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Nominate conservationists for the Tusk Awards

The 2015 Tusk Awards finalists

The Tusk Conservation Awards are calling for nominations for people you think are achieving notable conservation success and deserve recognition!

Anti-hunting lobbyists cost Namibia dearly


Namibian Minister of Environment and Tourism says that anti-hunting lobbyists cost the Namibian government US$650,000 last year after pressurising the United States government on the legal auction of a black rhino hunt.

Eland re-introduced to Cape Flats nature reserves

©City of Cape Town

Vital for the conservation of plant species and ecosystems, eland will be re-introduced into nature reserves on the Cape Flats – an area that was historically part of their natural range.

Prince William awards conservationists in Africa


Prince William, The Duke of Cambridge, celebrates the remarkable work of three of Africa’s pioneering conservationists at the third annual Tusk Conservation Awards.

Why you should care about thickets

Knysna lourie © Adriaan Grobler

A thicket is a dense, almost impenetrable tangle of trees, shrubs, and vines, that is home to a host of biodiversity. Here is why you should spare a thought for thickets.

Hunters hold African wildlife to ransom

©Michael Lorentz

What is the world’s wealthiest hunting organisation and the South African Department of Environment discussing behind closed doors?

Facts about fishing and seabirds this World Fisheries Day

A hake trawler with tori ines © Peter Chadwick

Taking a moment to reflect on the commercial fisheries that feed millions of people every day, but also consider the impacts of the fishing industry on marine ecosystems and seabirds.

The end of canned lion hunting looks imminent


PHASA disassociates itself with canned lion hunting establishments as Blood Lions documentary makes waves in European parliaments.

6 things the Botanical Society is doing for plant conservation

CPUT students in the cycad garden at Kirstenbosch where there's currently a dinosaur exhibit to raise awareness about the plight of the cycad which is at risk of extinction. © Catherine Browne

6 things the Botanical Society is doing for plant conservation and 6 ways you can support them.

30 years of eco-education at Lapalala


Over the past 30 years, the Lapalala Wilderness School has been a breathtaking outdoor classroom, where children and young adults are exposed to nature.

A green journey to employment with the Botanical Society


The Botanical Society of South Africa shares the inspirational journey of one their new employees.

Get a 2016 calendar of beautiful birds


Here’s the perfect green gift: a 2016 calendar of South Africa’s birds – proceeds of which go to Birdlife South Africa.

Trophy hunting: a conservation concept vs. the reality

© Patrick Meier

A look at trophy hunting as a conservation tool vs. the reality of what is really happening on the ground.

Celebrating 10 years of conservation in the Cape Winelands

© Janine Avery

The history, and the future, of conservation and wine in South Africa’s Cape Winelands.

The illegal wildlife trade is the elephant in the room


Prince William reflects on the illegal wildlife trade and how conservation is about people, not just animals.

Tracking desert-adapted rhino in Namibia with Save the Rhino Trust


An incredible opportunity to spend time in Namibia with Save the Rhino Trust and an examination of why the small team have achieved significant success.

Bloody tsetse flies and Kingsley Holgate’s return to the source of the Zambezi


Adventurers on the Heart of Africa expedition battle with the continent’s best little conservationists – the tsetse flies – while the source of the Zambezi brings back memories for Kingsely Holgate.

Opposing sides join forces to save rhinos


An announcement made in Cape Town could mark the first step in reaching consensus on saving rhinos.

South Africa’s ban on rhino horn trade contested

© File, AFP

The world’s largest white rhino breeder has applied in the High Court in Pretoria to set aside the government’s ban on rhino horn trading.

Fair Trade Tourism to beef up certification criteria for voluntourism


Fair Trade Tourism certification criteria to address the potential exploitation of children and captive-held wildlife within the voluntourism sector.

Joint plan to save the rhino launched at Cape Town event

© Janine Avery

Lobbyists who are both for and against the legalisation of the trade in rhino horn join forces to present their joint plan to save the rhino.

Black Mamba Anti-Poaching Unit: women protecting wildlife


The Black Mamba Anti-Peaching Unit is the first of its kind. The majority of the team are women who not only are protecting wildlife but are educating communities that live on the boundaries of Kruger.

Bandit, the dog that protects rhinos and elephants


A very special anti-poaching dog working in Tanzania has been trained for conservation efforts by a British NPO working to prevent the extinction of the elephant and rhino.

The race to rescue a snared rhino calf

Bahati was captured by a camera trap, the snare visible around his neck

A young rhino called Bahati has been caught in a snare, which he has managed to snap but which has left him with deep wounds that needed to be treated as soon as possible. The Kenya Wildlife Service and rangers have been tracking him since Thursday morning but haven’t been able to find him yet. Keep your fingers crossed for this little rhino and prey he gets the treatment he needs soon!

Curious Khumbula the elephant


A very special elephant has charmed his way into hearts and taught a dissertation student at Pongola Game Reserve just how important it is to protect and conserve elephants across Africa.

Cape mountain trail set to become one of world’s top hikes


Arguably one of the world’s more extreme hiking experiences, the 650km hiking trail named the Rim of Africa is the longest mountain traverse in South Africa.

A hunting ban reportedly saps a village’s livelihood

Clockwise from top left, Cecil the lion; William Moalosi, a farmer and former hunting guide in Sankuyo, Botswana; an elephant in Botswana; and Othusitse Ndozi in Sankuyo, a village that used to get a steady income from hunting. Top left © Andy Loveridge/Wildlife Conservation Research Unit, via Associated Press; Other photographs © Joao Silva/The New York Times

Since Botswana banned trophy hunting two years ago, remote communities have been at the mercy of growing numbers of wild animals that are damaging livelihoods and terrifying villagers.

Dogs aiding conservation in Namaqualand


Anatolian shepherd dogs in the Namaqualand National Park – an innovative project aiding in conservation.

The keepers of South Africa’s threatened plants


Meet the people who are monitoring and conserving South Africa’s threatened plants and find out how you can join their team!

7 photos that will have you chomping at the bit to go on a horse safari


Saddle up and read the reasons for why a horse safari with The Ant Collection is such a unique experience.

Rwanda names 24 baby mountain gorillas

A baby mountain gorilla is held by its mother on Mount Bisoke volcano in Volcanoes National Park, northern Rwanda.
©  Ben Curtis, AP

Thousands of people gathered in a town just outside of the Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda to name 24 young gorillas in a ceremony that highlights their need for protection.

Supporting conservation projects in Madagascar

An aye-aye

Madagascar’s biodiversity faces a number of significant threats but luckily there are a number of grassroots projects working to protect the country’s unique flora and fauna.

Want to save the rhino? Look beyond guns and trade


The arguments for why even talk of legal trade in rhino horn seriously compromises a current, cost-effective, proven and far more durable solution to the rhino crisis.

After the Cecil storm, 3 experts air their views

De Toit discusses anti-poaching tactics with his team in Zimbabwe. ©  Goldman Environmental Prize

In light of the uproar following the death of Cecil, three prize winners weigh in on trophy hunting.

Dereck Joubert responds to a hunter on the economics of hunting

© Pius Mahimbi

Dereck Joubert explains how the argument for hunting gets thinner each time it is tested.

iSimangaliso takes bold steps to safeguard rhinos

Dr Kock sawing off the rhino horn

Black and white rhinos in the Western Shores section of iSimangaliso have been de-horned in the hope of giving them a better chance of survival in areas where they are most under threat of poaching.

People unite for The Cape Leopard Trust

Chefs for conservation - Pieter de Jager, Christo Pretorius, Michelle Theron and Floris Smith

The annual Cape Leopard Trust luncheon was yet another success and raised ZAR450,000 towards the research and conservation of predators in the Cape.

The struggle of the Kalahari people

A San family in traditional dress. © Aino Tuominen

In 1997, the government of Botswana began evicting indigenous San and Bakgalagadi people from the Central Kalahari Game Reserve. Local and international advocacy groups have been fighting to enable the groups to return, arguing that the indigenous groups with traditional hunting and gathering lifestyles are far better able to preserve biodiversity than contemporary conservation approaches.

Additional Cape Town screenings for Blood lions film


Blood Lions – the new conservation film about canned hunting that is having a profound influence on the controversial industry of lion breeding.

Black rhino to be reintroduced in Chad

A black rhino and calf in Mkuze, South Africa. © Karl Stromayer/AP

Conservation group plans to move black rhinos from South Africa, where poaching is on the rise, to Zakouma National Park.

Relocating rhinos with MyPlanet


A rhino relocation experience changes the life of this blogger.

Dr Ian McCallum on the web of life and the wilderness


An interview with psychologist, poet and wilderness guide, Dr Ian McCallum in which he teaches about “web-of-life” thinking and how we can learn a lot about ourselves from the wild.

Collaring a lion for conservation

© James Bromley

With the aim of protecting livestock and conserving lion populations, Sosian Lodge has led the way in utilising a stronger metal-framed mobile boma design as well as providing much needed GPS collars.

The return of the rhino to Uganda


The white rhino is back in Uganda, and a walking safari is the best way to see this much missed member of the Big Five.

But first, let me take a lion selfie!


An exploration of the reality behind the lion breeding industry and the heavy implications of taking a ‘selfie’ with an adorable lion cub.

5 lies you need to stop believing about the lion cub petting industry


5 truths about the petting industry and its direct link to the canned lion industry…

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