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4 reasons why a trip to Botswana will change your life


4 fantastic reasons why a trip to Botswana will change how you look at the world and your life.

A local band on why Africa is amazing


The band GoodLuck answers some questions on what they are looking forward to at the Vic Falls Carnival, why they love Africa and what it means to be African.

Lions abide by the rules of the bridge

Whilst the other sub male takes note of the sign

A pride of lions takes note of the signs and follow instructions while crossing a bridge in Moremi Game Reserve.

A short but sweet safari


A two-day safari in Botswana may be a speedy venture but you’d be surprised by how much you can see and how much fun you can have in such a short time!

Sunsets and wildlife encounters in Botswana

© Beverly Joubert

Discover a couple of the best spots for sundowners and wildlife in Botswana!

Why I invested into an African game reserve

© Anton Kruger

A share holder of Limpopo-Lipadi explains what it means to him to have a piece of Africa.

Relocated rhino gives birth in Botswana

© Shutterstock

One of the eight black rhino airlifted from southern Zimbabwe to Botswana’s Okavango Delta has given birth!

A hunting ban reportedly saps a village’s livelihood

Clockwise from top left, Cecil the lion; William Moalosi, a farmer and former hunting guide in Sankuyo, Botswana; an elephant in Botswana; and Othusitse Ndozi in Sankuyo, a village that used to get a steady income from hunting. Top left © Andy Loveridge/Wildlife Conservation Research Unit, via Associated Press; Other photographs © Joao Silva/The New York Times

Since Botswana banned trophy hunting two years ago, remote communities have been at the mercy of growing numbers of wild animals that are damaging livelihoods and terrifying villagers.

Jackal, vulture wrestling match in the Kgalagadi


It’s a clash of fur and feathers in the Kgalagadi, with a jackal taking on a vulture.

Behind the scenes of Taylor Swift’s new music video in Botswana


Explore behind the scenes of Taylor Swift’s new music video shot in Botswana.

Dereck Joubert responds to a hunter on the economics of hunting

© Pius Mahimbi

Dereck Joubert explains how the argument for hunting gets thinner each time it is tested.

Tips for avoiding malaria in Botswana


“If you think you are too small to make a difference, you have not spent a night with a mosquito” – African proverb

Ecologically responsible tourism in Botswana


African Budget Safaris take a closer look at the environmentally friendly ethos behind Chobe Bakwena; an inspiring example of ecologically responsible tourism on the continent.

An affordable safari surprise in Botswana


A back-to-basics trip with Lelobu Safaris can offer a lot more than you could ever imagine.

The magic of a family tented safari


A mobile tented safari is a totally magical way for the whole family to experience Botswana.

Guide comes face to face with Botswana’s anti-poaching military


A military chopper intercepts a safari guide in the Botswana wilderness while on the hunt for rhino poachers.

The elephant in the bathroom


A thirsty elephant decides the loo at this camp in Botswana will do as a waterhole.

Planning a Botswana safari


10 tips of what to bring and what to expect on your Botswana safari!

Tourists key witnesses in Botswana ivory trial

Outside the court after the first trial: investigating police officer, Detective Constable Kagiso M (middle), and two colleagues with the four ivory tusks as evidence.

Hopeful that two ivory dealers will get the punishment that they deserve, a witness describes his experience in a court case regarding illegal ivory possession in Botswana.

An affordable family safari


The Harkins family had such a good time on a trip with Lelobu Safaris, that they’ve decided to turn it into a biannual event. They’ve also got 5 tips on how to do this kind of holiday on a budget.

Meerkats and quad biking in Makgadikgadi National Park

meerkat in Makgadikgadi

From getting up close and personal with meerkats to experiencing the tranquility of the Makgadikgadi Salt Pans on a quadbike, a trip to Botswana is one you’ll never forget.

Elephant ivory sculpture unveiled at Botswana airport

elephant ivory sculpture botswana

Botswana unveils a sculpture made up of elephant ivory tusks on display at the international airport.

Pied kingfisher becomes python pie


An African rock python has a sundowner snack of pied kingfisher…

Video: Relocating rhinos to safety!


Rhinos Without Borders shares a message of hope – a short video diary of the first ten rhinos captured, relocated and released into safe havens in Botswana.

Making the most of a Botswana horse safari

spotting giraffe on horseback

Tales from a horse safari in Botswana, and five top tips to help those planning an equestrian adventure.

Elephants lead the way in the Okavango

Elephant guide in the Okavango

Nothing beats having three African elephants lead you to the secret spots in the Okavango Delta.

Family friendly safari in Botswana

Catering for everyone

Taking small children on safari is not always easy but this family found a solution in the Okavango.

Time flies when you’re on safari

Sighting elephants in Chobe

A fantastic full day spent on safari in Chobe National Park.

The magic of Chobe


A photographic journey to illustrate the allure of Chobe National Park.

Proceeds from photograph will go towards preventing poaching

Leopard by Joubert

Percentage of auctioned photograph to be donated for the protection of rhinos.

Canoe for conservation

join the adventure

Join part of a three month canoe expedition to raise funds for rhino relocation.

5 top Botswana wildlife experiences

relentless enemies in Botswana

Five wildlife experiences that make Botswana so special.

9 romantic safari destinations in southern Africa


9 safari destinations you should consider for your honeymoon!

Botswana safari lodge choir on iTunes

choir tuli safari lodge

Tuli Safari Lodge is renowned for its staff choir – their songs are even available for download on iTunes!

Botswana’s marauding elephants trigger hunting debate

© Janine Mare

Botswana’s villagers wish for the return of elephant hunting.

An African safari in the Kalahari

kalahari safari lions

A safari in the Kalahari with lions, brown hyenas and a host of other wild animals.

Botswana’s top 5 unique travel experiences

Helicopter delta

Look beyond the traditional game drive or boat cruise and be rewarded with these five unique Botswana experiences.

Chinese delegate at Elephant Summit asks about buying elephant penis

african elephant

A summary of the recent African Elephant Summit where a Chinese delegate asked about buying elephant parts including the trunk and penis.

A Kgalagadi safari in pictures


Photos of a three week safari in Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park.

Packing tips for your Botswana safari

Your off on an African safari! Now what to pack?

Cape Town to Chobe on a budget

A camping safari makes Botswana’s Chobe National Park an ideal destination for the budget-conscious traveller.

Ivory dealers busted thanks to German travellers

On Monday the 16th of March 2015, two German travellers, Martin and Christin Kotthoff, led to the arrest of two ivory dealers near Kasane, Botswana.

Botswana MPs want wildlife hunting ban lifted

A week before Botswana hosts two key wildlife conservation conferences, a small group of lawmakers are seeking a review of a 2014 commercial hunting ban designed to reverse a decline in wildlife.

An Okavango Delta family vacation

A teenager’s account of his family vacation on a houseboat in Botswana’s Okavango Delta.

A guide to planning your Botswana safari

Some tips for making the most out of a Botswana safari.

Lions lay claim at Limpopo-Lipadi

Three wild lions that have been roaming the Tuli area in southern Botswana have entered the Limpopo-Lipadi Private Game Reserve and settled down to claim their territory.

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