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Celebrating cheetahs this International Cheetah Day


The fastest animal in the world is racing towards extinction, with less than 10,000 species left in the wild. Celebrate cheetahs this International Cheetah Day!

Running for Wild Dogs – supporting an endangered African animal


A group of schoolboys who ran across Zimbabwe to raise funds for the conservation of African Wild Dogs in 1996 are running a reunion event for the same cause twenty years later.

A artist’s opinion on wildlife conservation from the heart


We all know that in working towards sustainable wildlife conservation, the value of wildlife for communities and countries must be intrinsically recognised and made use of to its fullest potential.

The plight of the turtles at Kenya’s Watamu beach


Nestled between the verdant coastal forests and lapping waves of the Indian ocean is a pristine beach in Watamu – a critical nesting zone for the sea turtle

The death of elephants: ivory trading nations exposed


The twenty-eight countries most responsible for the deaths of African elephants have been revealed in a new report.

Sylvester the lion becomes king of his kingdom in Addo


The country’s most famous lion, Sylvester, has taken the first step towards reigning supreme over his new kingdom at Addo Elephant National Park.

A successful rhino rescue


The poaching war on rhinos is unfortunately a very real threat to the species and every day men and women are risking their lives to fight back and save the ones that still remain in the African bush.

Video: rats are saving lives in Tanzania

giant rat

The US government will fund the training of a team of giant rats to combat illegal wildlife trafficking in Tanzania

A library for the children in South Luangwa National Park


Marula lodge in Zambia have opened a library for the local children to learn about the wildlife in South Luangwa

5 iconic wildlife species that need our help


These five species are in desperate need of protecting, before it is too late for their populations to bounce back.

Tourism does contribute to conservation


Looking at the ways that tourism contributes to conservation on a global scale.

Raise a glass to Cecil the lion


Enjoy a glass of wine in the name of Cecil the Lion, and help to support lion conservation in Africa.

I can’t afford to volunteer in my own country


Does the future look dark for local conservationists?

Meet 3 elephant angels

Iain Douglas-Hamilton

Three of the world’s leading African elephant conservationists offer hope and inspiration for saving elephants from extinction.

Protecting Kruger’s wild dogs


Help Kruger National Park in South Africa protect one of the most important populations African wild dogs.

Video: I am a ranger

Here Sudan, the last male northern white rhino, is seen, sleeping as close to Ringo, a rescued baby southern white rhino, as possible, through the enclosure

The film I am a Ranger hopes to shine a light on some of the many unsung heroes working in conservation that are at the forefront of the war on poaching and conservation in Africa.

Bushmeat hunting alarmingly high in South Africa


A recent study shows levels of bushmeat hunting in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa are alarmingly high.

Missing the Mark: African trophy hunting fails to show consistent conservation benefits

EH 7018P  Ernest Hemingway on safari, Africa. January, 1934. Photograph in the Ernest Hemingway Photograph Collection, John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum, Boston.

An analysis by the US House Committee on Natural Resources shows that African trophy hunting fails to show consistent conservation benefits.

Ben, the injured elephant gets follow up treatment at Bumi Hills


An update on Ben, the injured elephant who went in search of help at Bumi Hills.

Is crowdfunding the future of conservation?


After graduating from Bushwise, Carol Cerny has gone on to start her own crowdfunding campaign for rhino conservation.

Timbavati appoints new warden and general manager


Bryan Havemann has recently been named as the reserve’s new warden and general manager.

Endangered African penguin killed as cars collide


Two vehicles were involved in a car accident in Simon’s Town, South Africa, killing an African penguin and injuring a second.

Thousands support conservation at this year’s EleFest

GRI Britius and Cosmas copy

EleFest 2016, held to celebrate wildlife and conservation, was a great success.

Do hunters conserve wildlife?

©Pacific Southwest Region USFWS

A debate for and against the motion “Hunters Conserve Wildlife”.

Giraffes join the herd at Lake Mburo National Park


15 Rothschild’s giraffes have been relocated to Lake Mburo National Park in Uganda.

A conservation journey through Africa


2 safari managers set off on an Africa conservation adventure to learn more about the continent’s wildlife protection efforts.

Support conservation education by volunteering at Ezemvelo


Learn more about conservation and wildlife while getting hands-on experience with Ezemvelo’s volunteer programme.

Wild dogs and big cats under threat


From habitat encroachment to trophy hunting and poaching, Africa’s predators are under constant threat. Find out what you can do to help.

Bicycle-powered cinema teaches children about wildlife


This bicycle-powered cinema project is using education to bring about a cultural evolution to conserve wildlife.

Zambia Great Elephant Census results announced

"Poaching is like water – it moves to the path of least resistance. When one area is better patrolled, poachers go elsewhere so we have to keep the pressure on." Photo, Kenneth C. Coe

The results of the Great Elephant Census in Zambia show that the elephant population may be stable however there are large differences between different parts of the country.

Rhinos and elephants under threat


Rhinos and elephants are in danger – find out more about what is threatening these precious creatures and what you can do to help.

Malawi’s president backs stop Wildlife Crime campaign


In honour of World Wildlife Day, the president of the Republic of Malawi pledged his support for the nation’s Stop Wildlife Crime campaign, highlighting the importance that is being placed on the crack down on the illegal ivory trade.

A hands-on rhino dart at Rhino River Lodge


Rhino darting is a crucial part of rhino conservation and an unforgettable experience. Two lucky visitors at Rhino River Lodge managed to experience a rhino dart hands on.

Tackling illegal wildlife trafficking: It’s now or never


With growing numbers in illegal wildlife trafficking, the time to act is now. Organisations from around the world are meeting to discuss what can be done to tackle the crime threatening our precious wildlife.

Managing the lion and the lamb

©Dr Niki Rust

A new method of anonymous online participation gets farmers and conservationists to agree on how to reduce conflict between livestock and carnivores in Namibia.

Video: The fight to save pangolins


Watch this video to learn more about the pangolin – the most illegally traded mammal in the wild.

Nominate conservationists for the Tusk Awards

The 2015 Tusk Awards finalists

The Tusk Conservation Awards are calling for nominations for people you think are achieving notable conservation success and deserve recognition!

Anti-hunting lobbyists cost Namibia dearly


Namibian Minister of Environment and Tourism says that anti-hunting lobbyists cost the Namibian government US$650,000 last year after pressurising the United States government on the legal auction of a black rhino hunt.

Eland re-introduced to Cape Flats nature reserves

©City of Cape Town

Vital for the conservation of plant species and ecosystems, eland will be re-introduced into nature reserves on the Cape Flats – an area that was historically part of their natural range.

Prince William awards conservationists in Africa


Prince William, The Duke of Cambridge, celebrates the remarkable work of three of Africa’s pioneering conservationists at the third annual Tusk Conservation Awards.

Why you should care about thickets

Knysna lourie © Adriaan Grobler

A thicket is a dense, almost impenetrable tangle of trees, shrubs, and vines, that is home to a host of biodiversity. Here is why you should spare a thought for thickets.

Hunters hold African wildlife to ransom

©Michael Lorentz

What is the world’s wealthiest hunting organisation and the South African Department of Environment discussing behind closed doors?

Facts about fishing and seabirds this World Fisheries Day

A hake trawler with tori ines © Peter Chadwick

Taking a moment to reflect on the commercial fisheries that feed millions of people every day, but also consider the impacts of the fishing industry on marine ecosystems and seabirds.

The end of canned lion hunting looks imminent


PHASA disassociates itself with canned lion hunting establishments as Blood Lions documentary makes waves in European parliaments.

6 things the Botanical Society is doing for plant conservation

CPUT students in the cycad garden at Kirstenbosch where there's currently a dinosaur exhibit to raise awareness about the plight of the cycad which is at risk of extinction. © Catherine Browne

6 things the Botanical Society is doing for plant conservation and 6 ways you can support them.

30 years of eco-education at Lapalala


Over the past 30 years, the Lapalala Wilderness School has been a breathtaking outdoor classroom, where children and young adults are exposed to nature.

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