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Why you want to be seen at the Botswana trade & tourism expo (BTTE)


November 2016 saw Botswana Trade & Tourism Expo celebrate its 4th year. Year on year the show has grown in popularity and success, this year welcoming over 130 international tour operators to Kasane with increased support from a staggering amount of sponsors.

Book Review: Wildlife of the Okavango


Wildlife of the Okavango is a wonderful compact field guide to the animals, birds, reptiles, insects, trees and plants of the Okavango area.

Hunting: Botswana remains strong under fire from EU and SADC

dead elephant

Tshekedi Khama, Botswana’s Minister of Natural Resources and Environment, says his country is under unprecedented pressure from the pro-hunting lobby in the European Union and regional neighbours to allow lift the hunting ban imposed in 2014.

The many reasons to visit Chobe in the green season


The green season in Chobe is full of hidden gems – with birding at its best, as well as an abundance of very young wildlife, it is a rewarding time to visit the region

Championing the Chobe National Park


Our top 5 reasons to visit Chobe National Park and your chance to WIN a weekend away to Chobe!

Photographing giant kingfishers in Botswana


A giant kingfisher doesn’t quite get what he bargained for in Botswana!

Hot air ballooning, mokoro rides and sunset cruises in Botswana


Explore bountiful Botswana by water and sky for some of the most amazing views in Southern Africa.

A day trip into the Delta


A mokoro and walking safari day trip that ends up being the highlight of a safari to Botswana!

Birding in the Okavango


Do you love birds? Then get yourself to the Okavango – pronto!

Empower local communities with African Bush Camps Foundation


Make a difference in the lives of local communities in Zimbabwe and Botswana by staying at African Bush Camps.

A bucket list photo safari in Botswana


Capturing the best of Botswana on camera!

7 reasons why Africa is best after sunset

over Somalisa Camp in Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe

Seven reasons why your day doesn’t stop when the sun sets after a long day in the wilds of Africa.

Walking Chief’s Island, Okavango Delta, Botswana

Delta (13 of 46)

A trip of a lifetime in the Okavango Delta – buffalo on foot, elephants playing in the water and a birdwatchers’ paradise.

Lion sleeps on top of an occupied tent


When camping in Botswana, one guide got the fright of his life when a male lion decided to take a nap on his tent – with him in it!

Camping in the Central Kalahari

kalahari lion

Take a trip to Central Kalahari Game Reserve in Botswana to experience wildest Africa.

Botswana acquires 14 Bat Hawk aircraft to boost anti-poaching operations


Botswana acquires 14 Bat Hawk aircraft to boost anti-poaching operations.

Taking the kids on safari


Sharing the beauty of the African bush with your children is well worth the trouble. Here is one traveller’s experience when taking her kids on safari in Botswana for the first time.

Photographing the lilac-breasted roller


After searching everywhere for the chance to photograph the colourful lilac-breasted roller, the perfect opportunity arises in Botswana.

Botswanan communities want exemptions to hunting ban


Communities in Botswana want elephants and buffaloes to be exempted from the country’s two-year-old hunting ban, arguing that the two species are not in decline.

Get #LostinBots and win a luxury Botswana safari


Post your Botswana safari pics using #LostinBots and you could win a luxury Botswana safari for two!!

Five unforgettable ways to experience Botswana


Have the adventure of a lifetime in Botswana with these not-to-be-missed activities.

Video: Elephant karate-kicks trailer


A young bull elephant delivers a perfectly-timed reverse kick to a trailer in a test of strength.

Walking for rhinos – a guide’s journey


South African guide walking to Botswana to raise money for the Rhinos Without Borders initiative.

Mating elephants get busy on safari

Elephant mating 2

A mass gathering of elephants leads to rare sighting of elephants mating.

A wild hybrid antelope in Botswana


A wild hybrid between a red lechwe and a waterbuck confounds an experienced game ranger.

Video: a human lookout post for meerkats


A group of guests were enjoying observing and photographing meerkats when one used them as a predator lookout platform.

Top 6 packing tips for travelling to Botswana


A little preparation goes a long way when going on safari in Botswana.

Martial eagle plucks goose from python


An African rock python kills an Egyptian goose in Linyanti, but a martial eagle wants the bird for himself.

An action packed, bite-sized safari in Botswana


Big things often come in small packages, and one three-day safari in Botswana was no exception as lucky visitors got more than they bargained for during their short trip!

The Botswana safari destination you didn’t know existed


Discover the hidden gem of Tuli and discover that Botswana is right on your doorstep!

Saddle up with Africa Geographic Travel in the Makgadikgadi Salt Pans


A bucket list experience awaits horse riding enthusiasts in the Makgadikgadi Salt Pans in Botswana.

A tailor-made family safari to Botswana with Africa Geographic Travel


One big happy family talks about their tailor-made safari to Botswana.

Video: Adorable baby elephant just can’t get a grip!


A cute little elephant calf needs a helping trunk from its mum after it slides into a waterhole!

A predator-filled Okavango Delta safari


Sighting after sighting on an incredible safari experience in Botswana.

5 of Botswana’s weirdest nocturnal creatures

© Jacques Matthysen

Botswana’s weirdest nocturnal creatures – 5 reasons to stay up late on safari.

Cat fight: leopard vs. caracal


When two big cats meet – it’s a battle between a leopard and a caracal in Botswana!

A fistful of feathers for a young leopard


A young leopard tries out his hunting skills on a Cape turtle dove.

Into Africa’s last Eden – the Okavango Delta


Explore the Okavango Delta in Botswana, the last Eden of Africa, with Christoph Tänzer, a creative director, photographer and filmmaker.

A cheetah nibbled my toe

© Kim Wolhuter

Kim Wolhuter has an up close and personal experience with a cheetah at Mashatu Game Reserve in Botswana.

Chapman’s Baobab – one of Africa’s largest trees – falls

© Helen Noble

On 7th January Botswana’s Chapman’s Baobab, one of the three largest trees in Africa and a national monument of Botswana, fell to the ground.

A walking safari with wild dogs ends in a kill


A pack of 24 wild dogs kill an impala just 10 metres away from guests on a walking safari.

Poacher killed by Botswana Defence Force

A Botswana conservation group says at least one poacher was shot and killed by the Botswana Defence Force in a battle inside the Chobe National Park. ©Philippe-Alexandre Chevallier / Biosphoto

Two Zambian poachers surrender after a poacher is shot by the Botswana Defence Force in Chobe National Park.

Wildebeest fight wild dogs off their calves


A pack of wild dogs use their hunting tactics to separate a herd of wildebeest from their calves.

A shaky start for a newborn giraffe


A baby giraffe takes its first shaky steps in the Northern Tuli Game Reserve, Botswana.

A pleasant Botswana surprise for a ‘tourist snob’


A budget safari along the Chobe River in Botswana exceeds all expectations for a self-declared ‘tourist snob’.

All you need to know as a South African travelling to Botswana


Are you a South African thinking about travelling to Botswana? Here is all the information you need to know to start planning your trip!

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