari in style

One of the most spectacular wildlife shows on the planet can be seen in the Masai Mara where the rolling green plains dotted with lone acacia trees play host to an astonishing amount of wild animals. A welcoming party was

The Wild Kid: who will be the young TV star?

As the time approaches for a final decision on who will be The Wild Kid for the proposed television series of the same name, one of the short-listed finalists is Kgoao Mametja of the Southern Cross School in Hoedspruit, which holds

A brighter future: day 2 of a Children in the Wilderness camp

Today camp followed the theme of the ‘Circle of Life’. Janet, the camp co-ordinator and head of CITW South Africa, offered the day’s first lesson on leadership values, and was followed by Pafuri guide Jeffrey, who detailed the circle of life,

A brighter future: diary from a Children in the Wilderness camp

Day 1 The lions’ hassling snarls went through the night, with pesky hyenas filling the occasional silence; the latter probably making their way towards the kill site. At about 05.30am I woke up with the light streaming in from all

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